The Power Of The Stories We Tell Ourselves! Do Your Stories Propel You Or Hold You Back?

Hi guys today’s topic is story and we’re going to examine the aid to use to change our story keep watching a man was working through an elephant camp and he noticed that these huge animals were being tied down with a single piece of rope that was tied to just one of their legs curious and wanted to know the.
Answer the man approaches a trainer and asked him by airing these.

Animals using their strength to brick the rope and escape from the camp Rana explained but when the elephants were much younger smaller and weaker the same sized rope was used to tie him down and at that time the rope was strong enough to tie them down so as the elephant’s grew bigger and stronger they still believed in their head that the rope that.

Tie them down in the way baby elephants was still strong enough to tie them down now even though they can easily.

Break the rope and run away think about that my friends the only reason that the elephants were tied to the same spot for many years was because they had adopted this.

Belief system that the rope was stronger than they are so my question to you is this what stories are you telling yourself about your strength your capacity and ability that may no longer be true today in what ways are we like the elephants being tied down by a single piece of rope but we can easily break free from but we.

Think the Rope is stronger than we are if that is true for you I want to encourage.
You to try again by suggesting.

An age to change your story a assess your stories you have to take time and listen to the stories you tell yourself to this story serve you well now they may have.

Few years ago but do they serve you now I identify your counter mindset what part of your story is that when you don’t telling yourself you feel like you cannot achieve anything you give up and you throw in the towel it’s time to begin to identify those parts of our stories that no longer serve us well today because they’re no.

Longer true D decide to change your counter mindsets true changing the kind of mindset can be very tough but the reward.

Is so well worth it and one way to do this is to use a principle of reputation to shift your mindset imagine the joy the surprise and the relief the elephants.

Will experience the moment they realize they are no bigger and stronger than this tiny piece of rope that I tie them down all of their lives so my friends it’s time to change your story because remember if you keep telling yourself the.

Same small sad story you’ll end up living the same small sad so change your story.

To change your life quick action plan for the week do you need to change the story you tell yourself well there is nobody time to start Dan now if you enjoyed this video please share.
The video and until next time be inspired to action..