Searching For Mythological Gharial Crocodile | Weird Creatures | Wild Things Documentary

Seeing here we’re seeing like collections aggregations of females and males sort.

Of scattered among them yeah we always call it a harem kind of gives that that mascara ring what is it I guess it is a coming-out for a sexual kind of think of.

This time of year heads up a real alert stats one of this mouthful.

From there better sight to behold they caught me many places where you can see gory like this no way look at under swimming in fire us I just try to get my head round how big these things up man how was guesstimate on the size of that.

Animal she’s least 14 feet they meet that’s safe for meters 4.5 men between 4 & 5 4 to 5 meters yes though yeah just pace that one out in your living room right now one would have to sit here for days and days because there.

Are a slow-moving animal but the behavior is really interesting.

And the males courting the females and losing that very sound and stuff like that and that the politics between two adult males over the course of the day the problem facing these girls becomes clear a number of the large adults.

Had filament knits fouling their mouths what this makes you realize is no matter what you do to protect an area of water it was always a.

Threat from outside in this case nets were washing downriver from neighboring their pool it’s really ironic some of the oldest fishes on earth 65 million years old in fact the gharial are now threatened by man fishers have been around only a million years catania gap remains a mysterious duel in the crown of india’s wild places but have we got any closer to solving the mystery of what that thing is or the end of the girls nose is.

It to go faster spoiler a way of communicating underwater or is it a deliberate handicap and therefore a way of unfavorably demonstrating the individual’s health and vigor what we do know is it’s taken 65 million years to get there and left in peace.

It will carry on doing its mysterious job well I have to say in the the time I’ve spent with the gharial I now understand why attracted my attention in the first place.

Yes it looks weird it just does not fit with all the other crocodiles it stands out as a bit of an oddball now I know why it’s weird to you and I but to the gorilla it is a successful design it works it is a fish eating machine.

It’s not only given the gorilla one of the widest distributions of any of the crocodiles but also it’s been doing that since the great dinosaurs walked the earth and it’s still here today that’s pretty cool the darker side of this story is the same stuff that’s given me this wonderful feeling of melancholy right now this wonderful mist that’s wafting over this Indian paradise if it was to lift I better see the limit of its habitat up there and I better see the limit of.

Its habitat downstream as well that’s how small this place is the best place to seek aerial in.

The world one of its few strongholds is only five kilometers long it’s been reduced to these tiny little pockets and that for me.

Is tragic and unless people like ROM and the other people working for this animals conservation are listened to the future of this is in the hands sadly of people have probably never ever stood on this riverbank you.