Mac Mini 2011 I7 2.7ghz – Let's Take A Look

Always is just stunning and yeah lovely lovely bit of kit but not quite right for what we want I tried out Plex once again and I even dug out this Mac Mini well not dug it out it was already out but I.

Connected it it still switched on today to host a Plex server and gave Plex oil that was good fun again another fantastic application but not really for us I tried a couple of remote apps a few of which were better than others I tried remote apps for.

They were generally really good there was one remote buddy I think it was called that was very very versatile and it allowed you to change all sorts of options for all of the buttons on the remote.

That was brilliant I tried out a couple of iPhone applications for general motors I tried out an eye for an application for Netflix that would control the Netflix website in full screen on the Mac that was fantastic but none of them.

And there is nothing nothing out there that brings everything together and gives you a wonderful sort of Apple TV like interface for all of those things and after a good few hours on it yesterday and a lot of searching online a couple of people the.

People who do tend to from what I can see anyway the people that tend to use the.

Mac minis as their home media center it tend to be pretty nerdy people like myself but maybe people that don’t quite have to worry about other people trying to get their head around it or control it and also people that.

Can put up with returning to the desktop all the time.

In launching different applications even if you’ve got a really easy way to launch them even if you write scripts.

And set up remote buttons and stuff like that still you know it’s very very clunky in comparison to the Apple TV interface.

So that really got me thinking.

About my situation and I thought this Mac Mini is a waste down there anyway it’s much too powerful for those uses you know I’ve only got a 720p TV and I think an Apple TV for fourth generation would do much better for myself I can airplay to it it’s.

Much better interface I can use the proper Netflix app I can search with Siri on the proper Netflix app it’s just I think it’ll be a lot better so if anyone out there is going to be upgrading to the new 4k Apple TV and they want to sell their old Apple TV I am in.

The market for one to at least try one I think it’ll be quite a bit better than the second gen even though there are not tonnes more services available for it.

The ease of search and the the fluidity of the trackpad and stuff on the remote I’m gonna give it a go if I don’t like it I’ll flog it but I want something.

That I can airplay to want something to playback my iTunes library so an Apple TV looks like the most obvious choice so anyway let’s get back to the point.

Of this video the Mac Mini now i’ve uninstalled all of those applications because i am pretty much done with it this is not going to be my media center but i have been working on for the last 15 minutes or so it is installing.

To test this machine today so.