Releasing Self Doubt

Hi there it’s Heather Hanks I’m coming to you today to talk about releasing self-doubt I was going to wait until later today to talk about this but I just received a call from a friend of mine who considers me his spiritual advisor and I realized I needed to come on and talk about this right now because I know.

More of you are going to connect with it he called me um I won’t give all the details but he’s doubting taking a big leap of faith in his life he thinks if he waits until this date.
Then it’ll be a better time and he’s called.

Me about this for the past several months let me assure you you will never be ready to take that leap of faith but you have to take it having that faith that everything will work out that the timing is now not next week not six months from now do it now another.

Thing that happened this past weekend I met somebody new and she.

Was so excited to hear that I had published a book she had actually written a book and has yet to publish it she actually wrote it eight years ago and hasn’t published it and I asked her.

What are you waiting for why have you yet to publish it and she said I’m afraid of being judged and criticized by my peers what let me tell you you are going to.

Be judged and criticized no matter what you do so he might as well give him something good to talk about I’ve included the link below I’d love for you to tune in today’s episode and the thing about self-doubt you need to embrace it and let it fuel you let it catapult you to that next move don’t let I love the famous quote about self-doubt will kill more dreams than failure ever will so go after it.