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What you said earlier in this hearing you were concerned about a hospital foreign power affecting our election you would call the intelligence community Inspector General Chuck McCullough having an investigation into an anomaly found on Hillary Clinton’s emails I do not well let me reflect refresh your recollection the intelligence community Inspector General Chuck McCulloch sin is investigator Frank Rucker.
An IC IG attorney Jeanette McMillan.

To brief you and Dean Chappell and two other FBI personnel that I won’t.

About an anomaly they had found on Hillary Clinton’s emails that were going to and from the private unauthorized server that you were supposed to be investigating now do you remember it I remember meeting mr.
On either one or two occasions I do not.

Remember the specific content or discussions well with that do then mr.

Rucker reported to those of you the four of you there in the presence of the IC IG attorney that they had found this anomaly on Hillary Clinton’s emails going through a private server and when they had done the forensic analysis they found that her emails every single one except for for over.

Them were going to an address that was not on the distribution yes it was a compartmentalised bit of information that was sending it to an unauthorized source do you recall that sir I don’t well that went on to explain it and and you didn’t say anything you thanked him you shook his hand but the problem was that it was going to an unauthorized source that was a foreign entity unrelated.

To Russia and from what you’ve said here you did nothing more than not and shake the man’s hand when you didn’t seem to be all that concerned about our national integrity of our election when it was involving Hillary Clinton so the forensic examination alright folks.
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Get into that interesting Peter stroke testified again today for the public and a couple of the people have hammered them Gowdy this guy here we’re watching Robert representative a.

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Great great things happen out of there very big collective tons of places of collective ideas and you can be shot off in many directions in your research and lots of good good truth happens so we thank all of you for that okay let’s get back into this here a little bit and they can document that but you.

Were given that information and you did nothing with it and one of the things I found most egregious with mr. Horowitz his testimony and by the way Horowitz got to call four times by someone wanting to brief him leaving messages telling him about.

This and he never returned the call he had 500 pages of.

Bias that he gave us and then he threw a bone to the Democrats and said but we can’t find bias and let me tell you when you have text messages mr. struck the way you do saying the things you did you’d been better off coming in here and say look that was my bias and you kind of get around to that a little bit when you say hey you.

Know everybody’s got political views those are called biases and we all have them and you have come in here and said I have no bias and you do it with a straight face and I watched you in the in the private testimony you gave and I.

Told some of the other guys he is really good he’s lying he knows we know he’s lying and he could probably pass the polygraph it’s a mr. chairman I’m sorry for this point of order no the general state his point of order a member of this committee just asserted that this witness was under oath and a former agent of.

The FBI lied there is no evidence that I asked him to.

Withdraw I do not withdraw he is not a member of Congress it’s not a violation of the rule and just as you have been expressing.

Bias through your members about what a huge legal person who has ever characterized that we Edelman from.

Rhode Island gentlemen gentlemen from Rhode Island mr. what this man has done general Texas will suspend for over is the disgraced okay it won’t be recaptured any time soon because of the.

To the justice system and I’ve talked to FBI agents around the country you’ve been eres them you’ve embarrassed yourself and I.

Can’t help in the country and I see you looking there with a little smirk how many times did you look so innocent into your wife’s eyes and lied to her the gentleman controls the time asking for me to respond during your investigation besides the one questioning you mentioned before that or after that to this day we have order mr.

State his point of order it is I think against the rules of the house remember the committee to be impugning the character of a.

Witness you should ask questions to elicit the purposes hearing is to elicit information you should ask questions to elicit information should not be impugning the character.

Of the witness the gentleman has vies the rules of house only are directed to members of the house and the president United States it is okay to impugn the character of witnesses and in any.

Way whatsoever well I’ve listened I’ve heard many members in your side of the aisle impugn character somebody who is covered by the rules of the house but the gentleman the the the the gentleman has 20 seconds left the clock will.

Be turned back on he can complete his time and then the witness can respond so if you talk to Hillary other than Hillary Clinton.

Other than the time she was examined in front of the witnesses nope so after throw it away what you have with all the bias you have you’ve never even gotten to thank you are you better gentlemen may respond never even got a thing well that’s quite a set. chairman I did not finish with a question that Jenner was no question asked determine he’s been given the opportunity to receive gentlemen the demo will suspend the time of the gentleman has expired and as I’ve indicated our hearings are if there is a question asked during the time.

The witness may respond to the question we’d have the time the witness is going to be allowed to respond briefly that’s.

First I assure question under oath as I spoke also during my.

Interview a week or two ago I have always told the truth the fact that you would accused me otherwise the fact that you would question whether or not that was the sort of look I would engage with and a family member who I have acknowledged hurting goes more to a discussion about your character and what.

You stand for and what is going inside you it’s to your credibility and suspend the witnesses had ample opportunity to express.

His feelings about that and now the chair recognizes mr. chairman Laura’s a the OI discussion about the representatives first assertion about what the IC IG said that I would like to respond to very briefly very briefly I have no recollection of that.

No record I can tell you that every allegation that we had an IC IG was a great and close partner every.

Allegation that we had whether from them or anybody else was afforded to experts who looked at it the scores and scores of servers and placards and emails and everything we got work / carefully by the FBI’s experts to see if there’s any indicia of it but you don’t recall going over those emails a rag much.

I have no idea what you’re talking about in trinkets and the witness will suspend as well not know what you’re talking about that is when the fact is you never did is the chairman or direct regular order all right so you get the gifs of that it’s kind of hilarious you know they’re bringing personal attacks under this guy for his family you know.

If he was having an affair that he had to have been lying tons of these people I think you know Rosen Stein lied Thome lied they all want to act like they’re in these positions where they wouldn’t and nothing was biased well heck you’re using the.

Government phones for these conversations with your significant other right over your government work phones you were bashing the president this goes well outside.

Of you know work-related kinds of things going on throughout the day and to see him sit there with that smirk and it’s just unbelievable these people are horrible horrible bad.

Actors they’re not good of course they’re they’re still.

Lying they’re gonna lie to the end they’re gonna defend their position now we were told back Peter stroke was a cooperating witness we’ll see if there’s still things I don’t know if it’s still being investigated at this point or not but here he is speaking and this is.

A second time I think they’re bringing him back in for contempt they were saying I read something earlier see here if I can see here one second all right all right that.

Is old spell his name wrong alright FBI Peter stroke denies claim of.

Bias embattled FBI agent Peter stroke defiantly defends himself says political bias claims are unwarranted there’s no reason for anyone just to be thanking that on all of the text messaging says it all right seven key moments from the from the hearings today.