Love And Relationship Tarot Card Spread Tutorial

Hi this is Tiffany from my wandering fool comm and today we’ll be working on a three-card love and relationship tarot cards it’s incredibly tempting for people to come to taro to ask questions about the relationship that they should be asking and discussing with their partners it’s a big reason why I actually stopped doing love and terror of love.

And relationship readings for.

A while I refused to do them for strangers and even for people closest to me because I had the strong conviction that you shouldn’t be coming to taro to.

Conversations or to create assumptions or to create mindsets that are unfounded you really should be having conversations with your partner however they’re never going to end and people are always gonna come to taro and come to town readers ask questions about the relationships this is why I created this tarot card spread I created this tarot card spread because I felt like if.

There was any way that I was gonna help and I do want to help people I mean when people come to taro and they come to tarot readers it’s because they need help especially when I have.

People from my professional life who are more skeptical about Tarot and come to me out of curiosity or are a little bit scared I don’t want to tell them no I designed this tarot card spread to be an open catalyst for communication I wanted it to highlight specific topics that are affecting the relationship that way when the two partners get.

Together and start to have a conversation at least there’s a tangible articulated thought or idea or topic that they can discuss together this bread is clear and direct there’s only three cards so it allows for a lot of back-and-forth and communication between the.

Reader and the seeker it reduces room for error because there are less cards on the table come here um so we lo kept on making.

Noise and she insists on being in the video so she’s in the video now as I was saying the spread is clear and direct and gets to the point one thing I noticed that I’m doing tarot.

Card readings for other people is that when there’s too many cards on the table the seeker gets confused or they get distracted by and a little bit overwhelmed by all the cards up they see so I want to take this bread down to three cards to keep it simple to keep it direct reduce any room for error so that the message that I’m delivering to the seeker is clear additionally because I don’t want people to keep.

Coming back to me or this or their relationship issues I wanted something that would be quick and that would allow the seeker to move away from the reading quickly and get to work on the real task so instead of being stuck on the problem they’re given action plan where at least they know where they can get started where they can make progress they can leave the reading saying okay if I go to my partner.

And I discussed this and if I commit to make this change maybe things will be better the last reason on the last priority that I had for developing the spread was because.

I wanted to be adaptable to other situations so it doesn’t just apply to romantic relationships this is something that can be used to have you reflect and work on relationships with other people around you so it helps you to look at you and your actions it helps you maybe think about how the.

Other person’s actions are articulating the situation and then how everything is is being.

Affected how you’re both being affected I just want to clarify that this spread can be used for a tarot reader doing readings for other people or for an individual.

Doing readings for themselves so whoever is that is asking the questions.

That is a seeker and I’ll be referring.

To that person as such so the first card is your feelings the Seekers feelings now the thing is is that you’re the one coming.

To the cards you’re the one deciding to sit down and have a consultant think about and meditate on the situation so we’re gonna start with you we are all players in our play we are all actors in our own little movies we all have decisions and consequences and actions and plays and roles to play so since you’re the one triggering this conversation my friend we’re starting with you so this card is.

The root of your actions it’s gonna show or maybe discuss motivations insights into your role this card.

Is gonna highlight an underline you in this situation so what are the root of your.
Actions what are the motivations and insights and things.

That are coming from you in the current state of the relationship and why we’re coming to the cards what’s the problem what’s the concern so we have to know where we’re starting if we know where we’re.

Gonna go so this is the first card that’s gonna set the tone for the entire reading card number two is your partner’s feelings now this is more of a what-if card then an actual reading card so like I said it’s very difficult to do a reading for someone who isn’t in the room and it is unethical to do our reading for someone who hasn’t asked for reading however this is reading to help.

With the flow of communication and put the in understanding so when you draw this card this card of your partner’s feelings this isn’t a true concrete card and it wouldn’t necessarily have the same weight as the first card however you want to frame it in a way that is looking at the possibility so what if your partner feels this way what if the reason why your partner is uncomfortable is because of this what if the reason your partner’s motivations.

Are coming from this it’s a what if to help you understand or help you think about and put yourself in.

The shoes of the other person in the relationship then number three is effects on their relationships so how the relationship is being affected now it’s important to remember that this tarot spread doesn’t really single.
Out the only influences between people that are contributing.

To the stress on the relationship it does however highlight issues that are working against each other it is important to remember that this tarot card spread doesn’t single out the only influences that are negatively affecting the situation it does however highlight issues and how they can work together again.

It’s meant to pick out problems articulate issues and facilitate a conversation moving forward so.