Welcome To Miami – Madden Nfl 19 | Cincinnati Bengals Franchise Ep. 27 | Week 3 Y2

We do get the football back here as Derek Johnson comes up with an interception on the next drive for Miami so no harm no foul.

Right well we’ve got Tyler Croft making big plays here for us so far in this 2019 season just check him out guys hit eight receptions for 98 98 yards last week has two.

Receptions big time here so far in this Drive and now we found AJ green here for what looks to be only 9 yards it’s gonna get us to the three.

Yard line again we’re just trying to get that run game going in Joe Mixon it’s just not gonna happen so we’re third and four here we’ve had a struggle trying to get the ball into the end zone a lot of field goals happening for this team right now and against the linebacker against Giovanni Bernard Bernard is gonna win that.

Matchup nine times out of 10 so Bernard on the slant route gets that touchdown and it’s it’s kind of good to see him get it get more involved.

In the offense because you know even last season and in the first two games of this season he’s been kind.a right so it’s good that we’re you know we’re paying a lot of money for him he’s definitely.

A really good player for us and it’s good to see him get on the board for a touchdown there and be utilized so.

We’re gonna actually stop Miami’s deep or Miami’s offense from moving the football here and we’re get a fuel goal given up it’s gonna be seven.

To three and on this play here on third and 12 Dalton’s looking for Bernard yet again and he’s just unable to find it but look at this play by Drake Kirkpatrick Tyrel I tailored trying to shoot there to the outside for Kenyan.

Drake and it’s gonna be an interception so now Tyrod Taylor has two interceptions to his ledger so far in the first half so we see here we’re trying to get the ball up the middle.

I mean we can’t even get the throw off in time because the Blitz and we’re gonna kick this field goal up that’s Rani Bullock out there it’s gonna be 10 to 3 I would have liked to get a touchdown there make it 14 to 3.

And definitely kind of put this game you.

Know really I don’t want to say out of reach but you know I’m definitely on them on the vert on the verge of a on the verge of a blowout so to speak especially.

Being the first half so we see j-kwon Johnson coming in there making a nice play a nice tackle but it does not gonna matter as Miami gets the football down the field yet again and again on second and 10 we get Drake with a screen pass he’s gonna take it to the right utilizing his blockers there’s a wriggly squeak you guys are well aware of my dog bite now.

If you guys are watching the Lions stuff so then we get a touchdown here Kenny Stills for the score off.

A slant route and guys you know Kenny Stills is a very underrated receiver out of Oklahoma he’s definitely a deep a deep threat not so much an intermediate threat there but Dain Almighty I wish we were going to stop them because now it’s 10 to 10 we’re.

A tie game here so nice catch there by John Ross probably if we hit the receive after catch you know he wouldn’t he would have been gone for sure for a touchdown there but on the possession.