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His pink clothes with rubber crocodiles they’re a lot more aware I’m not hungry than we were allowing for me.

That’s a lot of pent-up coil up energy and it’s a lot of hunger right now – whoa oh.

There is interest but I think he knows we’re fooling.

Although amazingly a handful of sand thrown here is generated always sent all these other crops have just laughed back back I mean they’re coming from out of the water here they equate humans with.

Food basically and we’re looking after since they were hatchlings so this is just a good old Pavlovian but I don’t see you argue it sad necessarily do though that’s the thing that’s funny he’s all dead now what makes these animals such as survivors is the fact that quite generalistic animal they’re big they’re muscly they can lift themselves up and they can move along long distances over land they’re very powerful high.

Walk but what makes them so successful really is the business end and that is the head and the jaws that is pretty much the image you’ve get if you someone say crocodile to you they’re big they’re wide their path when you’ve got a big scar they’ve got big muscles you’ve got big muscles that you’ve got very powerful jaws that can deal.

With anything from turtles – Keriann to fish to birds pretty much anything so really it’s not a very specialized animal but that has been the secret of their success unlike our gharial which is a totally different.

Ballgame out of the murky depths comes one of India strangest faces for the first time I get to see my weird creature in the flesh I want to get close but these guys reached lengths of over 19 feet.

Lovely little fighter look at that these gharial are part of roms captive breeding program so that little cool little noise there is basically a way of calling in mum.

And saying help help there’s I’m in trouble and that’s one of the nicest things one of the more unknown things about crocodiles is there’s always at a level or.

Usually a level of maternal care and the gharial mum will pretty much guard the nest with the eggs in it.

Around until of course that first rainy season comes and when the monsoon comes the water levels go up the rivers usually go into space they wash out and as well as dispersing all the baby girls down river it also ends the new relationship with.

Mum as well now the whole point of having the girl in the hand is well pretty much along the lines of a girl in the hand is worth several in the.

Makes this animal so special it is a very very muscular the crocodile at the rear end it’s got a big wide tail bites compared to other crocodiles and a very wide flattened tail as well which is designed to propel it through the water even its feet are semi.

Webbed as well the rear feet in particular just like a duck’s foot again designed to help move it through the water so even got these like lovely little keels on the trailing edge of the fore feet a gull was a bit of.

A hydrodynamic beast it’s even smooth it’s not quite as bumpy as the other crocodiles the marsh muggers and and the saltwater crocodiles have big scales all down the back but the head in is where you see the real specializations in profile it looks pretty skinny but look at that it’s just the same for underneath in fact relation to body size our goal has.

The longest jaw of any of the crocodiles and you’ve got these peculiar little eyes that almost look like little turrets pointing out in different directions again unlike the other crocodiles the eyes tend to be.

Sort of one of those features you don’t really notice but with a girl they would stick out quite literally there’s one other little.

Specialization and all crocodiles have this but what’s this what is I very closely I just gently touch him there and that is the nictitating membrane that’s kind of like a pair.

Of swimming goggles it’s what protects the eye surface when the animals are underwater they don’t necessarily have to be the sea either because their skin is cold in loads and loads.

Of nerve endings they work in the same way as a fish’s lateral line these are groups of cells embedded in a jelly each cell has hairs that detect pressure changes through pores in the skin caused by movement of the prey in the water I knew they were weird when I came out here do a line up of all the world’s crocodiles we’ve lined them all.

Side-to-side the gharial just stands out as being a real oddball but the more I get to learn about it the stranger it becomes okay little right off you go it’s feeding.

Time at the adult enclosure let’s just see these specialists doing their thing okay we got a fish and we got the female gorilla just waiting here and.

Just see if you can track the motion of her head as she slings her head sideways gharial.

Catch fish with rapid sideways movement of the head by bending the neck up to 90 degrees this is unlike all.

Other crocodiles dogs I can’t believe this Wow very flexible neck and you can see the mandibles in action what was about to say was they always want head first those jaws they may be slim but they are lethal these super skinny jaws evolved.

Very specific job to catch fish and although the girl isn’t a dinosaur fish eating dinosaurs had.

Arrived at the same fish eating design solution long before in fact an understanding of the gharial and its diet helped solve the mysterious habits of one such dinosaur as dr. Milner explained so this is Baryonyx this is one of the major dinosaur finds of a recent history isn’t it it certainly is a a major dinosaur fine for britain it’s probably the most important dinosaur phone in Britain in the last 50 years from.

The waist down as it were it looks like it’s the standard meat-eater large bipedal two-legged runner but the front end is just totally different from a normal meat-eating dinosaur.

If you think of something like Tyrannosaurus Rex the huge head powerful short jaws this one is entirely.

Different it’s got a very long low skull like a crocodile long snout fringed.

With a large number of teeth they’re simple conical teeth meat-eating dinosaurs not normal meat-eating dinosaur teeth are very compressed flattened and blade like so looking at a range of modern crocodiles and the form and function of their snouts came up with the idea well.