I Almost Failed Beauty School!!!

Best week not late axle looking tired bags up to my eyes be like would you like me to do your makeup.

No I like go and then don’t be like what are you started up just like oh I’ve.
Just started by really qualification so you can i pluck those eyebrows or.

Not they would look at me like the teacher was coming up to me and said you.

Need come on come on come on Julie you haven’t done any of these finals if you don’t find a person to do these finals on you are going to.

Bail I cannot pass you if you don’t do your highness and sometimes the because we had to sell out in our beauty school sometimes I will get actual clients but for certain treatments no ‘pliance were coming in art school without like no clients will coming in art skinful baked overs new clients were coming.

In asking for me to do their makeup no clients were coming in art skip for certain treatment so I was there trying to find people and nobody trusted me like No but he trusted me I actually got to a point literally I was this desperate I got to a point where I was.

Like I don’t pay you to do achievement on a Ledge I’m telling you it was literally the last couple of days before the actuals and in another the people had already done literally already done their exams and they were doc hubby back so I was literally left in the class with just the odd few.

People who was still struggling to get their final start and we were under a time crunch if we didn’t finish by a.

Certain time we wasn’t gonna get our qualifications that would essentially mean we wouldn’t fails the first year and we would have to repeat hearts begin which meant that all my friends everyone else would go on to the lumber year and I would still be stuck there a lot of people had friends and.
Family they could do two treatments off but that was not the case for me.

And finally out of nowhere this angel said I don’t know where came up to.

Be able slide you try to get your exam start and I was like and she was like don’t worry I could help you you could do your treatments on me and I was like one hat I was really happy but on the other hand I was like I do not want to mess up this girl’s down space and everything else because she has really been kind to me and it was because her that I got through.

In beauty school went to the chiclet worm I took my sweet time with doctor I know we were under a time limit but I was literally like I am going to give you the best.

Treatments you have ever had I’m sorry she would’ve water do you want this do what.

I have the Sun I was literally going to town yeah finally I got my qualification and I was out that door anyway that’s it for today’s video let me know your thoughts below did you go to beauty school what was your experience at beauty school leave your comments down below.

And I see you in the next video.