Harley Quinn Halloween- Makeup Tutorial (first Post)

You’re done to you close up and boom that it’s not a lunchbox okay okay Abby you know Abby right I’m Mitchell she gave this to me to my birthday and she said here’s a make up back for.

You like it my mom didn’t want box yeah it still oh I’m a god I always fail I blew my bottom lashes I don’t probably do that wasn’t doing her face.

That’s is why this is why you finally have a mirror.

I’m always had a mirror I’ve never seen it that I have the one that you just hold on I usually just use my mirror is I used to have a type of fear that uh beer that you have tied around it hmm and a ladder and it was also like a ring tonight what I broke it he’s watching the.

Thing that you’re getting your dad watch Jack Ryan stuff it’s on Amazon Prime we have a subscription do you if you guys are wondering why I’m doing two coats of mascara is.

Because I put I use covergirl lash lash blast fusion for my first coat and then I use what’s just called it caught a lot I I caught a class for my second base because I’m kind of class makes my eyelashes look really long and they make a pop pop gotta be poppin 24/7 quoted by weight.

I quote by Emma Chamberlain’s got me pop into my videos it’s public and watch the people that I know and how do you know the persons that you already know people tell you I find them I like to searches like very short of like you.

Could your master comes up or if I start.

To roblox I bet you $1,000 you can’t like this video with your elbow I’d be crazy right now just like Harley Quinn go because I am John what are you doing she’s not crazy I want you to dream dark want to go really really really dark what does my makeup no my Alice so you want to take a bloody one like this this one is called something classic and if you’re wondering guys.

We have each other’s blood so we can use the same thing yes yeah and basically we just don’t care yeah even if we got sick we’re still gonna wait yes we’re still gonna be best friends yeah and even if a tip ever.

Princess tell me that I can’t go to her we’re not going to sneak out we follow our heads yeah we do okay now when you’re done you want to put like over my dark lip plus I have the same color because they came with it so you want to put the lip gloss.

On and if you like put like oh um too much okay just get it to sign you have matters in this situation even morons good I love this.

See your lips basically want to look like you just killed someone now you want to do a stitched mouth which I still so for your stitched mouth you want you want to take three really really dark colors 23 really really dark color.

So this one is dark and then this one’s like a little.

This one is a darker so for all these I’m using a lip lip liner pencils I’m using lip liners for the sweater so first I’m gonna go to.

The start boom darkest one and you’re going to start off with so you okay so first we’re gonna take your pencil when I go to the corner of your mouth like right there and you wanna draw a line it doesn’t really hurt.

You all right there it does not it won’t look like you’re like curved up so you want it to be curved upwards towards your ear then you wanna make it a little darker so you draw another.

Line like really close to it.

Like that I know mines uneven but that’s how I want it to be I want it to be a little crooked we should have done this before we did our lips yeah that would have.

Been smart so once you’ve drawn your sucker align think what three C’s boy eat or to greet or two cues a corny jokes right there corny and now you want to take samples.

I’ll do it the other side he doesn’t have to be equal like equal meaning they don’t have to be a cat the same same like um the same the wasn’t one of them can be like lower and the one other than.

One can be higher you’re crazier or if you already put it like like.

Um if you already did it like what’s already easy man it’s fine then even that’s also good so I’m trying to make it like more a thicker overrate thicker oh okay I should stop you want it to be more thicker around your mouth and then a little more thinner when you get up yeah that’s what I kind of did I hear with this one do you help me like paint my clipboard when we’re done.

With this but you help me paint my clipboard buddies can you help me paint it okay cuz I’m gonna decorate that’s why it’s nothing spooky want to be like that now go take your lighter color you.

Want to take your lighter color just a little tiny forgot how to do this but yeah like that want to take your lighter color and then you want to draw.

Lines even now this time they cannot be crooked they have to be even but it’s alright okay this is another right color it’s mine.

Looks like blood but it’s fine blood good all these oh my god I just make this worse help me aha so you want it to be like that zone might even I meant like between these two lines if they’re like a little like you can only do two or three or however many well I’d only gonna get three.

On each side I’m not doing like like kind of mixing it to make it dark oh that’s a good idea I’m great I think when it comes to makeup I totally not think I have great ideas I actually really fellas so far let’s.

Take a picture and send it to slap I post it on her and our.

Legs don’t move and we props very nice people we’re just doing this for Halloween if this is.

Optional if you wanna draw a line like that like two lines no not like connecting it from your mouth like only the lines you want.

Make it like a wing you can do that I’m not gonna do that oh wait we need her so you want to take the angled one watch it you’re angled one your angle the one you.

Guys take like a light color which is deadly once you’ve a light color put it on there and then draw a line by your nose well that might not be the like hard for me yeah you should use like a darker one like.

A lighter one would be a lighter darker one yes we can’t talk here.

Okay so I changed my mind you can still do well you can steal what I.

Do is it just a water color for you no okay and I.

Forgot to mention this when you’re doing them at my channel you should always put white on your choirs you guys from the back you just said yeah so our battery just died so yeah don’t like that and you could also take a lipliner like this that’s a dead chain like a nude cheap and just like outline it you want it to be your color so they don’t really see it but it’s gonna be out like yes good I need to make my eyes.

A little darker okay I even got my brows darker you know what oh my god why so like I’m too lenient on my eyeliner but I did I get quite a look why don’t.

Black so why don’t you think this is eyeliner okay even amazing with some eyebrow pencil again too lazy to get it out I’m sorry I’m lazy I just declared in well you don’t want to put one too much yeah you don’t want to make it too thick thick Oh actually stop you definitely want to make them dark but you don’t want to make it be too dark.

You know what I’m saying so you want to make it a little dark like so go no big feet girl I missed it that we’ll be right back Oh bad news were a ziplock bags are you done yes you are you’re done you’re done I like really trying to organize right now we should like how your face yes I do not ready at all you all know me but you’ve gotta stay Gucci last melon good so anybody who’s gucci gucci perfume.

Come on Chrissy and are you allergic to this stuff too like too strong don’t spray it on oh no do not spray on your face okay no this is what I personally like chilli hold up I like to spray perfume on the air they’re just like dance I do like to do that last thing you want to do moisturize montage starts so guys we’re gonna end this video and we’re not ending this anytime soon the camera I don’t know it was blurry just.

I can’t yes pictures we’re gonna take pictures janna bottle face that’s my name told us her you know who I am Pennywise his daughter no Fiona can I get it seen you.

Even you tennis right now save $300 I don’t worry you should get a snow with some inspiration most my lead CEOs which is amended opponent no see here is one a new beginning inside music kickin my charges yes okay guys we’re gonna end this um video right here come.

Here I farted yeah so guys we’re gonna end this video right here yeah until.