Harley Quinn Halloween- Makeup Tutorial (first Post)

Hi guys it’s me we’re back okay I just tried to be like the dull Angela to put that back buyer really quick dude always I know every day she comes to my house we’re done so really basically sisters yeah so basically for today we’re gonna be doing a Halloween style yeah oh yeah we have two cameras here two.

Cameras yeah hi we’re talking to do it right yeah talking both cameras we have that person right there folks hi and.

We were I don’t know why I have I have fine case off but I just do it I just have it and Tomorrow People that sorry I.

Don’t know where it was so I do go find it that’s true maybe it has my knee money customized stop it’s so nice right I don’t look at you guys right now Wow.

We’re back sorry we just got a little distracted my mom it was fun I was stealing from her yeah do that carpenter why don’t the Lighting’s change there we go okay let’s start I have to I have been what five minutes okay first we’re gonna do.

That you need to clean your brushes up this is not your color so you can do it I knew I knew you are anyway thank you I have too lazy to get my foundation now so I’m just gonna put this on without any my foundation arm or my concealer because I’m doing lazy lazy many of you guys did yeah hi sisters I should have said that before I shoulda said that before I like in the beginning of.

The cornea because I love James Charles he’s a beauty guru if any of you know James Charles just comment down below thanks sister comment down below hey sister hey sisters comment that down below if you know James Charles hey you know James Jones do are you in the sisterhood do you fall heavy yes what about YouTube subscribe he has.

8 million subscribers I cringe cringe cringe so first boy you guys did not hear that you didn’t hear that at all nothing just complete silence silence huh are you doing plans I be so weird right now I don’t even know why I just went this way too much you’re being a bad baby it’s okay I just know it blends in down here ya go girl who say.

Girl don’t listen to the heads I’m like going crazy right now because Halloween is.

Right around the corner just because free candy everyone who doesn’t like free candy my.

God thank you first you want to take a really dark color in the darkest color I have is black so.
You want to take that as your entire base maybe they didn’t.

But okay well this one didn’t watch what so you only want it to be like like there I don’t know I can’t speak today you only.

Like um when your brow like right there you only want it to be down there for you so you want to do that later gasps so how we don’t pout okay everyone r.

p headphone users clean two down six more to go what.

Does that now you wanna take a little lighter color that like that one like a little gray color which is about or that well we were to mix them okay so I mixed a light grey and dark grey black on my cheek and then you want to put that on your lids don’t you.

Think I won’t add from the time we went so it’s gonna look not to look like that I need a piece of tape I’m gonna do eyeliner today it’s too much work where are bird Rihanna slays people I don’t care about anybody thanks for how this plays okay so I’m gonna just try like so you want to look like you’re about to kill someone you want to look like Harley Quinn if you’re a boy you.
Like penny wise now if you’re our.

Boy you want to look like a joker if you’re our if you are a girl I want to look like Harley Quinn do not use headphones while watching this people yeah Yas you saw it boy you you saw it yes I saw it let’s move on so are we done with this face no do you want to take.

Like a bloody red like nutriment you’re about to kill someone you want to put it on your lids in your crease I forgot to blow it and this is what happened Oh I forgot to blow and this is what happened Wow just want to blend it in with.

The black that’s what it looks like I’m kind of like a brown this is not really my blending.

Brush but who cares this is Dimas the word.

Pretty sure I just made that up today are you sure I made that up today always blow the brush okay we’re not gonna use any more red because I’m almost out Oh stupid use what you have you don’t have any Wow.
This eyes like really brown but this one is.

Just like slowly moving I wanna be like James Charles King like his beauty school so I wanna be not anymore because like this just like brown so your eyes should look really really dark and next you want like okay I’ll show you I need that brush don’t tell.

Me I’m weird because I’m pretty.

Sure everyone does this look into the mirror you just pose at yourself do you want to take a brush that looks like this it’s like really I am thin but it sounds like the angle sorry guys it’s gonna be like a old crick in my neck because I can have.

It tonight you wanna take makeup purple with your angled brush I’m gonna take a purple like angled brush I’m gonna take a purple you want to put it under your eyes not the right brush this is not the right brush I’m just gonna use the.

Other one and beside it and I did not realize.

This is not clean great Chris and did you know I was using this brush I took this one from you I’m on video I’m gonna stop for me because like I said oh I’m sorry good night I try no went into where I oh by the way I got all my makeup at Sephora and Ulta pretty sure you know about a little beauty so you wanna look like you have like a.

Black guy one of them looks like a black eye and ice okay watery.

I’ve never seen you cry before you see me right now you want to look when.

You have a stiched I’ll do my mascara while you do that okay and do you still need this where’s my.

You wet this my my life flash hey guys my um that’s all we just stop just stop recording yeah blue I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m sorry for the crank juice are you sorry oh my gosh again I forgot to point anyway I really want the mascara from Brooklyn and Bailey do you wash yeah every time I watch one of their videos I’m out there intro hey guys it’s Brooklyn and Bailey and today we’re gonna be doing some play thousand.

Cats and Thomas Jones here hey guys me it that’s her intro clearly on her recent and every birth I thought her injury was um a drink wizard a master headphones and daddy was on combat she changed she first it with that if.