The Most Powerful New Moon This Year – 7th November 2018 – New Moon In Scorpio

Different a different energy and this is all because core it’s also going to bring our spirit cards close Scorpio is also going to be there to bring that veil in between this world and the spirit world what happens in silane as well or Helloween Scott is also going to make this veil.

In between this world and the spirit world very very thin indeed so there are going to be lots of signs around us there going to be lots of things around.

Us because the spirits will want to like get in touch with our spiritual one – you.

Know like let us know things you know some of you may see things just move by themselves.

Or you may see something just fall off the table you know perhaps somebody’s trying to get in touch with you but somebody perhaps something’s trying to let you know something but this is.

So wonderful because this is a beautiful dimension I absolutely love it I love it I love it I love it I love it.

That I could not express how much I actually like this energy because this energy is just going to be wonderful very very powerful and as I said it’s going to make us feel like it is literally completely different dimension but also on.

Another hand it is going to be like a little bit confusing because in.

A way we’re gonna feel like it’s a different dimension completely like like completely different dimension but also another hand this balance of energy is going to make us feel at the same time very.

Creative at the same time very energetic and the same time we’ll feel like there is something we want to do something we need to do and this is what Scorpio New Moon is going to bring because how you know our spiritual side and.

Our psychic side is going to be very very very enhanced you know it’s a great time to check to our.

To do something like that and you know it’s just going to be absolutely brilliant because the connection is going to be very strong brilliant time for the couples as well this is a fantastic time for couples because especially for those couples that have been like a very maybe didn’t have enough harmony in their relationship be feeding them enough harmonies just like.

Kind of things that are kind of warming how do things like that and you’re kind of slowly drifting apart but you would like to work with your partner or for example if you would like to work in.

A bank to make it better all right for example if you just know to show like what direction your partner and you did you your relationship is going to develop.

And things like that now this is wonderful because this is a very harmonious energy very powerful energy very at energy when it comes to the partners when it comes to the couple’s also another fan it’s a very very powerful passionate energy if you want to go and like a flood a little bit you know if we want to go and meet new people.

You know if you do want to go out and meet new people this is gonna be really great times because now they will notice you now they will see you now they will know you are there because.

This scope your energy is going to shower us with this passion that other people are going to see see other people are going to.