Unlock Icloud Locked Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, Imac , Mac Mini

Hello today I’m gonna show you how to bypass this four digit code that I have placed on my iMac and actually this process works on any computer any and not now let me take that back any Apple Computer whether it be a MacBook Air MacBook Pro you name it and locks at all as long as it has the.

Digits four digits the six digits this device does not work on the six digits but on the four digits or bypass.

It and while I show you this also this is in response.

To my last video and the website where I sell this thing right now for $59 not in $99 so let me show you so the password I set up is zero zero.

Zero seven that’s the password passcode all right I’m doing everything with one hand so please give me give me a second so let.

Me show you what this thing does okay I plugged it in right now we wait a little bit again if you haven’t met me before my background is in computer science I’m a software engineer I have worked with a lot of big corporations worked for a.

Lot of big corporations now wit and I do this as a hobby and I just love solving problems and this is one of the problems that I soft for.

You guys so so this is what it does it goes from zero zero zero.

Zero to nine nine nine nine and.

Possibly we’ll find out the code but the problem is if you leave it on this page in order to do that we’ll eventually lock so this is what you’re gonna do alright I’m gonna take this out I’m gonna go here when I press reset right don’t we come here we come in command art commander and then.

It should be they should be up there you go so the passcode is zero zero zero seven all right again I’m doing this with one hand if I can do this with one hand you can do it both so there you go click.

Here and the passcode should be coming up pretty soon very very simple so this does take time and the reason it takes time see there you go so that’s zero zero zero zero the reason it takes time is that I program inist I programmed.

It in order to cater to the speed of your computer so there is not a me there’s.

Not any numbers being skipped because your computer just happened to be slow so and again it works.

With any devices let me take that back it works on any Apple computer that has the four-digit passcode not the six digit not the eight digits not the 16 four digit which is almost all of them but not all of them so I will be I will be careful ordering this thing if you have more than four digit passcode.

We wait we wait we wait again I’m sorry for the video production value or the the whatever obviously I don’t have a setup I’m doing this and in my store at the.

Moment so there’s not too much room to set anything up so I apologize for that and if you have any questions any questions at all you could reach me on the website my email.

Is there or you can I think I left my phone number on there too and you can text me or whatever you like so you see that.

Okay so now this is the most important part so when it when it goes through this screen and it will go to the secondary screen which is this guy right here it should be like I said you see that like it’s based on your.

Computer speed you know there’s devices out there that do similar thing but it all depends on how fast your computer is because like I said you don’t want to skip numbers you don’t want to you don’t want to.

Go through all that you know so wait my computer loads up well wait we’ll wait we’ll wait we’ll wait just curious um on a comment below please let me know where.
You guys are watching this video from put down where you’re from.

And say hello I want to know if I get this device helped you out or if you have any questions just interact with me I like that a lot so again we’re waiting way as you can tell I have the here I used the 2000 2011 version so this computer.

Is pretty old ins British law I think has like a 8 gigabyte RAM which back then was pretty fast actually have I’ve had this computer sitting here for the past I will say past 6 17 years so I bought it brand new.

It’s not brand new anymore it’s been sitting here for that long right next to this guy so when it goes to.

The secondary screen look you see that so it puts number in there so this is gonna help you get the range of how much like what what the number is so again this.

Is what you do all right look so 1516 right so it’s not gonna give you the right number but it’s gonna give you a range to where you know what you need to where you need to start so.

We’re gonna press restart again we’re gonna come back over here command-r i don’t know why i just supposed to touch it once but there you go so the last number we saw was zero zero what is it zero zero one five right right so we go down ten let me turn this off so.

We’ll go down ten and we’ll start from zero zero zero five press Enter and that’s wrong zero zero zero six press ENTER and then that’s wrong zero zero zero seven and then BAM and then your computer unlocks actually doesn’t look like it goes to another screen so zero zero zero seven one thing you have to understand is that whenever you do something like this it’s a bit of a process.

But it’s an easy process so now we wait again okay everybody now we’re back alright so the last time we were trying this passcode we were trying it with the device right we tried it with the device and it unlocked it and then I went.

To this screen correct I went to this green and started putting in putting numbers in there so but when we let.

It do that for too long obviously lock the screen but when we went back going back to the screen with a lock on it before and we put in zero zero five zero.

Zero six zero zero six zero zero zero seven we noticed that zero zero zero seven unlocked it correct you guys remember that right I was like for you guys it should.

Have been like five seconds ago I’ve been waiting for like five minutes for this thing to sound like.

BAE anyways so now we’ll come to come back to our computer my broken keyboard and there was a little type zero zero see that.

Zero and then seven and then you press ENTER right you know inside doesn’t work so BAM so now the computer is.

Open so one thing I do suggest you guys do whether you purchase it for me or you purchase it from anyone else again this is.

My version of it my version actually like the looks into your your computer speeding and it does a whole bunch of stuff so you’re not skipping numbers and you’re not having to restart the whole process so this thing.

Dispenses I think that are around like two three numbers per a minute so this process could take a while to complete but whether you order it for me or.

You order from someone else you have to make sure that whatever you order actually caters to your computer this one like I said a test.

They’re like go test out the speed of your computer will automatically detect what kind of computer you’re using and then it will go forward with that but there’s a lot of them out there that basically don’t tell you and when ends up happening is that you will.

Never be able to unlock your computer and you’ll just waste time so make sure that whatever you’re ordering but whether it be for me.

Else actually caters to either your specific computer and RAM or as universal like like mine any anything else another thing if you guys do have the six digit passcode you’re screwed because that there there’s no there’s nothing to unlock that as of now I am working on it but to unlock the sixth I mean it’s possible but it’s not like that six digit code is.
Gonna take I think like months and in order for.

You to do it and unless you don’t mind letting your computer run for months which I can’t possibly do but it just takes too long and what.

Else what else what else what else I I think I said everything I want to say if you have any questions an item or I didn’t mentioned something that you’re curious about go ahead and drop me a text or go.

Ahead email me or write me or whatever I’m very responsive and I’m here to help so let me know all right all right brothers and sisters I will catch you on the fly or however they say it by.

The way this is my second language so I’m not saying these things correctly please correct me I like to be corrected as well all right you have a good day have a good weekend and I will catch you guys later peace.