Wendy Williams "hot Topics" 18.10.19 (i Dont Know Why Her Team Didnt Uplodad This )

Clap if you watched lyrica and a-one and hollywood clapped if you watch the connors clapped if you watched the inside of your eyelids you are my people I didn’t watch the Conners I didn’t want to know but I saw you know what all was going on it premiered last night this is the episode where they had to off.

Killed her off take a look they think that she must have taken the pills right before bed and with her health issues it was enough to stop her breathing it doesn’t make any sense I got her knees fixed I flushed all her pills oh my god.

I found these pills in mom’s closet hmm these aren’t even prescribed to her she got them from Marci Bellinger it’s the only thing from mom’s closet that.

I wanted well viewers were split fifty percent people said that they loved you know how you know Roseanne was offed but they’re they’re here for.

The show and the other 50 percent said no it’s not gonna work without Roseanne like ah me I just.

Want to know why is Roseanne tweeting about this I thought you were going to Israel it isn’t that what you told us you’re going to Israel for the whole season you’re not gonna watch the show and you’re gonna stay off Twitter about the show well apparently she’s not in Israel and after the show she tweeted I.
Ain’t dead bitches she also said that ABC didn’t.

Have the didn’t have two morbidly kill her off in such a cap in such a way for a family show but I think that ABC did the right thing Roseanne you’re the one who set yourself up to be a pill-popper you were there when right she hurt her back or her knee or whatever and then you were the one and and.

Your character on the show was doctor shopping getting different doctors from various places there were.

Over the house but last night was a whole cry fest I mean Jackie bawled Jackie bawled John Goodman bald they were all bawling I.

Didn’t want a ball I don’t care but if you do don’t forget every Tuesday night the Connors airs maybe it’ll get more happy you know now that we were done with.

Room so to speak maybe I’ll get more happy so can you believe that our country is reduced to a president having a Twitter war with a porn.

Star honey he called her a horse face she wasn’t a horse face on those nights wishing well it started yesterday because the Twitter war okay the president bragged about his legal.

Daniels he tweeted wait oh this is so stupid I can’t believe I can’t believe that this is what we reduced to you got a victory man and you’re still barking up the wrong tree ladies and gentlemen may I please oh not this one.

Okay okay great now I can go after horse face and her third-rate lawyer in the great state of Texas she knows nothing about.

Me a total con well she knows enough about you to know that your tiny whiny within one hour she clapped back and here’s what she said ladies and gentlemen may I present your president in.

Addition to his arm shortcomings he also has demonstrated his incompetence hatred of women.

And lack of self-control on Twitter again game on tiny I mean at this point Stormy’s got nothing to lose you know what I mean oh and by the way if she’s got to pay and the judge ordered her to pay his legal fees exactly that’s a whole lot of torquing that you’re gonna have to do for me that’s a.

Lot wow I can’t believe you so mature that I called a horse-faced I don’t think that she was wrong and calling him tiny you know he’s the one he’s the one who should have a more dignified presence you know well on another note you know Donald left Melania in the rain we showed we showed you this we showed you.

This right just selfish no you don’t understand watch what happens and when they finally do get a piece of the umbrella oh you stopped it before she gets the part that drips down you know in the umbrella the drip down but Meghan Markel was happy to hold the.

Umbrella for Harry yeah well he was doing a press conference or something like that and she’s holding the umbrella for him and she’s holding the baby for him as well so there’s this makeup artist who says that cardi.

B is the worst client ever okay listen back in January there’s a makeup artist her name is Black Swan I asked Morell who does my makeup he’s all plugged in he you know has no.

Idea who this woman is but also predicted she’ll never work again and I said well maybe not with his celebrity but you know the Texas is a big state they love to get married they love to wear a lot of makeup like you could be the makeup artist like for weddings and stuff anyway she spoke about her bad experience working with cardi take a look she looks at herself in her.
Phone she look in the mirror she be the freshest.

