Mac Mini 2011 I7 2.7ghz – Let's Take A Look

So yeah this is pretty choppy looks about 16 17 fps maybe I’m being a little too generous they’re definitely quite choppy but this is running at the native reservoir so I can’t grumble too much as you can tell the game also.

Doesn’t look too great even no graphics quality is on high it just generally all looks very very nasty so what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna crank it down a little bit so this time around what we’ll do is we’ll I’d say crank the resolution down a little bit let’s.

Crank it down two notches and see where we go from there or maybe maybe we’ll crank it.

Down to there 13 44 by 8 40 don’t know if that’s the correct aspect for this monitor for 16 10 will leave the graphics at high and we’ll see where we go from here there we go so that is quite.

A bit smoother still a little choppy what what I’m getting as.

Well as the choppiness is just general and the whole thing is just feeling quite if anything folks that’s actually worse there seems to be quite a lag on the in / – don’t know why that’s really not good okay we’re gonna have to we’re gonna have to move these graphics down to.

Two lower end stuff so what we’re gonna do just to try and get a playable you know a nice-looking playable game 1024 640 low graphics quality let’s rock with that and see how that goes aha this is much much better.

Okay cool it looks and feels better even though the graphics quality is turned down the overall display just looks much better and at this.

Distance to be honest I know I’ve got terrible eyesight but this monitors not the greatest monitor in the world either so yeah the whole thing just looks looks much much better like this I was thinking yesterday when I begun recording this video I should have taken a trip up to the attic to get my 20 inch cinema display because there’s something about Mac minis.

I just love Mac minis hooked up to cinema displays I just.

Think they look stunning so we may do some of that when we do the upgrade video on this Mac Mini and little rock to cinema displays with.

It I think make it look really nice yeah this is fully playable folks of course it’s not fully playable by myself because I I suck at this game let’s just change the view for a second as you can see it’s very fluid now definitely playable and this isn’t you know this game is fairly modern so quite impressed with that folks quite.

Impressed indeed I’m currently downloading left4dead I thought we could try an older shooter this game by this point is what 10 years old so it’ll be interesting to see how it plays on hardware that would have been about well when the heart.

When this hardware was new this game.

Would have been about four three four years old alright guys so I haven’t touched anything no settings I’ve just literally pressed single-player and dived right in one thing I did notice on the menu was the music of all things was lagging sort of like chopping in and out not too sure what was causing that also the general low buuut of the the game as a whole is pretty slow but this loading screen seems snappier than I would expect it to be.

Based on the previous loading so this is running just out the box I assume it’s running in in full res so yeah it’s shopping a little bit already but oh now that we’re into it now that we’re into.

It that’s okay yeah that’s okay it’s actually pretty smooth oh well concentrating so much on the graphics it completely forgetting the.

Entire object of the game so yeah this is not really.

It’s not really playable it’s kind of like jumping between being extremely fluid and not fluid at all ah total massive slow down there just as soon as you there is quite a big as you guys can see it oh yeah chopping its way all over the place so let’s try and crank her down a.

Little bit have a look at what our video settings are on okay so it’s on pretty low res and you can’t really go lower than that res.

So can we pull it down any other way ah that’s okay we’ve got some details on high so let’s crank everything down to low okay so we have cranked right down now we should we should get a pretty where’s my sound gone oh there it is.

Should get a pretty smooth hmm okay so after a little bit of tweaking I’m generally quite happy with this performance I must.

Admit I was expecting a little more from this mini in.

Terms of gaming I must admit that hello but yeah you know uh yeah this is smooth but we are we are way all the way crank down now so you can pretty much use this as your as your.

Benchmark if you you know thinking of picking up one of these machines and wondering what it can and can’t do so even out in a big open area it’s still quite smooth it seems to be getting into the swing of itself it seems to be like.

The system is kind of warming up and getting more comfortable which is more than can be said for my gameplay but this is absolutely playable now but as I’ve said this is.

This is way cranked down but as you can hopefully see even with quite a hoard of zombies running over here.

There’s still not a crazy amount of slowdown it’s just a tiny tiny little bit choppy when things get hectic so I think we’re gonna leave it there for gaming I don’t really have much more than I could try so in conclusion because I think I’ve rambled on long enough I know this has been.

