The Most Powerful New Moon This Year – 7th November 2018 – New Moon In Scorpio

Mind this is the power of our thoughts that is actually doing so that’s what we have to get this right okay so for example if something comes to you like oh I would love to have different job like for example then you’re like.

Have a different job this is the power of your thought that is going to be very strong okay so for example oh I’m never gonna get a promotion no you’re wrong you will be thinking oh I will get that promotion yeah that’s my promotion.

Okay I’m never going to get that particular you know house or something like that I’m never going to leave this particular life no I will definitely leave that particular life and this is when you already start manifesting things this is when you already have your personal very very powerful beginning this is when you get that ball rolling already and as I said because.

It’s a Scorpio strong powerful magnetic sign indeed that makes us to be connected.

To our spirit guides to our.

Guardian angels you know to to the universe or third psychic I was going to play you know like all over the place there’s going to be so many informations that we are.

Going to be kind of feeling very very close to we’ll be feeling very close to doing unusual things doing really strange things we will.

Be feel feel very close to like the mysterious things you will feel very close to like explore strange things you know you will feel very close to like a ghostly things.

And like a deep things you know like maybe we won’t just visit the house that we know it’s full of spirits full of ghosts and things like that.

This is what this is the wonderful energy that scorpion brings this is the wonderful energy that scorpions going.

To have around us and this is how we’re going to manifest the world around us by being connected to the strange different to the unusual things in life you know and that’s really really wonderful because that is expanding.

Our mind that is about to expand our awareness.

And that is about to make us feel really good about ourselves I know it sounds really strange but this is the way it is because we explore different worlds we will explore different possibilities.

We will explore different people and this is going to be all about us wanted to explore explore and explore because the balance is going to be absolutely wonderful wonderful wonderful man wonderful Scorpio is a wonderful sign okay I said this many times they’ve got.

A very strong energy very powerful energy they can do so much data it’s absolutely incredible.

Sculpting has got a such a strong yen which has sends millions of times but if scorp is sitting down like somewhere in the club you know and Scorpio doesn’t have to like even talk to people you know people are able to sense it’s the SCOTUS power people were able to send Scorpios energy just think what you think doing this because this is all we’re all going to be showered with this powerful end instead of thinking negatively which all comes out it is just all going to be different.

The tables are going to be turned and we’re going to be thinking in a really good way in a really positive way in a really optimistic way and that in.

Itself is about to open up the whole new world of new possibilities when it comes to us think about the power of manifestation and as I.

Said it is going to like really make us to do silly things to do strange things to do Bussard things you know to try new things women feel very it will be in exploitative mood you know we will want to explore as many things we’ll find ourselves in a situation to where.

We’re gonna go somewhere that we’ve never went before we will go to the certain shop we will never go before we will find ourselves many times like in the situations we’re working wouldn’t do it we wouldn’t go we’ll find ourselves for the people that.

Normally we’ll find ourselves around people that we wouldn’t normally find ourselves around and this is the wonderful wonderful choice of different directions that are going to be manifested around at the same time this is.

So important because for the balance and the yin-yang scorp is just about to come in and say hello hello hello hello hello don’t be boring don’t be too boring like don’t go on just one journey there’s just so much more to discovering this slide there is so much more to do in this life but when it comes.

To Scorpio and the wonderful powerful mysterious energies these beautiful energies are going to make us feel very drawn towards like unusual and strange things but but this is this is the thing we are going to be enjoying it we are going to be absolutely.

Loving this and this is all what the Scorpio New Moon is all about about the rediscovery discovery about new things about new direction new awakening about spiritual awakening about a huge huge huge direction that everybody globally.

Is going to be benefiting from and things like that the whole new direction is going to be revealed and this is absolutely wonderful Scorpius Blue Moon is going to bring the motivation that lots of.

People could do with motivation that lots of people have had lost motivation that lots of people need in their life because as I.

Said the energies have been stale for the last three months and for the last three years for the last thirty six months there was a lot of a lot of signs that have been affected by this energy.

Samsung everybody has been a sin affected.

But some songs have been affected more than others but this energy now this is just all about the rebalance itself it’s the whole new balance is going to come through with the new.

Moon in Scorpio and this is why at times he’s gonna feel like ooh this is a strange you know it’s a strange feeling.

Strange energy you know it’s going to feel like especially on the 7th of November and especially like a 4th 5th 7th and 8th of November this these.

Days are going to be very very very strong energy is going to be failed and a particular very strong energy that we are going to feel it’s going to make us feel like we’re in a little bit.

Of like a Twilight Zone type of Twilight Zone type of thing.

If you remember Twilight Zone ok so it’s going to be like that like a different dimension.