Man Uses T-shirt To Ask For Potential Kidney Donor

We’re going this is what we do every day Gary and Jane crow have been married for 10 years we met Yahoo Personals which I know they’re not y’all who personally but it was the best $30 I spent there a strong happy couple but they’re in need of some help high level of protein in the kidneys and they just.

Over the years they just eat them up we work around his dialysis and that’s how we regulate our days gary has been on dialysis for 10 hours a day since 2015 this is the tote that he keeps every night Jen plugs him up to a machine and he goes through four bags.

Of fluid he is my life and if something were to happen to him I couldn’t I couldn’t take it with both of his kidneys deteriorating his life is at risk and it’s also putting a hold on a cabin they’re trying to build.

The house we lived in our mother passed away and she can’t stay in it until it’s finished they’re living in an RV he’s been working on this house for several months now and so we’ve probably got it about halfway through to help Gary find the kidney donor he’s been looking for for a year Jan made a simple shirt.

And some bumper stickers wanted kidney donor and that’s the three words that you need to get someone’s attention Gary’s blood type is b-positive what would it mean to.

You if someone gave you a kidney I mean a whole lot I mean that’s more their sons more years on my.

Life and then get off them bags and until they find a match they say they’ll be.

Waiting and praying he’s been with me this long and helped me give me a reason to live so not only is it for him but it’s for me too.