Dotnet Core On Armbian And Nanopi K2

They have to set up a new password for it as I told you guys this is an next stop which version of you know nano PI K 2 you.
Can this supports VNC out-of-the-box.

You know they all you need and VNC receiver on your windows and here we go the ambient OS is booted and yes so fast so so I have got the IP address over here and command.

I used to get the IP addresses like so no higher confi all these commands whatever I use inside the.

You know over here in sizes.

In Linux I will be giving it in the description as well as.

In my website below so to connect before we connect into the VNC like I would suggest to have the connection through you know through any SSH so here I use an free SSH put t also you can call it as QT or you know the way you pronounce so.

Just wanted to enter my a local IP address I’ll enter the local IP address is 192 168 dot 0.

It prom for then certificate error that’s fine I would enter into as root you know just to have some elevated privileges you can even log in with the user account which you have enter so here.

We go so we have the root logged on over here the first step is to get the sudo you know update the.

General system update I choose put the the reason is it’s much faster and lightweight and it’s open source and it supports a lot of functionalities so it Ron now the pseudo update will be running and we’ll just fetch all the Debian armed.

64 packages and yes it’s a 64-bit processor so the nano PI.

K 2 so it goes on with the all in a 64-bit processor packages so once the apt update is done then we will move on to the you know Unwin 8 library it’s nothing but other one.

Which is used to you know unzip the items so once the library and when eight get X is done so we’ll.

Get the you know dotnet Core 2 point 1 point 4 0 1 so that’s the latest you know stable release that we have I know at the time of doing this video so we’ll just do an W get so once the dotnet SDK downloaded is done now we will make and folder in the optional you know make a folder has dotnet and then I will try to you know unzip the dotnet over there a dotnet SDK you know tar over there so to do this unzip is what we need the you know library unwind.

So and then we will create and global variable path over here global because we can call it as an environment variable in dot Windows we will just created the environment variable now let’s see the knots let’s run the dotnet command and see what version we have you know caught over here so the.

First time it takes few minutes you know to the dotnet library to put in now if you can see the dotnet core SDK is completely until now know it but still.

It’s been running on so many servers so I.

Have run over here then a complete a dotnet SDK and then dotnet you know.

Runtime libraries as well so that’s all for this guys if you like this video give a thumbs up if not.

Let me know in the comments below we also meet with another video of running an entire dotnet application in nano by Kato with.