Tai Lopez – Live The Good Life

Only show us the success at the end but Bill Gates started at 12 it wasn’t till 31 years old that he was a billionaire he said from age 20 to age 30 I never took.

A day off not even one you must persevere and in your search for mentors you must persevere as well I’ve been.

Lucky enough to become friends with one of the top real estate investors in the world I said how in the.

World did you get started he said back when I was 19 I decide I want to do real estate and I live in a little town but I knew there was one developer that was pretty good so I went down to that developers office I met the secretary I said I’d like to I’d like to meet this developer she.

Said sorry he doesn’t he’s busy man he doesn’t have time to meet you said I came back the next day she turned me away 17 times said on the 17th time the lady felt bad for him and said listen here’s what you do hide behind the plant by the elevator when he comes out of his office at the end of the day jump in the elevator and he won’t have a choice the doors were closed and you got four floors to.

Vince this guy that you’re worth you know.

I don’t know what my friend said but he said enough that when they got to the bottom of that elevator that developer said meet me at the airport in the morning well I’ll go down to my private jet you can come.

Down with me to Florida I’ll show you how I invested in hotels down there sure enough my friend learned from this mentor and became one of the wealthiest real estate investors in the world.

He persevered because you see everybody wants the good life but not.

Everybody’s willing to persevere to get it you must persevere next books books you should see as hidden treasure think about it if I told it because as.

I said mentors are great in person but some of the great mentors are no longer alive Shakespeare Darwin Freud Muhammad Gandhi but if I told you all those people were in my house they’re gonna be there this Saturday answering questions magically I can make that happen would you show up at my house of.

Course everybody would buy a plane ticket and end up in California they are there in my house there.

They can be in your library too talking about Sam Walton this is a man who made 160 billion dollar for himself more than all the other billionaires basically combined he wrote a book on his deathbed how many people have read it it’s a tragedy that not every business person’s read a five-dollar book by a man who built an empire but it’s because the modern education system has turned people off from.

To rewire your brain let me show.

You a few quick tricks first thing is stop seeing a book like a one time event see it look like a friend you read it.

Over and over you come back and just like.

Friends you pick a handful of them I recommend you find 150 books there’s 130 million can’t read that many but 150 you can read over and.

Over for the rest of your life there’s no rule all either and how fast you have to read about what pace I set my own pace people say how do you read a book a.

Day sometimes I take a week but sometimes books only have one or two things that are worth reading in fact most books only.

Have that so I flipped through the pages one time I like to.

Go through three times first time I read the table of contents to back the second time go a little faster the third time I just focus on one.

Chapter see yourself like a gold miner just.

Looking for that one nugget then put it back on the shelf the average American by 17 books a year maybe reads one a month you should read at least one book a week because remember everybody wants.

The good life but not everybody’s willing to read to get it you must read more and lastly stoic versus epicurean one of the first books that I read this this 11 set volume that I got from my grandfather there was a quote that I wrote down a nation is born stoic and Di’s epicurean.

Stoics were people willing willing to sacrifice present pleasure for something better later you could say they were investors Epicureans live for now they were consumers they said you only live once there’s a saying if.

You’re in a room and you don’t know who the sucker is you’re the sucker you never want to be the sucker guess who what the media wants to do I could tell you I’m from Hollywood they bombard you we see on average 2000 ads a day they’re trying to sell you something luxury comes out of cost it comes at the cost of killing your hopes your dreams your ambitions so toughen up a.

Little bit be a stoic when’s the last time you went a week without eating sugar or walked instead of taking a car to get groceries or did a hundred push-ups or turn the air conditioning off toughen yourself up take a cold shower you see everybody wants but not everybody’s willing to toughen up to get the good life you must toughen up so in closing I’ll.

Share with you my favorite poem chief Tecumseh he says love your.

Beautify all things in your life seek to.

Make your life long and its purpose in the service of your people mentors will help you do that they are the shortcut that you want you don’t want to do it the hard way find a mentor no matter.

If you’re just starting out or if you’re already experienced there’s always someone to learn from you must follow those rules be humble persevere read more toughen up remember it’s gonna be a little bit hard it’s like Tom Hanks says in the one movie it’s supposed.

To be hard the hard is what makes it great if you do these things you will find a good life thank you.