Growing A Healthy Garden With The Correct Soil Ph

Good evening everybody and welcome to the row by row Garden Show I’m Travis and I bring we’re excited that you joined the sis agents for some gardening talk got some good things planned on the show today today’s show we’re going to talk about soil chemistry pH major new create nutrients micronutrients some of that stuff that it’s good to.

Be checking keeping an eye on making sure.

You’re soaked in it oh that’s a good time of year to be thinking.

About because some of these things that you need to do to jaw adjust your soul needs.

To be done now and winter time cuz someone can take two three months so it’s a good time or kinda in the lull of things to be thinking about making some changes to your soul and studying them and seeing where you add up some of these nutrients and the pH levels but before we get there let’s talk a little bit about what’s going around here it is finally cooled off yep yep we got.

Fall weather in history was 55 degrees last Monday morning and it felt really good we had a.

I think last Saturday when I dug sweet potatoes it was 90 degrees but I think we’ve done with 90 degrees I love sweet potatoes pumpkins that kind of thing come in the mood for that lambdas co-worker yeah yeah I got I’ve got three rows down we did a put out a video yesterday on Wednesday digging the sweet taste of.
Still got that one row left to dig and had a good.

Crop a lot of a lot of number ones well you know we were talking about mine is I reckon that my leaves have not vices not dive back heaney so I grab my phone and dig them still where.
But I might still look really really good.

Yeah but it’s getting time to dig them because we’re.

Gonna have to be able to frost for long we definitely want to get them out of ground for store having.

Cold cold waters yeah if you get a frost or ruin you know.

We got I showed this on video but I’m pretty proud of this guy right here this wouldn’t be what’s called a number one that’s been.

What number zero problem you think your whole family will know that’s a big old sweet tater right there that’s I might.

Have got into a little bit with the for Brad and that’s carpenter Covington yeah so Covington we’ve done over the years we’ve tried Beauregard we tried Centennial coming to the Compton’s seems to do better next year we’re gonna try something different there well we’re gonna we gonna put some Covington side-by-side from Georgia Jets and give those a try yep.

It’s pretty soon pretty soon okay and what else we got going we did another 2 min till I got some cover crop and broad leaf mustard going on that’s starting to come up yeah I’m in the process now getting my garden cleaned up and I’m gonna get.

Over cover crops planted within the next week oh and we got some brassicas in full swing some broccoli cauliflower kale we’ve got some collards going and then these guys.

Are out here is the first now these are not new to a lot of people these have.

Been around for a long time the first time I’ve ever grown look how pretty them are up yeah now the weird thing is is folks up north of share these babies out.