Jaclyn Hill Is Lying About Makeup? Jeffree Star Manny Mua Feud Gets Messy!

Hey guys so today we’re talking about some Chaplin Hill & jeffree star drama I thought I would make a really big change to my channel I hope everyone here can handle it you guys do you guys know Jacqueline Hill and Geoffrey star I don’t know I’m just I’m trying this new thing out I hope you guys are okay.

With me talking about these people I’ve never spoken about before so as always my videos are simply for entertainment purposes only not meant to be taken seriously please for you to research all stories for yourself and come up with your own conclusions and your own opinions that is.

The only thing that I’m sharing here I’m just sharing.

My own opinions on my channel just cuz they say something doesn’t make it true because opinions are not facts and most importantly please do not go out of your way to leave anyone mention in these videos and he means spirited or negative comments please do not bother the people that I talk about on social.

Media so last night Jacqueline Hill had a bit of a drama on her Instagram she posted this photo we’re going to have to censor her chest area since she decided to uh you know show that off but this is a family show so Jacqueline Hill said so weird seeing myself with such little makeup but.

Trying to embrace it all right so someone said to her you are literally full face – lashes 232 likes so Jacqueline Hill decided to respond and say I have.

On concealer cream bronzer highlight mascara clear brow gel a pinch of brow pencil a mascara it literally took me six minutes so I don’t consider this a full face at all oh look there’s the.

Guy that lies about k’kaw saying you still look gorgeous cool okay so then the same person that had accused Jacqueline of having like literally a full face on said this you look amazing regardless as a consumer it looks full okay so I wasn’t gonna talk about this until miss Jacqueline Hill decided to go on snapchat and she basically said that people were coming for her because you know she said she didn’t really have that much makeup.

On and you know people are saying no she does so she like actually was complaining about this on snapchat.

Jacqueline Hill likes snap should’ve complained they all do I’m so happy I don’t have snapchat well here’s the thing.

I’m gonna take a look at this photo and we’re gonna take a look so when looking at this photo it’s clear the Jacqueline has some mascara a clear red bold lip she has highlighter on that’s the things.

That I notice so here’s the bottom line it’s Jacqueline Hill lying about makeup because that seems to be the big deal now some people are saying oh my god you’re.

Lying what are you saying see how that person said that you know as a consumer of makeup she looks like Cher’s.

Kind of like a full face on okay there’s two ways to look at this let’s look at this from regular.

Human being point of view you take a look at a.

Picture Jacqueline Hill clearly has makeup not a shit ton of makeup on but she has a bunch of clear makeup on so you’re like why is she saying it’s so little that she has on right so I totally understand those people that are like well Jacqueline you must.