Growing A Healthy Garden With The Correct Soil Ph

Term here is just a mathematical term because the pH numbers go in tens so each number change in pH you’re going ten times higher or lower in concentration yeah so a.

Lot of times I hear people when I talk to people about.

The gardens awesome stuff they said what my neighbor said but I needed a nice one I hear that a lot and.

Is mom yada yada yada well that’s a big mistake to make because it’s very important for you to do your own soil sample it’s the exactly where you asked.

And they kind of understand what you need to do and take the appropriate action to do that and still listen to what your neighbor may think now that being said I’ll give you there they.

Are some indicator weeds out there that can in to indicate certain things that’s going on you soul but the soil sample is very cheap adieu it’s just a matter of getting how you’re doing it and getting that soul sample seeing where your actual nutrient pH levels are at.

And then adjusting it a quarter why I’m saying this is because if you do something off to cover just because your neighbors said you need to do it he can have some birds terrible repercussions to you that’s not easily fixed so don’t go out there and do something what your neighbor or your granddaddy said understand it preset me exactly what you need to do and it’s gonna.

Pay off huge dividends instead of going on some recommendation of somebody what they think you need now do you have a recommendation as far as taking those soil samples within a certain area how far apart cities you want to take more than one.

Sample obviously just to have duplicates so you don’t in case you have a lot of pride that a lot of times we’ll do that.

And then back in the day what we do if we have a problem.

Section what we would do is.

Problem session and we take so some of.

Our good section we compare the two but on your soil sample base with you get.

It from the university that you live in or a problem they got instructions on the back of the bag of how to take the soil sample and you need to follow those best you can but if you’re having a problem in your garden I always do a good and a bad compared to two and you.

See if you got it so it better to you what you got going on could be causing your problem so say you got a 40.

By 40 garden how many samples.

With you unless I had a problem if I had a problem area within that garden that would.

Take two but if I was just doing a general source app I would just do one I got you I got you so.

The pH scale like we mentioned earlier goes from 1 to 14 from 1 to 6 is considered acidic 1 being the most acidic then from 8 to.

14 is considered basic 14 being the most basic so something with the pH of 2 has 10 times less those free ions than something with a pH of 1 now plants for the most part most your vegetable annuals and stuff are going to prefer PA just right a little bit acidic of neutral primary around 6.

Little what you want for a vegetable garden there’s always exception too started looking at blueberries and things like that leagues and section that but for vegetables that you drew it that’s a good range to shoot for yeah blueberries stuff I like it.

Relatively more acidic than.0 unusual compared to decisions right and so adding lime what can’t can raise this get this closer to those yeah well I’m gonna go this way right right and then an elemental suffers won’t go this what the problem element suffers it is a soluble which we say is mobile insole which it moves out the problem with.

Add lime if you don’t need it is then you have to bring it down with elemental sulfur and that is a terrible processed have to do it’s the easy to raise it is very hard to lower it so if you get your.

Whack you got some issues that’s really that’s important know where you’re at right it’s easy to add lime and get stuff to move this way so the way you Bob excuse me.

Easy to add lime gets up to move this way this what.

Want to get move this way if it’s not easy to move back this way right and a lot of times if you get the pits too high you can have that sulfur but you have to get to do it call farm and.

Off as well now let’s just go let’s just take a minute that you do have a 5.0 and you want to raise it the best way to.

Do that in the garden situation is with pelletized lime they make lime in two different.

Formulations and make it pelletizing agriculture screen agriculture grade is a powder formulation it’s cheaper but you have to have some.

Specialized equipment to apply it you normally want to get a granule eyes climb and then you can put it in a fertilizer spreader or something release and it spreads.

Out normally if you want to if you want to raise from five to six or what we call that would be at point from five six or from six to seven that you want to add normally a turn.

To the acre let’s let’s do the math well now I didn’t do this ahead of time so a turn to the acre would be how many pounds per thousand who give me four pounds per thousand rather roughly well 2,000 pounds time four pounds.

Per thousand square feet would raise the point now that’s not the exact science well that’s a good rule of thumb to go over right yeah and that pelletized a lot easier to apply yeah you cannot apply the agriculture array without some huge piece of equipment the exacta for that is nearly impossible to do that and the gourd.

Type situation unless you put it in the book in your hand spreader and you’re not gonna get a very beautiful in that way so think about the pelletized lime if you’re going to raise it if you got it the opposite situation you want to lower it you have to go with an elemental sulfur as we said earlier and you can do that over a period of time you have to keep applying it it’s hard to do probably I don’t ready to recommend doing it unless you in a situation where you got to the.

Blueberry farmers and people up that have to do it every now and then and but from a garden situation is tough to do alright so we talked about pH so let’s talk about why we never really said wild ph is important so pH your soul pH that’s going to affect the ability of your plants to take in nutrients and there are certain things that can affect things we call the deuce soul acidification things.

Like rainfall adding a lot of fertilizers or certain crops are going to make the soil more City but if we want that pH in the right zone that way the plant can take up those nutrients like nitrogen phosphorus potassium and even some of those mighty or what happens when your pH.

Gets out of whack it’s those nutrients maybe in your soil they get tied up and it’s not available of that plant right and you can cause.

Some problems a lot of times when we see deficiencies in a plant the first thing you want to look for your pH see if it’s just arrived and if it isn’t just right then you have to apply.

Something to get it into that plant quickly but the first thing you won’t think of you say maybe my pH is that wagon it’s tied up and it’s there it’s just.

Not available to that plant yeah you don’t want to start adding nutrients to the soil they might already be there yep you just can the plants can’t absorb them and take them up let’s talk about some of the major macro-nutrients of course the big three we call them in K and P in K and P the big three nitrogen phosphorus and potassium and a lot of times we.

We just say oh the plant needs more nitrogen we think of all we give them some nitrous gonna get real green in whatever well we don’t really think about why it’s needing that nitrogen if we boil it down to the cellular level nitrogen plants all organisms need proteins proteins are the building blocks they.

Carry out a lot of processes in the cells and then the the essential element of a protein we break it down smalls level it’s made of these things called amino acids which have nitrogen in them so without nitrogen they came this these plants organisms can’t.

Need to grow nitrogen is by the most part what we consider being mobile and soul it moves very rapidly within.

The soil and also moves pretty regularly within the plant more rapidly than any of the other three.

Major nutrients that we’re talking about and then that’s the reason you can’t see you don’t see nitrogen show up on your sole sample which because they can’t measure it on the sole son yeah do tissue analysis to measure the nitrates and a plant you cannot do it you can’t.

Measure it in the soil with the record.

Salsa hmm and then the phosphorus which is probably the second most important there for thinking about phosphorus phosphorus is a main component.

Of DNA RNA so those cells being able to replicate themselves that plant being able to grow gotta have phosphorus to do that yeah corns a prime example of that crop it takes a.

Lot of phosphorus here to get a purple looking on your leaf and you got a phosphorus deficiency when I say deficiency I mean that planting is lacking back that that phosphorus will it be in so or not it’s a deficient in that plant so that’s a telltale sign which said purpling on the leaves of corn phosphorus is one of the three that is emotional so if you got too much phosphorus in your soul then you got a problem and the best way for.

Me to kind of explain this like about this sponge here is a part of your soul now that sponge can only hold so much water.