Welcome To Miami – Madden Nfl 19 | Cincinnati Bengals Franchise Ep. 27 | Week 3 Y2

Catch we’re gonna get the ball here at 46 yard line and what a throw what catch concentration catch there by Tyler Croft we’re up past the midfield they’re up to the 40 yard line and then AJ Green gonna.

Get the first down off a drag slash slant route and with six seconds left check this out guys man Madden his cheese man all madness cheese we totally hit.

The perfect we had everything lined up perfectly and yet still Miami comes through blocks this kick we’re going.

Into halftime ten to ten and this is kind of embarrassing here guys but look at the rushing yards negative 5 negative 5 on the rushing game right now we just cannot seem to get this thing going against this Miami defensive front and check out kendall Sheffield oh no oh no he would have been gone guys if he didn’t have.

Those two little Juke moves right there ah that’s frustrating that’s so frustrated but Kendall Sheffield is a very dynamic kick returner for us.

He’s gonna keep that role he’s been really good at it so far this season that’s basically.

Why we drafted him have that depth at corner and being that kind of guy that can can really be.

Dynamic out there and they kick return and the punt return so we see that we can’t get anything done here on offense and we got some good defensive plays here by Shawne.

Williams and this Cincinnati defense as a whole Joe Mixon finally breaking through here he’s got eight rushes now for 15 yards so that’s definitely a lot better than the negative 5 marker that.

We had before nice catch out there on the post pattern to the sideline by AJ Green and that eye slant.

Up the middle to CJ you and Zuma touchdown Cincinnati it’s gonna be for 17 to 10 here seven minutes left in the third quarter so time is kind of winding down here.

Gonna jump ahead to four minutes in the third quarter for Miami and look at Kenny Stills yet again man just the shake and the moves that he’s.

Got going Kendall Sheffield out there just got beat so the veteran wide receiver beats the rookie for a big-time touchdown so it’s gonna be a tie football game here 17 – 17 John Ross getting this reception up the middle for a big-time first down one minute and 17 seconds left Mixon starting to get more involved here he’s got 25 yards now we’re gonna pick up the first down little pass here almost complete probably.

Put it should have put a little bit more mustard on there and we would add a completion for a first down but it’s gonna be fourth.

And 11 and Randy Bullock barely barely makes it through with 11 minutes and 52 seconds left it’s gonna be 22 17 now little screen pass here going to be incomplete as Tyrod Taylor felt some pressure he could not get a good throw off so it’s gonna be first in ten Dalton fired up the middle and Minka Fitzpatrick the one year Pro out of Alabama one year pro being that as 2019 comes up.

With this interception probably should not have thrown that pass but it’s it’s going to come back to haunt us guys if the defense can.

That come through and hold Miami to a field goal and look at this play by Derek Johnson on it real Mike kiseki cannot come up with the touchdown great play there by Derek Johnson he’s a past coverage type of linebacker so I definitely like what I saw right there stopping kosecki from catching that football to make it 24 to 20 and we see a facemask all here on the defense unreal 241 left to go Miami is in a crucial crucial situation.

Here Tyrod Taylor throwing to 10 East actually that’s Devante Parker and the bobble on both defenders on both corners for Cincinnati unable to.

Come up the interception here third and seven Deanna Taylor trying to find somebody open he’s gonna throw it out there to the left that’s a flat throughout there they’re gonna have to settle for a field goal and now with a.

Minute and 50 some-odd seconds left to go Dalton and the offense for since he’s gonna have to come through and come up with a miracle type of Drive here to try to win this football game now a tie gets us to overtime but with as much clock as we have right now we’re.

Not shooting for overtime obviously you want to get to into good field position first and then see what you got but usually you’re trying to win the football game at this point so Dalton luckily doesn’t take the sack there it’s gonna be ruled an incomplete pass so on second and 10 with a minute and 19 left to go we find Giovanni Bernard with this catch on a slant.

Route excuse me that it’s not a catch he drops it so on 3rd and 10 third and 10 a minute and 16 left to go Tyler Croft yet again coming up big.

Time getting that first down with a minute 11 left to go time is ticking away here we do have some time to come up with a good play call and.

We’re gonna go back to the same play but flip it and Giovanni Bernard.

Is going to get the first down off the slant 39 seconds left to go guys first antenna fire in deep.

To AJ green and he comes up with the catch for the touchdown off the.

Fly route the straight route the jet route whatever you guys want to call it AJ Green just beat his man which was a.

Safety over there because guys there was nobody on it there’s nobody on him great job by Dalton to pick pick apart the soft spot in the defense.

And threw it right over top of them.

Great job by AJ Green to get open and definitely catch this football guys because I’ve seen a lot of animations where that catch is not made so a great job by AJ Green since 1927 Miami 23 but the game is not over guys nice sack there nice hit on Tyrod Taylor 20 seconds left Miami’s out of timeouts.

Fourth in ten and Taylor feeling a little bit of pressure gonna get rid of it can it be complete for a miracle it cannot the pass is incomplete Kendall Sheffield coming up big with the deflection guys so guys the Cincinnati Bengals are gonna.

Move to three and OH early on in the 2019 season again the rushing yards 28 rushing yards on the game is not gonna cut it that is that’s awful that’s awful but I guess with the law of averages everything kind of balances out.

Guys mixing with that 200 yard rushing game that he had in week number one had about 50-60.

Last week and now he’s got 28 so through three games everything that’s looking to be right on pace for.