Looking so she’s like yo why is so white I’m like yeah it’s studying powder one of the ladies on our team walks in yo take off your this wishy says take glass then look at the look at the oh my face okay yo what do you want me to do do you want me to show me fix it you wanna make it darker I could like you want me to fix it do you want.

Me to go yeah you can get dogged got here got here what gives you the right to talk to me that way well remember this was back in January but cardi just heard about this video because she clapped back this week take a look you come Mele you come May high highest in.

The middle of the process I thought I’m telling you I don’t like how my makeup is.

Looking I’m not finished yet I whatever you the makeup artist you acting like you know.

What you’re doing she was being rude she was being this why why don’t you say why why don’t you say why so you need to tell me that you was being an angel and I was just being disrespectful for no.

Reason it’s unprofessional when you go online and talk about it you know what that do that make other people not want to hire you and then people telling me to apologize apologize forward because she wasn’t doing her job right so Black Swan responded showing text messages to prove she wasn’t late you know her.

Arrival time and so on and so forth she’s also strongly denying being on drugs here’s what I say I mean there’s nobody to believe one way the other cardi B would be.

A good get if Black Swan just did her job correctly you.

Know every time cardi goes to Texas then just show her Texas makeup artists and stuff personally speaking I travel with Murrell all the time in ten years of this show I might have had to use an outsourced makeup artist in another city maybe five times you know in Chicago where L can’t be there but he always calls and that’s the person out like who are you alright this is what you do and this is don’t.

Do it better than me cuz I still I want my job but uh.

I just this woman has two kids also the thing is is that you shouldn’t have posted a video about this because you know you can add doing cardi B to your resume you don’t have.

To say that it was a good experience or bad experience just add that to your resume and that would make people you know who come to Texas want to use you because cardi B is big she was great last night on the hip-hop Awards I I didn’t I didn’t watch but I did see the performance this morning they played it for me and I’ve got it’s Nikki who I.

Mean she did a great job and I.

Like a costume and her ponytail and stuff anyway so you know she has she’s got this song it’s a distracted me from Nicki Minaj and so her team is split over whether she should release it or not that’s what I say release it but half of her.

Team is like no don’t do it you know you don’t need to go down that road.

And the other half of team is like no hip-hop MC emceeing DJing beefing hip-hop here’s the deal after 40 years old when big monumental things happen in your life don’t ask for gifts cuz we’re assuming that you already have your blender or your toaster oven or whatever it whatever it is that you got going on.

In your life I’m feeling like after 40 you know especially because the economy is bad the times in which we live after 40 years old people.

Don’t need to be asking for stuff like a 22 year old would I’m not getting you a pillow set a blanket set now Kenya Moore’s baby shower is in just a few days now Kenya is 47 and you know that her mom doesn’t care about her and her father is there sometimes and she’s really.

Been looking for real love and she also very much wanted to have a baby she deserves this she deserves this this.

As in happiness not this as in a baby shower 47 years.

Old anyway so she expects every guest to buy her a gift even if they aren’t coming and she wants the RSVP she’s very very serious about that she’s like etiquette 101 if you cannot attend a monumental life-changing event in a friend’s life it’s nice to send a gift anyway I don’t.

Know excuse me you’re 47 I’m not sending you anything because at 47 you know you’re you’re supposed to have like a few things that you’re not bothering your friends and by the way the registry wasn’t real expensive you know they were like you know twelve dollar bottles and things like that there were only 73 things on the registry people so far as of 20 minutes ago 20 minutes ago there were only 12 items purchased so far and.

Well I’m gonna give you a tip.

And a hint right if by chance you are pushed in a corner and you have to buy a gift for somebody for one of these monumental.

Occasions don’t buy the actual gift what you.

Do know not a gift card either what you do is you make a donation like to the American Cancer Society or something like that I mean look listen listen you know here and you say cuz you know they give you the cards.

They say you know a donation.

