Hockey Needs Data, With Steve Valiquette

Shot goes in the back of the net one every 31 shots if we have all situations included but if that pass is made across.

The line here or the player carries it across the line those shots are going into the back of the net one every three.

Times so it’s that significant of.

A start offensively you will know how to expose that line and cross it as much as possible and for your goaltender you’ll now have a clear expectation of what you want from him stopping the shots that he can see if a.

Player is right here and a second player is here and the pass comes across the slot line up above the top of the circle that is now a low percentage shot it’s a clear sighted shot because the goaltender has had so much time to advance forward get angle depth squareness and get set on that shot early that any play that happens above the top of the circle even if.

A pass starts it is a low percentage shot one thing I definitely want to know if I’m a youth hockey coach is the funnel exists now the reason why the funnel is very significant is because 65% of all shots in a hockey game clear-sighted shots are gonna come from they’re not in the slot when I go to youth hockey practices too many shots are coming.

From here and they’re only gonna happen once every two games where a player skates in unimpeded and shoots.

A clear sighted shot on your goaltender the plays coming here are gonna happen so often that your goaltender needs to see more repetitions from there your shooters need to know how to shoot but not really score.

From there because they don’t go in the back of.

Net off enough the real significant thing for me here is that players getting into the funnel know how to create scoring opportunities where.

Players that are driving the back post now have the rebound that comes off of the goaltender’s pad the reason why we call it a funnel is because the goalies.

Pad is angled in such a way that when the shot comes from right here it.

Will hit the backside or the weak side of the post so the backside pressure here your attacking player has the opportunity to score a rebound goal we’ve got to get more shots in practice from there it’s.

Gonna help your goaltender stay more engaged in practice it’s going to help your shooters shooting against a more engaged goaltender so they’re going to improve and that’s how you’re gonna get everybody on the same page and enjoying practice a little bit more what about youth coaches what at what level said they really begin looking at analysis to help their players right away if I’m a youth hockey coach and.

I have a parent that’s very.

Interested in knowing then I would have them take these data points down themselves it’s very easy to do how do you see all of your hockey data analysis really changing how this game is shaped and how it’s played I think just knowing what it is because I feel like we are all chasing rabbits when it comes to understanding this game for instance on a two-on-one I know.

That the tough hair when he skates down the ice if he shoots it.

He’s gonna score one every seven times right but if he passes the public cross to the other player and.