Global Warming Will Kill You

Before we begin be sure to subscribe to they will kill you hit the like button and request any topics you’d like to learn about in the comments section below global warming is the gradual increase in temperature of our planet’s atmosphere and oceans that’s actively changing the planetary climate the main causes may be attributed to past and present human.

Activity consistent of land clearing agriculture the burning of fossil fuels as well as other factors that contribute to the expansion of the greenhouse effect life.

On the sun’s energy after reaching the atmosphere about half the sunlight passes through the air and the clouds to the surface is then absorbed and radiated upward in the form of infrared heat certain gases like methane carbon dioxide and nitrous.

Oxide last in the atmosphere for years to centuries they block and trap heat radiated from the earth into space which leads to warming and climate change on a global scale there.

Are people that debate or deny existence of global warming but the scientific consensus is that the earth is experiencing a steady increase in temperature and that the long-term effects may be devastating next we’ll take a look at the area’s.

Most affected by climate change how its set to affect the world in the future and what we can do to help prevent it number six Rio de Janeiro current projections indicate that if global warming goes unchecked Rio de Janeiro will be the most.

Affected out of all the South American cities by the turn of the century the water levels will be high enough to flood the city’s airport beaches and even some neighborhoods that are further inland aside from that the increase in.

Temperatures and humidity will most likely result in drinkable water shortages and the spreading of respiratory and cardiovascular diseases NASA representatives have already met with Rio de Janeiro officials to discuss how these problems will be in the.

Number five Venice from the perspective of tourism the city of Venice Italy is one of the most loved cities whether it’s the city’s famous carnival gondolas art galleries or the Piazza San Marco it has an undeniable draw the fact that the city is slowly sinking certainly isn’t new and has been going on since his foundation long before.

Global warming was seen as an issue however as the sea level keeps rising it may lead to more serious inundation accelerating the problem that the city already.

Has locals have already come to expect floods in parts of the city including the Piazza San Marco by the turn of the century some scientists argue that Venice will be swallowed whole by the Adriatic Sea artists and activists have banded together to raise awareness about this issue one massive.

Sculpture by Lorenzo Quinn sends a powerful message of how precious and precarious the city is created in 2017 it shows two large hands reaching out of the Grand Canal as if to draw attention to the city’s future as the.

Name of this phenomenon suggests the.

Effects of global warming can already be felt all over the world the melting of the polar ice caps is a well-documented process but there are other areas that suffer.