What My Kids Eat In A Day #1 / Family Meal Ideas / Baby , Toddler, Pre Schooler

Hi welcome back to my channel so today’s video is going to be what my kids have at for the day it is actually the weekend so this would technically be a day where they’ve had a few treats so I’m just gonna keep it real and honest for you they’ve already had their breakfast which I’m gonna show you this.

Little one is gonna go down for a nap because.

She looks super tired no no she’s got a good don’t for enough we’re just gonna get a few bits and pieces done in the house and it does happen to be a really rainy.

Day which is the first for about four weeks of the summer holiday so what I’m actually going to do is try and take this opportunity to.

In the afternoon I get a few bits and pieces for the kids school uniforms and hopefully the.

Shoes and a few bits and pieces so it’s just a very typical day and I’ll show you what they’ve enjoyed for the day hopefully you enjoyed it if so or.

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The week so this is all a lot the ones breakfast and this is still in another’s they’re having some wheat and bread toasted soda bread potato.

Bread a full sausage of some scrambled eggs and a little bit of bacon done Lois is exactly to see him and Sonny and Jude have this year but they’re just half a sausage and then Beauty pearl she has some fruit look so I didn’t want to give her any sort of better.

Potato bread because they’re shallow fried when we sausage a tiny bit of bacon because it’s quite salty.

But I do like to get her used to all the flavors and then some scrambled egg these were scrambled eggs were too late but that will get everyone started doulas just away to the toilet but he add his old up he’s a completely clean plant sunny you all fill up you’re done yeah it was a TST love yeah good dude you did you look like you’re.

Full of love do you not want to leave that we.

No you still want that and little is done you just left a wee.

Bit of wheat and bread haven’t you darling baby proper that we last piece of fruit Lopez and we’re gonna get cleaned up and get to the shops night yeah.

Are you stealing some of his sauce Sunday you’re not allied but you’re done in love you hide years off NOLA said you can have her soda for her wheat and bread you want that right well what do you say to her there would go.

I have a way to thank you you didn’t to front she’d have to front it and she got to.

Front even more happy years for oh my goodness I know she got her teeth and you love stairs and then each of them so and all the four eldest ones not baby pearl get one of the east to both veterans each and they’re really cheap I get them wait a.

Minute but I get them in home bargains and you can have two to three a day I generally make sure to have one in the morning and then they sometimes get one in the afternoon to the children fancied a spaghetti bolognaise today so it’s an easy one for me to prep and.

Have it ready for before we had it–and then we come back all we’ve gotta.

Do is put the spaghetti on so I’ve got some red pepper and got a dice and maybe another carrot actually will add cook cools off add in the onion and then I’ll add in the mushrooms last and then make the sauce add in the mince and then it’s just a.

Matter of when we’ll come home popping on the spaghetti so that’s what my badge could join so all that are doing is add two cartons of 500 grams of mints and I’m not gonna season it too happily today because.

Phoebe Carl’s gonna be having it and if there’s any leftovers I want to keep it to freeze for then in just my jar basada I use any Posada this was on offer in testicles I think it was 59.

P and then I have another beat carton as well I’ll just test it and then he sees you as I go it’s quite tricky isn’t it got a did pop it up like out but you have to yeah you got those.

Ones right those are minigame solo just gotta play away there it’s actually dried up the boys are outside playing and the garden in their welly boots I ain’t gonna make pizza base so I haven’t made.

A pizza face and a why but sometimes to do a really nice sweet one if it’s like a party or an occasion but because they’re gonna have a treat.

After the dinner tonight I’m making this more of a healthy one so I have got some just a ready speed cook oats in there some whole grain flour a little bit of bacon partner I’m gonna add a little bit of cinnamon just to taste here and so that’s your dry ingredients and all you’re really gonna do is add your wet ingredients into it basically and so for the wet ingredients this is an egg a.
Little bit of oil I’m gonna add just a little dollop of.

Honey and then some vanilla essence just mix those together combine them and then they go into this bacon tin and I’ve just lined it it’s pretty easy if.

You just do it with butter cook it for about 20 to 30 minutes until it’s cooked and then put it in the fridge to.

Cool and so just add in the mix so wet into the dry and because I’m just really kind of gone by I I will add oil or honey in as I need and I think I maybe forgot to say in.

The dry mix I also put a bit of light brown sugar and it really is just a weak booking mixture I don’t have measurements I kinda just goodbye I I don’t bit of boy bit.

Of honey and just so it’s all combined and honey I’ll give a wee bit of flavor at this oh yeah you just flatten it all down and spread it right to the edges love good girl yep and then we’re gonna put the oven so it wants to be like a nice crispy bees yeah and then you know what goes on top yogurt and lots of lovely for it yeah good girl do you want me to have a wee last donation.

Just smooth it all right so for the.

Top bit of the pizza once it’s cooled we are just mixing some Philadelphia and then I have this apricot yogurt so sometimes I would use a Greek yogurt the thing is for the top of the oatmeal’s base you.

Want something that’s quite thick so we’ll just show you it Lola I’m going to take this from when we minute up this is quite thick now those little lumps are actually bits of apricot and.