A little bit of an all over the place video and we haven’t really showcased what the Mac Mini would be best at and that is all of your sort of day-to-day tasks your day-to-day computing tasks and also some heavy lifting in in 1080p video and.

Some photoshop work and stuff this Mac I mean you would skip through all of that with the i7 processor even though it’s only a dual core as you saw from the Geekbench results I know it’s only a benchmark but.

You know 6000 on a multi-core score you’re still pulling a fair bit of weight there for a system of this age and for.

The kind of money that you can get these for it’s a it’s a lot of performance for your for your money in terms of a Mac Mini.

In general it’s quite interesting because when this Mac.

Menu was released it was such an ideal system such an entry you know a perfect perfect entry point into the Mac world.

Quite significantly cheaper than the iMac in the MacBook but still very very capable and just overall a gorgeous little machine that can that can just be hidden away anywhere but time was moved on and the newest Mac minis the late 2014’s are so watered down with the non upgradable RAM and stuff like that and.

That the the price is going upward just it was just ludicrous to see that.

Gigahertz lump just to see that climb up to four seven nine such a ripoff for the performance and also the systems that you can get these days the small form-factor pcs.

Like that msi model i checked out on the channel way cooler than a Mac Mini these days way smaller for how capable low-energy so if they do refresh the Mac Mini oh man they’re gonna have to do something.

Pretty glorious but that doesn’t stop me from.

Enjoying the older models because when this 2011 came out it was a complete beast and it still is a complete beast.

By today’s standards such a great machine to purchase even these days used on eBay still very capable still fully up to date again the lack of USB 3.0 does sort of kind of make it trail a little bit behind the 2012 so the link 20 tiles are beasts the quad cause USB 3 you know very nice systems but what we’re gonna do is.

We’re gonna upgrade this guy I don’t know when it’ll be I’ll have to allocate some funds to get some SSDs for the for.

This system because it’s not the type of system where I want to put SSDs in it to make a video and then take them back out again if they’re going in there they’re gonna stay in there and I’m pretty confident that a use for this system.

Will book crop up and I’ll tell.

You one thing folks if I have a mangle my hackintosh if I ever do an OS update and just can’t get it to work or whatever and I haven’t got time to get it to work I now for the.

First time pretty much ever have a capable desktop on hand to temporarily replace my hackintosh I know it wouldn’t hook up to all three of the monitors but I could hook up two monitors out.

Of the box and I could use all of my accessories and peripherals here with the Mac Mini and it would be just like having my hackintosh with one less monitor and slightly ever so.

Slightly slower um so yeah that’s definitely an exciting thought it’s a very handy spare Mac and we’re definitely gonna put two SSDs in it ask for the RAM it’s already rocking eight gigs which I’d say is.

Pretty much a sweet spot I’ve got a retina MacBook Pro and I have eight gigs in that machine that’s a quad-core to two gigahertz i7 from late 2013 so very nice.

Want more than eight games I never think old god I could do with some more RAM the only time I think I could do is some more RAM is when I think about my my future and the future of application and OS updates.

When more RAM will become necessary because obviously I don’t have the option to upgrade.

It in that MacBook Pro but as it stands today I’m never worrying about RAM never ever so this mini by far does not need to go up to 16 gigs of ram the only way that it would be viable to do so is if whoever was using the.

Mini had a perfectly valid reason for wanting that much RAM in the system of the age however if I do find some cheap Ram on ebay will bung it in and knock it up to 16 gigs because that’s the sort of thing we do around here it’s got two SSDs in it and we’re opening up anyway we may as well throw 16 gigs in there if I.

Can find a kit for a good price that I used to get on eBay but anyway all rambling aside I know this has been a long and kind of drawn out and higgledy-piggledy video but you’ll see this Mac Mini again in the future it’s a very nice system very pleased with it big thank you to Dave this.

Has given me a lot of thought food for thought and it’s also helped me determine that I don’t think I’ll be having a Mac Mini or any kind of buta as.

My media center anytime soon because it’s just far too complicated to try and configure and even when you do get it all.

Up and running trying to teach your significant other to operate all of your complicated things is very difficult so again if anybody has an Apple TV fourth gen that they’re selling because they’re upgrading to the 4k model I’d be interested in buying it from you and ask for.

This video thank you very much for watching the next video will be another Mac Mini video all about this guy so again thanks for watching and I’ll see you in the next video.