Was made in your name they don’t have to know it was only twenty dollars or ten dollars or whatever you gave I’m just saying good luck Kenya and the baby and the husband allegedly I play so speaking of babies so Piers Morgan is being.

Dragged and mocked for mocking men and how they carry their babies now I find nothing wrong with a BabyBjorn James Bond star Daniel Craig was spotted carrying his daughter in the BabyBjorn and and then Pierce peers out tweets oh double-oh-seven no not you as well hashtag emasculated bond well dad’s all over.

Came out showing their pictures in force showing them carrying I find nothing wrong with that at all you know with a man carrying the baby in the front like that even Captain America Chris Evans jumped in saying you really have to be so uncertain of your own masculinity to consider yourself with.

How other men carries the Troy I’ll tell you what though I never had one of those baby things you know that that front strap because I was always scared that the strap would break and then he.

Fall down you know but when I was working here in the city at Park and at 34th and the parking garage was right across the street and when Kevin.

Would come to work with me because at that point you know he’s a goober you know and so I bring in a work sometimes we had two high chairs one for the house and one for the car and.

I put him in that high chair with the tray and the four wheels throw those Cheerios on top push him across the street in the height area in the high chair come on mommy’s got to work mommy’s gonna work come on let’s go let’s go let’s go he’s happy.

He’s got his toys you know and he’s on the side and the Cheerios at the top and then when we get to the radio station I just pushed him right in and park him right next to my chair and do the show I’ve got like a stroller with too much you know a stroller was too much they’re all low and then when you’re on the radio you sit in a higher chair so then I’d have to be down here like this if he was in.

A stroller now he’s like right here he can we can make eye contact you see what I can I have a cheerio anyway I.

Find nothing gay about it if that’s what you’re insinuating so Lady Gaga is engaged to her agent Christian and Kirino.

And I always thought she was engaged anyway or married or something like that I just I it’s it’s hard to keep up with her but they’ve dated for a year and a half now he’s 49 and a divorcee he was married for 18 years.

And he’s got two children and she’s only 32 but she’s got an older I didn’t say face she’s got an older soul so you know to me her being with somebody her own age almost doesn’t even make sense you know she’s got to be with an older man a seasoned man who knows things wisdom but he’s also her agent so is it good to be.

Married to her agent when they finally get married well only if he fires his other clients and makes me priority you know I’m priority number one I’m your agent I’m Gaga let’s get this money you know and.

You can travel we can travel together and so on and so forth no other clients just me that’s so he apparently was so in love with her even before we found out all this information.

That he got a tattoo of her.

On his arm which doesn’t look like her money back wait here comes who was that anyway you know at one at one point um Gaga was previously engaged to that hot actor Taylor Kinney he’s 37 and they dated for four years before they became engaged on Valentine’s Day in 2015 then they broke up in 2016.

And so now she’s with this guy Christian so the Rings let’s size him up $400,000 for a pink sapphire ring with diamond halo all around that’s not a pink diamond diamond halo it’s very beautiful I don’t know.

There’s something about playing with the colors of stones and stuff that is reserved for other fingers I’m a diamond girl clear clear clear clear a sapphire is nice over here.

Maybe or over here but not here so Taylor this is the ring that that Christian got her but here’s the first thing that she got when she was engaged to Taylor yeah and both rings were about four hundred thousand dollars it’s a six carat heart-shaped ring and you.

Know I don’t like the shapes and stuff I mean.

That that’s fine for you maybe but I don’t you know about a heart-shaped ring okay get it from you for this hand but.

Not this hand I’m more of a traditionalist you know just like a splash of diamonds and that’s it.

But congrats and remember when Jennifer Lopez got engaged to Ben Affleck he went out and spent 2.5 million dollars on a pink diamond and when she got it I was like yo a pink diamond like like if you’re married then that’s the most important finger.

On your hands for a lot of us you gotta be stuck with a pink diamond from the rest of the life no a pink diamond belong someplace else but.

Not anyway good luck to everybody involved and we’ve got more great show.