Product Review – Hackman Linux From Ben Firzpatrick & Matthew Moore

Turned off um look guys you’ve done a wonderful job I’ll grant you that you really have it is a very nice arch linux it’s definitely aimed at the noob – arch which I admit I am I look I will forever be a noob to arch.

Because it’s not what I’m comfortable with but in saying that look everything’s there to get yourself started with arch you know it’ll do everything you wanted to do a couple things I would personally change and that would be the progress bar through installation so that whoever’s installing.

It knows where they’re up to in the installation process that’s just personal opinion but look yeah I think it’s great you Ben Fitzpatrick and Matthew Morris put a lot of work into this I think it’s very clean it’s crisp it’s neat the xfce desktop is responsive which.

Is nice and being xfce we know.

It’s life very nice I will have a bit of play with it over the next few days and see what it’s like but um yeah just a couple of things in there that I personally would like to see but apart from that no look very very good very good little arch.

Distro it it’s just easy and I think that’s what you.

Need an arch if you if you’re starting with arch and look I will always be a complete beginner with arch linux always but look go and have a look at them for yourselves see what you guys think about it you you look there may be people out there who think this is the best thing since sliced.

Bread but I will definitely have a play with it over the next few days I will try and get this into sixteen by nine I may have to install open-vm-tools to do it but there we go stick around plenty more coming up here at the backyard tech channel for.

A Friday until then as always we shall catch you in the next video thank you very much.

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