Product Review – Hackman Linux From Ben Firzpatrick & Matthew Moore

Right off the meat of the bat I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I am NOT a fan of Arch Linux there’s only been one Arch Linux that I have somewhat felt comfortable with and that’s owing to the fact that I haven’t broken it but I have been belted from here to kingdom come for refusing to.

Fall in behind Arch Linux and praised it as being the best Linux ever made a good mate of the backyard tech Channel and a mate.

Of mine Ben Fitzpatrick animator his Matthew Moore I’ve created a Arch Linux spin that apparently is dead set The Fairly can department easy its system set up in product.

Review time here at the backyard tech Channel this one we’re going to take a look at Hackman Linux from Ben Fitzpatrick and Matthew Moore don’t mind telling you I’m a little bit apprehensive good eye everyone thank you for tuning in it is system setup in product review time again here at the backyard tech channel for a Friday.

Morning and as I said we’re looking at hackman Linux from Ben Fitzpatrick and Matthew Moore now we all know that because I don’t like Arch Linux I’ve been belted all over the countryside for it and you know for failing to falling behind arch and he preys on it as being the number one best Linux distribution out of the marketplace today when we looked at Ben Fitzpatrick’s man hero xfce a few weeks ago it was probably in fact it.

Is the only arch linux that either I haven’t spent the dummy with or it hasn’t spat the dummy with me and busted itself so I will read you this from SourceForge I’ll leave a link in the description below for you guys to go and download it fear sells Hackman Linux is a.

Beginner-friendly distribution based on arts linux developed by ben fitzpatrick and matthew more the distros goal is to.

New users over to the world of arch linux by offering an easy to install out-of-the-box Arch Linux experience I don’t mind telling you I’m a little bit.
Apprehensive so we’ve got some features it’s got the xfce.

Desktop which look I like xfce we’ve got per Mac package manager we’ve got tries and/or helper and easy to use in curses and curses based installer now like I said I am apprehensive because its arch I admit that I also know that now that I’ve mentioned the fact that I don’t like arch.
For it but nevertheless Ben’s asked me to give it the.

Backyard tech channel treatment and we’ll have a stickybeak at it but like I said I mean arching me don’t get on and I’m not one to fall behind any operating system that basically gives me the Eretz I.

Know I’m going into this with some probably preconceptions that I shouldn’t and some apprehensions that I shouldn’t but it is arch and I old mates record with arch linux ain’t you know I’m crash hot so as always let’s give from ben fitzpatrick and matthew more hackman Linux the backyard tech channel treatment can have a stickybeak at it let’s get into it.

Alright so here is our Hakman linux vm standard test bench 4 gig of ram dual.

Core cpu and 120 gig hard drive let’s let’s have a look at this some increase that saw so we can see what we’re doing here all right ah here we go.

Again okay hang on I’ll have to leave it like that until it actually installs properly it’s obviously not picking up the all right so we got lxd a display manager okay hang on I gotta find the password hang on okay it might help if I set the Installer properly which is interesting all right so here’s Hackman Linux mmm Arch Linux it is yes sorry okay well yes I do want.

English thank you please wait okay each step must be.

Followed in order once complete okay so I prepare installation I just won’t standard us back go down u. Desktop most devices yep partition the disk yep automatic partitioning yep we have the partitions we’ll just make.

Xt4 yes Oh oh dear all right there we go use space to these so mount successful okay along with a swap okay install device all right so we’ll go off and install all this I forgot two terminals open okay pretty quick little install or isn’t it glenda Wow well.

The install is reasonably easy to follow I suppose that’s a plus you don’t have to use swap if you don’t want to holy Dooley pretty pretty quick little installer here this is flying when something running on a dual-core CPU before Giga RAM it’s definitely not a high powered VM I know that okay all the libraries see how long this takes to install I mean what do we have.

For five minutes so far so that’s not too bad I’m glad this is not coming off my internet at the moment you guys can’t see that time but it is the wrong time but that’s all we can fix that up later chromium little firmware 1.

