Welcome To Miami – Madden Nfl 19 | Cincinnati Bengals Franchise Ep. 27 | Week 3 Y2

A season average so guys can see the stats here for the for the game here Dalton didn’t play too bad I mean he had those.

Two interceptions one one was his fault and the other was not.

That was definitely not an interception in my.

Mind I mean we looked at the replay off offer a shot Jones is where his feet were planted it definitely was not a pick but we see Tyler cross numbers guys.

An AJ Green over a hundred yards you know I mean this offense is really clicking right now and I think it’s got a lot to do with having more time to throw I think that what we did in this offseason.

Has been really helpful for us and you know obviously progression plays a factor plays a role with our offensive line with our.

Wide receivers our young guys you know John Ross Tyler Boyd so on and so forth we just had a really good game today on the road.

It really came together as a team I think that this a lot of things are going right for this team right now especially considering it they’re three you know right I mean we have to say that so we’ll just have to see how we do in the next coming weeks but I think a lot of things are.

Starting to come together and I’m really excited for the rest of the 2019 season so you guys can see that we are actually upgrading Carl Lawson we’re upgrading Jake Juan Johnson you know he’s getting.

A lot of playing time he’s getting a lot of training XP so this is it really helped for his overall and his future he’s gonna actually bump up to a 77 I’m actually gonna go ahead and do a hybrid versus run support I kind of want him to eventually take that next step to being.

A kind of a hybrid type of guy because you can do you can do a lot of things in the run game you can do a lot of things in the passing game so you know you want I really want.

Him to be an overall good type of player I don’t want to be.

A specialist in one in one area so Jake Juan is.

A 77 now we’re gonna upgrade Kendall Sheffield as well so a lot of our younger guys getting a lot of XP bonuses here it’s a really really good thing to see I want him to more be of a zone guy for sure especially with his speed he can cover a lot of ground and take away a lot of certain parts of the field so that’s gonna be it for episode 27 guys I’ll catch.

You on Sunday for more gameplay for next week I’ll see you guys then as always peace you.