The Most Powerful New Moon This Year – 7th November 2018 – New Moon In Scorpio

The power of our thoughts and this is what I mentioned before like if you concentrate on something if you start to think about something you get that ball rolling you stop that ball rolling already then and there but because this new moon is going to be so powerful because it is going to be in the sign of Scorpio this manifestation that will start.

This this man station that we begin it’s just kind of like all the way halfway there but normally it would be just the beginning of the manifestation but when it comes to Scorpios these energies are just so powerful and all what I can say is just basically this is a powerful powerful time.

To manifest indeed but this is also the discord your new moon is the time to basically step out our comfort zone and see.

What else there is and see what else we can focus on see what else we can do see what else we can try it’s a very much so connected to the new.

Beginnings it’s a very much so connected to the lots of areas in our lives we have now we do now we live now but also it is going to be like what can I do new what can I do different how can I kind of progress and the power of thoughts also is very significant.

When it comes to having important conversation with our bosses important conversations with our managers or important conversations in general especially when it comes to those people that maybe intimidate us a little bit or those people that have a very very strong energy sometimes you know certain people have got a such a strong energy but then the balance of the energies is not correct.

A little bit these people don’t have to be necessarily negative or bad or evil people or anything like that but there is a lot of keeping going.

On in their life to affect their energy in such a way that their energy can be very like off-putting for example so these people don’t have to be negative these people don’t have to be bad or something like that but it’s just sometimes it is very very difficult to kind of come to terms with these certain energies come to term with this particular certain energy field and we want to say something to.

People who want to communicate to these people when we want to talk to these people we just plan everything we know what are we going to do we know what are we gonna say we know how we’re gonna start we know exactly how things going to develop but because the energy is so strong you know sometimes we just like okay I should say.

This I should have said that okay this is normal it’s like a nerves and things like that and like a normal process.

Bad bad bad this is going to be very much so.

Significant because when it comes to the actual score pure.

Energy you see this energy is making you aware of so much.

More than we are normally aware of but especially when it comes to our personal balance when it specially comes to the power of our thoughts they cannot be able to balance our thoughts in a completely different way we will be able to balance our thought in a positive way therefore the power of thoughts in these situations is if you.