Mac Mini 2011 I7 2.7ghz – Let's Take A Look

The first thing we’re gonna do is crank out Geekbench this is my first time using this version of Geekbench so what we’ll do is.

We’ll run the cpu benchmark first and of course 64-bit is what we want let’s run it and I’ve also downloaded Mac tracker so that we can compare to some other machines and whatnot so the results are in folks and as you can see a very very nice.

Score six thousand three hundred and.

Ninety four on the multi-core and 3347 on the single core result now let’s dive in and compare that to some other machines I like to do it via Mac tracker because it’s a very nice and easy interface I just like the way it’s laid out if I need.

To know something much more in-depth about a machine then every Mac comm is obviously a better option because you tend to get more details but Mac tracker is a good place to start for getting machine information so let’s first of all take a look at what the average score is for this Mac Mini Mac Mini mid-2011 and we’ll go in and click on the clock speeds here and the 2.7 gigahertz gets 3068 in the single core and 5775 in the multi core multi-core score so yeah this is using Geekbench for just like me so I.

Score a little bit higher than average on the multi-core score which is nice let’s have a look a few other Mac Mini models so how much did we.

Geekbench for the late 2012 you know the last great Mac Mini before they crippled the upgradability let’s have a little look.

Now these machines are a lot higher on the multi-core score because 2.6 gigahertz models are indeed quad cores I believe let’s just double check on that yes indeed number of course 2 and 4 so you.

Guys can clearly see that this one is obviously a dual core and then you get quite a.

Nice boost up on these mid-2012 so man very very nice machines there the quad core machines.

But this little mid-2011 still a great little performer so let’s go back for the mid-2011 and have a little look at the mid-2010 now as you guys can see mid-2010 classed as vintage this this machine.

Won’t be won’t be supported for very much longer well classed as supported but yeah I saw the look this was obviously Core 2 Duo territory so we’re looking at much much lower scores for the mid 2010 Mac Mini completely across the board there with the.

Core 2 duos just totally a different world really let’s go out and jump into a different type of machine Mac Pro let’s look at the first Mac Pro and I don’t know if these look at that obsolete that’s crazy isn’t it I don’t know if these.

Would be tested with yeah there we go this Mac Mini Trump’s in terms of Geekbench for at.

Least completely trumps an original Mac Pro especially in the single core result but even in the multi core you know quite a bit.

More Mac Pro 2008 however was a nice speed boost but still let’s have a look.

That Mac Pro 2008 obsolete oh my word time is really really moving on as you can see this this was the standard configuration.

Mac Pro 2008 it was the 8 core 2.8 gigahertz model of course you’ve got sort of 2,000 more there on the.

Multi-core score but if we go down to single core this Mac Mini Trump’s it in single core of course you know these Mac Pro is a notoriously slower a single core.

Tasks let’s have a look and obviously once we get up to early 2000 we’ve got.

Quite a big boost across the board here in all areas you know the single call.

Catches up a little bit and then they just get quicker and quicker so yeah this Mac Mini completely poos all over a Mac Pro an original Mac Pro 1.1 and you know will give a will give a 2008 a run for its money depending on depending on what sort of application you’re running I’m very pleased to this score this.

Is a fully capable machine very nice performance one thing we will take a look at is how well the hard.

Drive is performing this machine feels pretty nippy so let’s do a disk.

Speed test on it it’s only a little 5400 rpm drive so.

We’ve got pretty average results for a little 5400 rpm not could get that could get cranked so much higher just with a simple SSD install because this that this Mac Mini does indeed have.

A SATA 6 gigabits second interface so you could fully utilize an SSD or two SSDs so yeah that’s pretty much expected for the disk speed test so let’s touch on graphics if we go up here just so I don’t forget the model number we talked about graphics yesterday but again this was the last Mac Mini with the dedicated graphics chip this is of course the HD 66 30 M from AMD and.

It does indeed have its own 256 megabytes of gddr5 memory so this chip is quite a bit quicker than the HD 3000 series so this.

To be more graphically capable than the mid-2011 server Edition Mac Mini for instance that does not include this chip for obvious reasons you know server edition but the late 2012 Mac Mini of course a ditched the dedicated graphics chip but it’s a newer generation of Intel CPU so it does indeed come with the HD 4000 graphics which is according to benchmarks and I did research this earlier so that I was a bit more prepared and not just spouting a load of rubbish depending on what benchmarks you look at and what results in what.

Games you look at this graphics chip the.

66 30 M seems to be relatively on par with HD 4000 series so even though let’s say for instance you are shop for a late 2012 Mac Mini because you want the quad-core CPU but you feel like you want a mid 2011 because you.

Maybe want to dedicate dedicate your graphics chip there’s really not that much in it the HD 4000 is pretty much as capable as this graphics chip and maybe a little bit better at some things but we are still going to give the.

Graphics a little world so I’m going to move to the game so we.

Are gonna boot up Colin McRae Rally which I think will be okay on this hard way let’s have a little look what we’re gonna try and do is run it at the native resolution of this monitor and we’ll have the graphic quality on high for now and just see how it goes with those settings so just as a little warning folks I’ve never played this game before.

In my life I downloaded it specifically for this video and one of the reasons I did that was because I don’t have access to my library of games at the moment.

Because I don’t have a server hooked up to all of my drives.