The Most Powerful New Moon This Year – 7th November 2018 – New Moon In Scorpio

What I said basically when it comes to the actual new moon in Scorpio it’s all about a new beginning new beginning new beginning new beginning time to manifest ok this is the time to manifest just be very clever and do not put any blockages in between you and in between your world in between you and in between your.

Manifestation in between you and between your path you know what I mean by that do not put any blockages okay this is very very important for everybody to understand exactly why am I saying think.

Positive be positive okay and expand your mind your awareness is already going to be expanded but in order to not to put a block on your expand Earnest you.

Have to make sure that in between especially especially especially in between the 4th 5th 7th and 8th of November just do think positive whatever you picture about yourself picture in a positive way whatever you want to think about yourself or the next and next step is.

Going to be think about positive way.

When I say think about positive way just remember that the power of your mind the power of your thoughts is going to be like oh my goodness oh my god so that’s where you have to make sure.

That if you think about a certain stage if you have certain image of you like might say you think about your work let’s say you’re thinking about your job for example so you’re not gonna say oh I’m never gonna get that promotion I’m never gonna go and be brave enough to do this to do that I’m never going to step on us you know step up I’m never gonna go do have a like a you know job with like a more responsibilities or something like that or I’m never gonna.

Get that particular job or I’m never gonna find that particular house I’m never gonna do this I’m never gonna do that no no no no no no no this is exactly what I want you not to do this is the key this is the power of the minimus manifestation that I’m talking about so we have.

To get this right indeed so as I said on a personal.

Global scale things are going to.

Start to develop and unfold in the most amazing why because it’s going to be good it’s going to be good it’s gonna be much better okay indeed very very light energy very beautiful.

It comes to us individually and when it comes to the power of thoughts when it comes to our work how Korea our next table in life as I said you just don’t say to yourself just before you start thinking sometimes people do it like subconsciously you just block yourself subconsciously without even knowing because this is the power of thoughts and this is what a Scorpion’s going to bring so don’t try don’t don’t don’t get it wrong to think negatively about certain aspects of yourself the way.

And what the second stage is going to be so don’t leaping like I said I’m never going to do this I’m never gonna go do that because automatically a special in the new moon is in Scorpio you are going to just lock all the doors around you you do not want to lock all the doors around.

You you want the doors around you to be unlocked you want.

You to be open you want an extra those to be open okay but not to close them and this is what you do and this is the power of.