Growing A Healthy Garden With The Correct Soil Ph

We’ve always snapping that’s where we cook them and eat them but you can also they get big and mature you can share these things out but this is.

What I’m gonna try again next year – I don’t think.

I’ve ever wrong but the these are called when it means for that’s right so they’ve got the little purple striations on there they don’t taste.

Much different than regular green bean but they sure do have I catch an ability – yeah as far as growing them out for the the drive beans here we have so much in say pressure it’s hard to keep them clean that long yeah so.

Up picked them about this stage right now you posed for this on our social media a lot of people come in over there they have.

Trouble room so I got a little tidbit here form pobres okay puppies will not put on and hot weather either a throw them in the spring time or in the fall if you plant any things too late in the spring gets.

Hot later with foods or gloves off so keep that in mind when you’re trying to group Opie’s regardless what varieties you that grow early in the spring or yet going to fall they will not ruin some time they went up and on fruit divides a group they just what they’ll throw off fruit yeah the ones at.

The wall get them in the ground the spring as early as you can maybe even we like to flirt with that last frost a gentle bit to kind of push the.

Boundary there these things have been pretty prolific they look.

Really good before that hurt can come to it and.

That hurt can blister them pretty good yeah you don’t have any trouble with.

Curio lemons news much I don’t really know why maybe it’s because they’re so far off the ground or these or pole beans or they’re not susceptible to it I’m not really sure but you don’t have news must roll well that is we do with the southern pea nice and they growing on the panels.

Well you are a heck of a lot easier to pick yeah and getting you a bucket and scooting down the road rattlesnake things and the Christmas Lyman’s ain’t quite putting on yet the they got leaves look good but.

They’re a little slower yep this time but it is good time for our total of the week that’s nearly one of our most popular tools that we sell talking about digging sweet potatoes and we.

Might have did this as a tool of the week before word it merits revisiting does merit revisited this baby right here won’t ever fail you know baby USA and I’ve been.

It digging my sweet potatoes and you can short enough get this down in the ground and dig it up now.

A foot pad already installed on it which is kind of user but we thought it was really important to have got a foot.

Pad on there and for you lefties out there you can switch it over to the other side but we installed it there for right-handed picking there’s two bolts on there so and there’s a rubber pad so it’s very easy to put.

Your boot on there and step it in so if you wanna put some pressure on them we’ve sold a lot of these never have we had one failure right and so if you’re right-handed does that mean you’re always right.

Foot right foot right here I think so okay right putting people they can’t be left footed and right hit baby but it’s not possible I got ya I got ya so check that out on the side that’s uh if you need to dig him forward but you can pass down.

To young as I said right there yeah all steel construction and I had some I had to get in.

There after I’d dug them sweet times I had to get in there with get old Troy cranked up I had some boulders in there from where the business heals up and big old.

Rocks are dried and I won’t I’m turning that over pretty quick gonna plant small stuff there big old rocks and they had to give him there and clean it up alright so one more.

Thing to mention when we we’re at the expo last week and had a good.

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It’s very interested us to see where all the listeners from out there because sometimes we may get caught up talking about South guard in.

Two months so let us know where you from and that will give us an idea of where everybody’s listening from and what we can talk about in the future shows yeah that yeah give us suggestions and things you want to see us talk about there’s a lot of lot of you out there watching this so we want to hear from you sure alright now let’s dig into.

This week’s topic try not be hitting or trying to get too complicated here we’re gonna try to soul chemistry and it can be very complicated and I may be a little slow I didn’t do real good in certain academic classes let’s just put it that way every day so I have to understand things a little bit different.

And that’s the way we want to present this today in case you were a little bit slow like what they say I might being and you don’t catch on real quick I have to understand things in a different format sometimes and that’s what we’re gonna try to explain this today and it easy to understand format because it.

Can be made complicated and by means that we need or what to do that that’s right that’s right so let’s before.

We get into the nutrients and stuff we want to just talk about pH a little bit so let’s have a little little small lesson here and we’ll talk about what pH is so pH which is just basically all pH is telling you is the concentration of those guys pH actually stands for.

Worried about yay long I’ll ended up one time but basically the soil is charged with.

Different odds were there’d be a positive or negative and this basically just measures the.

Of your soul and it actually has that react weather where it said on scale reacts to different chemicals in different ways so that’s what we’re gonna try to get to today.

Yeah and these numbers right here don’t let those confuse you too much the negative just dictates how the pH scale goes with acidic being more the lower numbers basic being the higher numbers if this negative wasn’t here that.

Would be flipped and then the the logarithm.