Hack Android W/ A Link Web Page Payload Delivery W/ Venom

All right and welcome back to the laughs de toros del theta zero this video I’m gonna show you a tool called venom now this kind of goes along with what we’ve been doing on the channel which is trying to get you guys into coding and learning code a little bit more now the tool we’re gonna be using or.

The part of the tool we’re going to be using doesn’t really have that part to it but what this.

Does is show you the code for the shell code it shows you the code I’m to make trojan droppers and it does make trojan droppers trojan.downloader x’ it takes MSF venom payloads and uses things like powershell and c and it implements different tactics in writing these and different languages and using these different ways now they.

Can help you bypass antivirus but this is not a fun payload generator I just want to get that out of the way so you just want to go to the github page it’s normal and that’s at github root it looks like uppercase O’s 3x p110 IT / venom and this will tell you a little.

Bit about the tool give you some screenshots it’s description so the script will use MSF venom payload to generate shellcode in different formats C Python Ruby DLL and Messiah HTA vsh partial attacks HTT tax very cool injects the shell code generated into template.

Examples and then you could see the examples you.

Can learn how to code these things yourself and if you know how to code you can change them as well it also can deliver it with a malicious server length and the.

Link will use a webpage and as soon as someone goes to the web page it will deliver the payload to their device so as soon as they click the link it goes.
To a web page and then it downloads the.

Payload to their device the only thing you have to do then is get it ran what you can do yourself or via another shell so go ahead and get clothing this get the link here then type git clone paste that link which is also the link you can use to get to the website except for the docket.

At the end and then go ahead and enter and I already did that so I’m not going to do that then press LS you will find the venom folder and your root folder so you need to change directories to that LS and you can see that this is executable already so all you have to do is you could type period forward slash venom.

Sh but since it’s written in bash actually the correct way to execute a bash script or whatever script you just type the name bash or Perl or Python and then venom Sh now this will launch the framework go ahead and press Enter now what you’re gonna see is this has payloads for Windows Mac Unix Linux I think even jailbroken iPhones that can download third-party apps it has payloads for that as well now we’re going.

To be using the Android payload to deliver a Android payload via link using our patchy server and the malicious web site and this basically does everything for you of course you could use armitage to handle the incoming meterpreter shell session but this will do everything for you I’m starting PostgreSQL for Metasploit and then you can see UNIX.

Windows multi which is it can hack multiple OSS Android iOS web server payloads it creates Microsoft Office scripts and then built in shells so I believe these are shells that are built into specific classes but we’re gonna be using Android pillared about impress for now this would be for the jailbroken iPhone right here’s for the Android so we need to press one now it literally tells you your internal IP address of Europe catalinux box so you don’t have to I.

Am confident it but it firsts are amazing it doesn’t ifconfig and your terminal is how you.

Find that IP address if you want to do this remotely you need to set.

Up port forwarding you can check out my port forwarding video to help you with that hopefully that can help you out and you use your public IP address here and that’s do that remotely but we’re just going to be attacking over the.

LAN so I’m going to use my internal IP address again you can use whatever port you want but it gives you a port to use and as this is the name of the apps or.

Just a name and test now again when using this tool and you generate some of the other payloads like the VPS trojan.

To do many more videos on this because it’s a very extensive tool as you can see it has payloads for multiple devices there MSF venom payloads but nonetheless it uses them in unique ways and then it.

Also writes them in different languages so.

I’m gonna go over the BBS trojan.

downloader for Windows and I’ll show you how to hack Windows with a couple payloads but I just wanted to get this Android video done because this was the easiest to do with the windows payloads it does give you templates for the code so you can copy the code and write the code yourself and also learn the code and that’s.

What’s important so you can actually learn how to create Trojan droppers with shell code embedded inside.

And learn how to create these payloads and that’s what we’d be getting into more as the channel progresses we’re gonna be using a lot more coding and are hacking because once you learn code.

Your ability to act those through the roof you could literally do so much especially.

If you can create tools but.

Things like shell code basic things you can make your own malware make your own payloads make your own tools generate scripts on the fly that you can use for specific situations so the possibilities are endless once you learn.

How to code and you don’t even have to be a master coder but just learning a couple key languages will really help you out and if you’re focusing on this civic area of hacking then there are certain languages.

That you should know like if you wanted to hack websites you should know PHP HTML Javascript MySQL for general hacking I would say Python and C bash and batch HTML Javascript but as you can see a generator our payload so.

We want to generate a malicious URL so we want to hack with a link so what we’re gonna do now this isn’t an exploit this isn’t gonna give you instant shell access once they click your link do not get that I’m confused it will automatically download.

Payload download the payload to their device but you still have to get them to click install so that is the one thing left that you have to do now.

The exploits that municipality has for hacking with an Android with a link only work on the old androids and you probably won’t find those out in the wild not saying it’s.

Not possible but the most that I found are either four or five and that’s around when the exploits stopped working especially five I believe 4.1 is vulnerable to some of the exploits but after 5.0 it they don’t really do come around so.

You can see it gives us a link here which is just the link to our patchy server now it puts in index.html folder inside of our Apache server so anyone directed to it will be directed to this website so again if you check out my port forwarding video learn how to do port forwarding you can port for port 80 and then use your public IP.

Address here and you’ll be able to reach your Apache server over the WLAN and not just LAN which is over the Internet and not just over your Wi-Fi right now it’s gonna open up Metasploit this could just take a second and it’s gonna open up a multi handler for us and that’s how we’re going to handle the incoming connection from the payload so this could just take a second but as you can see this framework does everything.

For you it’s very easy to use and I can’t wait to do the windows.

Videos I might do some Mac videos I’m hoping on getting a MacBook that I can test the one but we’re definitely using this tool again so please bear with me as this loads um also if you wanted to spoof these.

Links you could use something like grab a file which will also give you information about their phone not that you’ll really need it but I’ll give you an IP address but you’ll be able to get all.

That from just getting the payload on their phone but you could use a link shortener.

Link spoofing or use grab a PHY to change the link so it won’t show your IP address it will make the link look more convincing all right hopefully Metasploit starts up here soon and then once it starts up its gonna generate our multi hand alert right away you don’t have to click anything to reuse the payload you can just open up Metasploit yourself open up your multi.

Handler to the port you use and if you back door in the device if you watch my how to backdoor any Android video you can backdoor the device so you get a persistent connection or if they click the application again you get a get a connection back and sometimes even just the app itself will give you a connection back so if you want to reconnect to the phone you have to open up the mall to handle yourself and Metasploit and if you watch my other videos you can get more.

Information on that also there’ll be information about this entire video in the description of the.

Video as in all my videos all right again sorry about the wait feel free to fast forward until you see the mod to handle or open if you like a little bit quicker Freddie sorry Madison with myself all right so we finally got our Malta handler open as you can see it’s set it for the port.

And set our help where our host and our payload settings for us and these are the settings you would have to use if you wanted to open them all to handle it yourself this is just Metasploit and the x-term shell or a terminal so now all you.