I Almost Failed Beauty School!!!

Do everyone my name is Janina welcome to my channel see today’s video is going to be a little bit of a story time it’s going to be about how I almost bow beauty school so beauty school was such a crazy experience for me when I went to beauty school at first I thought oh it’s gonna be a blast.

I’m just gonna sit there get treatment learn a few pixel – and then walk out with my beauty school was a headache for a number of.

Reasons one you had to get so many treatments sweet where your skin was looking the same way it’s just your face has already been exfoliated for potential you.

Had already received and the teachers like Dada no no no that was just a little tester your.

Face is about to be exfoliated another ten times today you look at night you could start in your very.

Own Halloween movie I swear I had to have my face cleanse and exfoliate it so many times my face was actually saw it was acting.

But we had to learn the right motions or give it a facial at the end of the day we will literally like please just don’t use exfoliator on me just steal emotions I don’t want another facial and the same was the case but a lot of it the save us to taste for makeup disables.

The casebook waxy like that or the bed in front of all your classmates semi-naked having them all take parts of your body to rip the hair off.

For educational purposes goodness oh my goodness box forwards to the time where I almost failed beauty school I don’t even talking about the exams two exams where it’s.

Like memorize all of the bones memorize on the skin conditions at the end of the lesson the symmetry of the various different fungal infections are tattooed into your memory because they will show you the most extreme cases and say make sure you memorize I make sure you memorize and the way it looks and just every little bit and you have to go home if I mess up.

The problem I had was fighting a client who actually wanted me to do a treatment on them so I would literally be like riding around the whole beauty school I’ll be messaging all of my friends that I’ll be like hi hi still want me to give you a bikini wax please please it’s for.

My exam please just running around like you’ve got a remember at beauty school the beauty school I was in it of course I.

Was taken I could not wear makeup because there was no point because I would have people put for the.

Treatment of me so I used to walk around or in a beauty school all the time looking like an actual first because my.

Hair was a mess literally there was no point to be straightening my hair or getting a good start or anything like that but by the end of the lesson would have reverted because there have been water all over my hair water all over my face to powder why never makeup all over my clothes no babe huh I literally.

Always look like a scruff ball but you know what what was really good sounded about that I did not care I’ve got.

Topic where I really did not care like I actually surprised myself how bad I was willing to no walking out the door I really did have a kind of well I just wanted to get my qualification a picture me with dirty clothes baby powder all over all quads dried up wax just all kind to stop all alone for me does it make up hair a best like have a.