Pisces November 2018 Career And Love Tarot Reading

This is pisces for the selective pisces November 2018 career in love okay spirit Pisces November 2018 career Pisces November 2018 career high C’s November 2018 career okay so there is some kind of grieving over something a loss okay and your career why is the five of cups here for Pisces November 2018 okay you’re feeling defeated but your continued.

Your continuing you’re trying to manifest.

Which is good and you’re feeling like some kind of five of Pentacles energy here you could be in business with your husband or a significant other or partner because this is a family situation this is a family situation and then.

You’re alone alone here by yourself so I feel like and then this is also you know I mean this is three right so could be.

A business could be a partner who you’ve you know been intimate with let’s see why is the fiber Pentacles here it looks like you’re gonna kind of be going away from this partnership and branching out on your own why is the fiber Pentacles here okay there is gonna be a new beginning and like I said it looks like you’re going at it alone because.

One set of hands aisa wands one right you’re going from a rocky situation to a commerce situation and I again.

I feel like it’s alone by yourself why has the four of Wands here and you’re going to a more stable situation there’s a lot of conflict right now right for ones you’re.

Going for a lot of conflict right now in this business matter why is it a Pentacles here you’re sneaking off all right you’re getting away from this again headed for a new beginning six ones there’s a new beginning and you’re manifesting this so manifesting it that’s a major arcana the universe is offering you something you need to take.

This and stop crying the original spilled cops spite a spice yeah I was gonna say spicy.

My eating spicy food Pisces November 18 for love back hurts Pisces November 2008 for love I cease love 2018 November oh my god.

Everybody’s reading is mirroring yeah I think okay so like I said we have four of cups here but there’s three right three of pinnacles four ones nine of ones so you are trying to find stability you’re working hard to find stability the universe is helping you and you’re almost there you’re almost there but you need to work just a little bit harder right or keep.

Going I should say what is the advice here what is the advice here for.

Pisces November 2018 so karma so Karma’s coming this is a karmic cycle that you’re going through right now High Priestess something you know what’s going on but.

Wow this is a lot this is a lot right here this is a lot okay we have the king of cups death knight of cups so it oddly enough so the king of cups isn’t moving right he’s sitting on his throne there’s gonna be some kind.

Of death and transformation and it’s gonna kick him in the ass the knight of cups here he comes moving away moving away from could be in our sign or moving away.
From something that was no longer serving this.

Person and they weren’t able to see the truth but after this transformation occurs they see and they get the star they come out of the darkness and.

They have the star this was happening right now what is the ending to this what is the conclusion of this what is the.

Conclusion of this for Pisces November 2018 some kind of love offer minor love upper okay you’re moving away from this because it’s not whoever this page of cup says is not.

Serving you anymore and you’re moving away from them as you can see she is moving away from this so I don’t know who these two people are.

But could be arguing a lot this is slowly happening you’ve been wanting to get away from this.

To go towards something more fulfilling you could have been.

Talking about this to someone okay if you have any questions you can email..