Second some invidious stuff some Radeon stuff okay so they’ve put in video and Radeon in the in the in the OS so that’s a good thing because it means that if you’re running a Radeon graphics card or an Nvidia graphics card you’re not having to hunt down at least the bass driver libraries makes only six stuff.

Going in my stuff they’re a little user library you know so library apparently USR is not user someone told me and I’ve always known.

You SRS use it but apparently it’s shared files I always thought it was used it but apparently it’s shared libery.

Office is in there obviously I if this isn’t easy to use arch and I start using and I won’t be using.

LibreOffice I can tell you that we’re using WPS or.

Open or only office or something like that okay well while this go I.

Don’t know how long this is going to take to actually install do I we have for now about eight minutes at least the the installation steps taken at least it spells out everything in you know ki SS scenario basically for their Python 3 I got it look I’m gonna be honest alright these guys.

Whom who whether you’re talking Ben Fitzpatrick Paul Turner GMAC law any of.

Them doesn’t matter who you’re talking about anyone who can actually grab an operating system and redo it is just dead set clever well there’s no other way of you know I my problem is.

I’ve said this before and hardware for too long you know I.

Never really got into making operating systems and coding and programming and compiling all that because I found well I personally found it boring but these guys are just dead set clever no I I can’t do it I tried I tried with BT.

BSD and I couldn’t do it you know I can fix it I can fix the server I can fix a computer but when it comes to making freaking operating systems I I admit I totally and utterly suck at it that’s why I never got.

Any further the BT BSD or couldn’t do it would have a nice but I just didn’t have the.

I just couldn’t get my head around it and that’s why.

I did hardware little wines in there so that’s interesting wines in there by default.

And it’s the 32-bit model – which is actually really good there’s all the x11 stuff lewd all the share stuff going in I have been folk community stuff audacity’s in their backgrounds more blender stuff I really want to go and make another cup of coffee haha but I don’t know how long this is gonna take I want to go through the whole install so that at least Ben.

Can see it all installing it in a review these guys who make re spins are linux’s and unix isn’t that a way more clever than old mate and that’s because I mean I never PCB PDF okay open know what all that stuff is.

Only interesting never look at good grief this.

Thing flies I mean sure it’s coming off a ISO but it’s still going I’d assume it’s going as quick as what it would be for you coming off USB or or.

Optical media some gta3 stuff in there and I bus stuff heaps of a waiter.

Stuff oh the away two things in there okay there’s the Ark stuff I see so this is all the this is all the icons good grief the maka themes in there too oh okay I didn’t see Brees in there wonder if Rees is in there you can probably install it um okay.

I don’t know how long this is actually going to take and I want to go and make another cup of coffee so I will I’ll be back.

In just a bit all right so on the time.

It’s taken me to make a copper this things done okay so the next thing we’ve got to do is this one there’s probably there’s probably a couple of things I would like to see in the Installer it’s just personal all right now you guys may not agree with this I would probably like to see a progress bar.

Somewhere okay that’s just me personally install the boot loader grub please wait that’s just me that’s just my personal preference I would like to see a progress bar so you know where you’re up to through the whole installation process okay so that’s got that.

Done configure the base set the hostname VM set the system locale now has he got Australia in here language county energy in u. is English United State is a and us and we’ll have to do it don’t think he’s go oh it’s I didn’t say it they that’s it set time zone and clock yes UTC local time.

Separate password and users creating user and setting groups yes so the only thing I’d want to see is maybe a progress bar somewhere that’s just personal security and system D tweaks restrict access to Karen logs you can play with them if you want review configuration files close the Installer so that must.

It okay I must have to manually reboot it then I was it rebooting itself not okay the restart okay yeah oh that did not give me enough time what I fit the guest okay so credit where credit’s due ELISA installs easy to understand dynamic link okay ocean manager okay all right that work was.

Fine it did work this time okay so what.