Ice Cream Tacos At Sweet Rolled Tacos!? Feat. Geeky Guys 4 God

Today on extra Tuesday we’re talking about this yummy looking stuff right here do I get to welcome to geek devotions a YouTube show from Cody voter geeks who devoted love people know that they are loved I’m Dallas with meanness and today for our extra Tuesday you’re our special guest from geeky guys for God all right doing a little.

Tour of a place called sweet rolled tacos so that’s why are we looking at this wonderful place so we do video a while ago yeah little.

Bit it’s been a bit mmm where Dallas ate ten tacos in ten minutes hmmm or attempted to no I did spoilers he did and this caused one of our.

Devoted geeks to post up a video of a place that makes ice cream tacos and they look amazing you guys he’s on the screen right now they look.

Amazing it looks so good and so just so happens that one of our devoted geeks.

Having to look down the street from this.

Place yeah yeah so you got some of his crew together and they.

Went down and check it out and this is a hard testing they’ve sacrificed for you you amazing devoted geeks are watching this video these guys are sacrifice for you so show some love watch them in the video and leave some comments let them know your thoughts on what they ate today thanks thousands of us today we were at sweet roll.

Tacos in beautiful Garden Grove California hello my name is Jason hi Steve I’m skip we were from PJs for God see if you.

Might not talk a little bit about our organization here to keep you guys for God is a been the face.

Christian crew of people what we do is we.

Encourage people to come out and share their love for stuff like Marvel DC comic books movies video games stuff like that we reunite under that banner with a Christian theme to be able to share the gospel awesome are you guys ready to get some tacos absolutely hey Steve you think you need.

10 of these and 10 minutes absolutely they go really 20 on down thank again you I get this stuff absolutely that was so good let.

Wow no some pretty good ice cream absolutely but you know what and you want to come out and enjoy a wonderful place like that with us you know what.

Come on out anyways even if you can’t afford it will help take care of you it’s give.

Tell them how they can find us absolutely you’ll find us at GG 4G org also if you guys forgot oh see Instagram and Facebook cool get some more ice cream absolutely let’s.

Go geeky guys for God we appreciate you so much for taking time and sacrificing hard core for the sake of this channel we we.

Salute you gentlemen we salute you that being said we encourage you guys to.

Check them out we’ll be links in description down below but also check out sweet rolled tacos so it would be the addresses down below for you guys to check them out and yeah I think that’s pretty much it anything else don’t forget to check out our website you can find links to everything else there yeah so feet devotions alright the world of geeks up until next time stay devoted peace and love.