Welcome To Miami – Madden Nfl 19 | Cincinnati Bengals Franchise Ep. 27 | Week 3 Y2

What is going on guys welcome to episode number 27 of our Cincinnati Bengals franchise in today’s Madden action we’ve got the Bengals against the Miami Dolphins and it’s kind of funny too because the Dolphins are actually playing tonight on Thursday night football against the Houston Texans in it so you guys are well aware but he’s in Texans were.

My last franchise team that I did last.

Year kind of funny now that we got the Bengals going on but our Bengals are to know.

In this season and we had their first two games at home and now this is their first road trip that we’ve had to do in the 2019 season and you guys are gonna notice a little bit of a change here for the Dolphins offensively it’s a.

Little bit different and I will show you guys that in just one second and it’s been a personal favorite of mine.

As a quarterback Tyrod Taylor is the new quarterback for the Dolphins and look at his numbers here on the season 538 passing yards five touchdowns.

No picks he’s been wildly efficient so far this season so we got Jesse Bates coming in on a sack a big one it’s gonna be a loss for nine yards.

For Miami here on the first play of the game they’re gonna.

Go right back to another play action play here and Tyrod Taylor’s gonna have to scramble away and we got vigil who cannot make the tackle but we do get him down for only a.

Four yard game it’s gonna be third and 15 and Tyrod Taylor yet again feeling a wild amount of pressure here and he’s gonna throw it almost picked off there by the corner as William Jackson nice play there to.

Give us the football back Dalton coming out here incomplete pass second and 10 right.
Now we are in a bunch formation I do like.

To get some speed to the outside trying to get the run game going as well John Ross has been effective in doing that that type of play in the.
Past but not gonna happen here on this down so it’s gonna.

Get a three yard loss it’s gonna be third and 13 play-action pass here thinking that the Miami defense is not gonna be ready for thinking we’re given up on the on the series and then look at.

This AJ Green gets the big time first down more than a first down for sure and then we’re also going to get a penalty on my hand a face mask.

All that’s gonna bump us up to the 41.

Yard line so second and 10 here and here’s a past complete there to Joe Mixon who’s also gonna get the first down we we can’t really get the running game.

Going here so far early on in this game so utilizing Joe Mixon in the passing game as an extension of the run game I like that a little bit trying to get him involved that way so we see that Dalton is gonna fire a little bit to the left when the throw needed to be a little bit more to the right look.

At how open John Ross was at the time of the throw but when you’ve got an all-pro and all worlds.

Safety back there like Rashad John’s it’s always a dangerous throws it’s gonna be intercepted and we actually did tried to challenge this call but it wouldn’t let us it wouldn’t.

Let us challenge it I was trying he was definitely out of.

Balance guys he had one foot in bounds of limit that was out of bounds and you know that’s not a completion that’s not an interception so.