Dotnet Core On Armbian And Nanopi K2

Hello everyone today we are going to look at installing dotnet core in nano PI K to using our bian yes so we are going to use an army NOS oh here so the first step over here is to download the Armenian stretch desktop version you know we can use the mainline kernel version as well but you know since.

It’s a for the first time users I would recommend to use desktop version of ambien.
Stretch you can either go with torrent or direct download.

Already downloaded the ambien stretch desktop version yeah it’s based on an Debian you know kernel so I have extracted the zip file to an image file over here and and the next component that we would need is to have the download the edge and install the etch it sure is nothing but just an flashing tool you know USB flash until you just have to select the image select the drive and then click on flash and then there you go the.

Flash will become ready I will take time I have already downloaded and installed it chef haven’t Shh are also download over here and so without.

Any further ado like let’s quickly begin with the step so next step would be or with inserting the microSD card you know usually they say we can have at least 8 GB but I would recommend to have 16 GB because you know you’re going to run a dotnet core.

And on and mix and you would need and powerful you know huge space sheis microSD and also I would recommend class 10 or above which right now I’m using and.

SanDisk SDHC it’s on high-capacity so I’m just going to just select the image and I’m.
Going to reinstall it on the same part I have to select the ambien OS over.

Here click on open and the USB device.

Is already by default selector and the one which we just have to ensure that you are installing on the right click on flash it might be a chewer might require administrative privileges depending upon your logon it takes some time so we have.

The flash complete in the etcher now let’s eject the disclose here sure and eject the microSD and then let’s plug it on a plug on to the nano 5 k2 and then let’s see how the first so I have the Nano Pike into over.

Here I have connected the you know the iPads and I have the inserted the microSD card as well.

With the power supplies and then I’ll come back so for the power supply and using and DC if I want to a power supply so I have connected the HDMI cable and everything so I will quickly.

Connect the power supply it’s a barrel type power supply so give me a second guys yes I have connected the USB keyboard and mouse as well so this would be the first boot over here and say too close to one minute and you know monograph minutes so let.

Me quickly zoom the camera over here so the default talkin for Nana PI K 2 or the default logon panel of.

The password would be 1 2 3 4 that’s a default password and you might have to change the Parker password so first password will be 1 2 3 4 again then you have to insert the new password you know what I.

Have done over here is that I have reset and the root password and then I’m trying to create a new user account yes it would require a.
New user account for the entering and.