Product Review – Hackman Linux From Ben Firzpatrick & Matthew Moore

I need to do first is install the until and on install VM tools home copy the file system.

There goes my mobile phone paste okay so in grandpa extract close it’s gonna terminal app and I’ll install it huh you see this is something I’ve never been able to.

Create either but that’s not bad all right so off the bat we’re using less than 500 mega.

RAM we’ll have a look at that in just a moment but first off let’s get VM Tools installed huh wait a minute that should have extracted I’m sure bloody extracted hang all monopod.

On our own here filesystem temp strike oh I’ll put it in the wrong you idiot ah try again yes I know rookie.

Mistake try that again oh yes yes yes oh okay it’s not gonna do it cannon damn I haven’t updated system tools alright so well let’s see if we can display we’ll do 1,400 by 900 you should be.

Able to have a decent look at it that way well I don’t know I think this will blow it off the screen yeah well okay all right let’s um we’ll have to have a little bit of like this arranged desktop icons that’s a bit better I actually want to undo that don’t.

Alright so let let’s get rid of that I’ll get rid of that gets all that uninstalled alright so let’s see what we get at.

The time still out but let’s see what we get with with everything so we’ve got okay conky managers in there that’s a riding grandpa for the archive HP for your HP printers.

Around global time task manager our Thune is in there that’s alright bins in there as.

Well for editing text files that set as well as notes and mousepad so you’ve got vim and mousepad in there that’s alright development a whole lot of QT stuff education LibreOffice math games.

Linux breakout – and steam native and run time blender gimp libreoffice draw.

Penta shot well simple scan and view noir interwebs so you’ve got chromium deluge filezilla firefox hex chat Thunderbirds in there what Firefox who you got in there boys okay let’s have a look at what Firefox we get.

Our hands on and 6102 well we in the web’s chromium in.

There as well for those that like chromium now that’s an interesting thing you get Zen map in there that’s handy that’s actually very handy Zen map is rude hey that’s nifty now I use Kali.

A lot but having Zen map in a Linux distro out-of-the-box can actually be really handy especially.

When you you know if you’re having network issues or you’re trying to find something that’s not showing up Zen map can.

Really help that’s actually a really nifty idea that’s.

Actually a really nifty idea I like that idea well what do we get with multimedia Cayden lives in there k3b handbrakes in there do we get VLC we do.

Get VLC and 3:03 so they’re on 303 all right office we.

Know is libreoffice obviously if i decide to stick with this arch linux from ben i will be going to WPS or i or only office settings we’ve got heaps of settings in there we’ve got obviously the default linux firewall got networking configuration plenty in there isn’t.

There setting window manager workspaces xfce terminal i’ll obviously change it to console system where’s.

Gparted H topic let’s have a look 730 mega foggy so yeah it’s still reasonably quick sixty five tasks hundred and twelve threads one running load averages are pretty low in fact they’re actually very low actually which is nice all right what do we got here what’s this thing Oh weather report oh for Kentucky ah yeah that’s definitely got to be changed that has definitely got to be changed that ain’t right at all see if it can find.

Jalan okay so someone in gravel pits road South Jalan alright want to change that to Celsius hectopascals knots millimeters altitude in meters temperature dad that’ll do it so it’s 9 degrees out solid or at least it is in Jalan I don’t know what it is here 73% humidity yeah that’s about right all right let’s have a look.

At some of the desktop settings and let’s see if I can find a nice enough background oh.

Looks like country Victoria that’ll do it it’s like you’re.

In the middle of nowhere which.

Is fine times wrong alright so the next thing I want to have a stickybeak out will be file manager and let’s see how the network goes now Windows network by default or not that might be because the times are on actually I’ll have to change the date and time Tom’s own yet that ain’t right doesn’t like the time zone.

This isn’t too bad this isn’t too bad I mean it is arch I do have a lot of misgivings about arches everyone knows but it’s it’s it’s not too bad I.

Mean I haven’t broken it yet let’s have a look at the software updater see what we get there as you can see all you can actually ok so there’s some updates already what web browser does it go to there is a bit of a problem let’s try and see if we can get it in from here unbroke – relaunch okay so there’s chromium okay so if you get.

This you’ll have to do what I just did there it’s not bad I am it’s probably I guess.

The upside is I haven’t busted it yet look it is not I mean he it is right it’s.

A very easy to use Arch Linux.

I can definitely see beginners getting involved in it there’s a few fiddly things okay so there’s all that and the problem here is that’s the right date it’s just the wrong time I think I’ve got to change it to a face Tom’s on a me obey are you na Australia Melbourne there we go now but the right time okay so what I can do I’ll just bring this up a little bit so I’ve now got the right time yep that’s right tick it off well that’s better there we go okay well look it’s alright I’m.

Gonna play with it for a little bit it’s look it’s clean its crisp its art.

Its friendly it can definitely look I think if you’re coming to.

Watch for the first time this might be one you want to consider it’s actually quite alright it’s not too bad system profile and benchmarking all that could be interesting summary operating system so the kernels for one-eight-five arch one kernel modules.

That’s interesting display hey this is.

All right two processors with the memory PCI devices USB devices not to bad.

Boys do some bent oh I see so you can actually do benchmarking I’ve actually put a lot of work into this which is interesting it’s actually really good you’ve got sense of you oh I haven’t got any senses running I’ve got all the sensors on the.