I just really like to get an extra bit of fruit there in the top and it’s quite nice and thick Lola’s gonna cream it die and then I think I’ll add a little bit of honey here just for a bit of sweetness as well but only a little bit mommy can so right you do the added layer love yeah step.

Up not too crazy I’m gonna be done up another bead Allah that will do and then you give it a good mix through laughs yeah you like to make a nut topping yeah yep then I’m not gonna bother the cinnamon I might sprinkle.

A little bit over the top if you’re making a sweet pizza I would add in some icing sugar here or a little bit of caster sugar just to give it sweetness.

But we really don’t need it because we don’t want it to be so treat so the B is it’s been out of the oven and.

Chilled in the fridge I was really nice and solid because you don’t want to cut through that and a brick away I’ve got the yogurt I also put it in the fridge and.

Again it’s just got that bit thicker I’m just gonna wash and cut up some of.

And make it look slightly presentable so this is how it all turned out I just went quite simple with it some little oranges Kiwi raspberries blueberries I usually would put strawberries because it’s their favorite fruit but I’m actually.

Using that for a wee bit earlier for them so I just kind of used what.

I had we’ll show this all night there might be a little bit left over that I’ll keep for pearl as well but it’s quite filling do I’ll have it with a cup of tea and it ought to be as you need to really crunch through it.

Cause they’re quite crispy so I’ll use a pizza cutter and we’ll.

And then it’s a messy kind of thing to eat so I’ll have to get them all cleaned up and we’ll head out to the shops and then we’ll come back for the spaghetti bolognaise it’s really prepared but we do a love what do you think so we’re back from sharpen and I’ve just put the Balinese back on though the heat up and we’ve.

Got some spaghetti on I’ve got a little garlic bread in the oven and the kids didn’t have much deep baby pearl had to have food so I just give her a wee breast feed and then she’d some of these banana rice kids.

As well and the kids popped in to granny’s they had an apple and then they also got to pick a couple of the chocolates from the celebrations em and so they’re all cranky and ready for their dinner so this is all playing it up me and I’ll stir eaten the same as the kids tonight we.

Did have the same breakfast but we just had it before the children and then I was expressing some milk that’s mine that’s how holsters we’ve got the parmesan on the top baby pearls I’m just gonna.

Chomp that spaghetti don’t a wee bit finer and let it cool just warm for the garlic bread Sonny jude’s Dylan and Lola’s don’t burn people in his hair that’s not speaker they do you think your spaghetti are you feeling it there.

How are you getting on please Sonny do you need more Sonny.

Yeah you still a lot C don’t you don’t know what about you Dylan – were.

And then do – think you’ve done there love a.

Think you’re done I hurt my head are you finished Luna love yes and dull it no room for a pudding or dessert okay okay we’ll leave yours I dance will I eat it yep well I do love you got room.

Yay look at the man so obvious will we get a bath and get our pajamas on and then come down for puddin so we’re gonna get cleaned up get the children cleaned up and the kitchen cleaned up pearl.

Is gonna have some yogurt and that’s just a strawberry you’re gonna have with some blueberries and then she’s gonna have her monk feed and go down to bear and.

Lola’s gonna feed BB pearl so for the puddin I’m gonna do a little take on a freak shape and use some of these sweets here I’ll show you the topic so we’ve got some fresh cream milk I’ll use the fill opponent of strawberries and two bananas I don’t make strawberry smoothie I’ll just do it in the machine I’ll show you I’m just really.

And then really I’m just gonna decorate these and split some these things up I’ve been gathering these things up or using them for something like this on a treat.

These from PNM’s with a pint.

Shot so these are little unicorn chocolate coins they’ve got these little lollies so I thought they would look really good as if they were unicorn horns and then I have a few of these unicorn sparkle drops are going to use a few of those and I’ve got these marshmallows so I really only use some one of each but it is a treat like I said and I find a lot of the.

Ice cream parlors the Freak shakes or ice cream and they’re massive so these little glass jugs.

Here are just a good serving so it gets a.

Smoothie into them and then they get the treat all on the top so I’m just putting it in melted white chocolate just to get a rim and.

It doesn’t matter if it’s really messy on the side and all.

You want to do that is step it into the sprinkles some of these are just a mixture of like rainbow color yeah then it.

Just sticks to it it’s just really for the look of it so this is the one that I dipped and then I just put some little things on a plate I’ve got to top them them with some decorations and then we let each of the children just do their own sprinkles on top and as you can see so this is the more finished off night and you’ve.

Seen the plate we have a unicorn coin couple of others some beads and jelly beans.

Marshmallow and then trim and to wedge the and twizzle again.

I’ve put a marshmallow and then a little party ring these were little cake toppers that I had.

For cupcakes and then just a little straw and I’ve made each one slightly different.

And the boys youngest boys have the rainbow instead it’s like a strawberry milkshake isn’t it is it delicious you have you have to drink it all up first and then you can eat all the other bets but you need to drink they just first are you.

Ride the rim Lola so hopefully enjoyed the video this week do give it a thumbs up a comment down below if you would like to see what the kids edge during the week and of course if you’re new I would love it if you hit subscribe I’m a little bow next to it so that you don’t miss out in any.

Further food videos thank you very much for watching guys bye.