Will Smith Put His Wife Jada In Her Place ? | Tape 10

Hi everybody it’s cute and welcome back to my tapes so this is my first recording in a while cuz I usually it record them in groups but I’m looking at the list of things that I have to record and I’m slightly overlap so I just wanted to do this because this was recent and so I think I’m gonna.
Put this up today is the 24th so I think.

I want to put it up tomorrow and it’s recent um also just before I begin you know let me know what you guys they actually I don’t know do I care about what I mean I care but I don’t know just give me some feedback great just comment and tell me what you think on some of the videos that I’ve had so far and things.

That you want me to talk about in terms of what’s coming up and just let slight slight note I know I’m spending like a minute or two on this but I didn’t want to make a whole separate video on like.

About what I want to talk about so I’ll just do it before I talk on a certain topic but I think I’m gonna put like.

A time stamp that people can just fast-forward to to get to the main topic so going back to what I was saying I mean about recording a video on from shows that I’ve recently finished up like quino’s journey which is an anime burrito burrito.

Which I watched religiously I don’t know I feel like Naruto and I know like being able to separate myself.

From my reality is calming what if I showed you to finish up those really nice something about the iearned fortress and the cabin airy which had to do with like zombies and like these people who were half mutant zombies and that was pretty cool and then I think I want to make another video so that’s two videos that’s two videos one on Berto one on canoes journey okay now that’s three videos I think the fourth video that I wanna wha um talk about is just know my frustration.

I feel like unfortunately there is a lack of like talent I don’t want to be very hard.

Not Japanese um and some people like well why don’t you do your own show that costs a lot of money I feel like it’s.

Just a lot of moving parts you know people can’t just up and you know just create you know these or or produce or have a show produced on their.

Own idea that’s that’s just you know we can get into that later I don’t know um but.

I just kind of want to talk about this oversaturation my bad content um that it’s just so frustrated for some reason I’ve just.

Not been able to watch TV I’ve just not been able to watch anime lately and I feel like some of that is like it’s just not good it’s just not good and I don’t know what to do because I pay for Comcast.

I paid for Comcast so if you have any show recommendations we can get it okay I’ll use 30 more seconds because the three minutes have gone by so if you have any recommendations for action I like strong female.

Lead but I also like strong female leads but I don’t like this this weird like presentation of women where like there it’s like the boobs are.

Always bouncing around you can always see like their underwear it’s just like I guess as a woman maybe for a man it’s like oh they want to see that but for women like that is so it’s just distract it’s just like it’s just like why is this here like why is this here you know so four minutes gone by so I’m gonna get into the topic I’m gonna include a link on how.

To start but if you listen this far you want to still listen to what I have to say please keep listening and then comment below on what you think or what you want me to talk about or just the videos that I’ve put out so far and you know what you want to see alright I’ll get into it now so so um I want to get into this read tabletop featuring Jada pinkett-smith her daughter and her mother daughter Willow Smith the talented and beautiful Willow.

Smith I believe in this episode as well her son Jaden Smith also very talented and then obviously Will Smith were a part of a red tabletalk where they were talking about marriage I don’t want to give too many spoilers just.

In case you want to check it out yourself but they’re talking about marriage relationship and I’m how they kind of went across that journey as a couple ie Will and Jada and kind of just some things that you know he said to her I guess in.

The beginning of their stages that.

Kind of influence the way that I don’t know they they both run their household and they both live together and how they really started their relationship and there was kind of just made one main thing that.

I wanted to talk on obviously the topic or the subject line of the video is ho ho Will Smith putting his wife quote-unquote in her place you know I will start with.

That first obviously it’s the main topic of what I’m going.

To talk about and I’m just gonna start here I find it funny right I find it funny how I feel as though I see a lot of men using and and I feel like almost manipulating Willow Smith’s retelling of an incident and how he chose to do with that incident as oh look.

At all of these bastard is women needing to stay in their place they need to all stay in their place because they’re stupid they.

Whine they do this they do that and I guess I thought to be very cynical you know especially especially if you weren’t listening to what Will Smith said at all and I and I feel like because people aren’t listening to what he said in the first place they don’t realize like this type of speech could go both ways you know which is just.

Like I don’t I get heated but I’m just like just what type of like I just like I’m just like trying to understand I’m just trying to understand the mentality and the spirit that is possessing people you know Will Smith had essentially spoke and this.

Is spoilers I’m spoil Eric’s play at least early so in the right.

Table talk one of the things one of the stories that he be told was how he was with his oldest son Trey Trey Smith um which is Jada’s that child stepson because Will Smith was married I think was he married to the first woman and then.

I think the how they began dating was he was you know I’m not gonna get into it that’s what that’s a whole nother.

Video um but essentially they were at this kind of family get-together party thing and Trey was sitting on Wilson flat he says that they were playing pictionary you know they’re playing pictionary and cards you know how people how.