Mac Mini 2011 I7 2.7ghz – Let's Take A Look

Gigabit Ethernet of course it’s got bluetooth it’s got air port hasn’t got any.

Disk burning it’s got no Drive in it so yeah overall just a really capable and lovely little machine now what we’re gonna do is jump straight into the App Store and we are going.

To get out of this or environment that is lion I’ve suffered long enough with lions so let’s find an operating system for this guy Apple have got quite good security features I find when it comes to whoa what the heck oh hang on a sec I just.

Jumped into that accidentally when it comes to signing up a new Mac to iCloud I always get verification codes to other devices and stuff and for instance in the App Store it simply asked me to type my password followed by the verification code so it wasn’t even a separate dialog box or anything so very nicely integrated there that’s downloading I’m going to pause the camera and when that’s finished downloading I will be back with.

You guys and we’ll update the OS so we are now upgrading the operating system it’s taking a little while so I’m just editing the video a few things that I forgot to mention because I’m currently editing another big reason why I’m drawn towards the 2011 machine.

Is because this is a Sandy Bridge machine and for those of you who don’t know I just really like Sandy Bridge as a generation my gaming PC is Sandy Bridge and I think the magical thing about it is.

It doesn’t really apply here with Mac’s but what I love about it is since Sandy Bridge we’ve only seen very minor performance gains with every new generation of Intel CPUs now.

If you add all of those performance gains together yes the brand-new CPUs are much faster than Sandy.

Bridge but they were only tiny.

Little increments and Sandy Bridge is so cheap now.

And it’s still so modern feeling it’s still so fast and fluid I just love.

It this actually looks as if it’s frozen I’m gonna keep an eye on it I can’t really tell if it’s moving Apple with their you know rubbish progress bars but yeah this is a.

Sandy Bridge machine another cool thing about it is the hard drive interface is satoru vision 3 or SATA 6 gigabits second the previous Mac Mini mid-2010 had slower memory at 1066 megahertz as I mentioned earlier in the video but also had a slower.

Harddrive interface it had the Santa Rev 2 3 gigabit a second so putting an SSD in here actually you can receive the max benefits and of course you can put two SSDs in here so this is actually quite a beastly combining that with the fact that this has Thunderbolt versus the mid-2010 having mini displayport its overall a lovely lovely upgrade over the mid-2010.

I’m comparing it to the previous model because a lot of things changed here.

And as I said the only thing that you didn’t get was USB tweet because that was on the next model the mid door late 2012 late 2012 I think but yeah.

Sweet machine and I’m just gonna wait for this to finish its thing.

And then we can do some benchmarks and see what it really can do and maybe we will fiddle about with some more things this is going really really slowly I don’t know why it’s also pretty boiling not sure how hot these get but I think they do get pretty hot because they expel a lot of their.

Heat through the case I think but maybe I should have cleared out some of that dusty fluff that was in the bottom of it before booting it up I was just too excited and I thought we could do the cleaning of the inside because it seems to be pretty filthy on the inside thought we could do that as part of the.

Upgrade video but yeah the install is crawling along like a snail so I don’t really know what to say about that I Neeley restarted it cuz I thought it had to crashed because it.

Was on 32 minutes for ages and ages but it’s finally changed now enough for my ear up to the Machine and the hard drive is making some noise some sort of readwrite noise it’s not sort of as active as I’d expect it to be so something is slowing this down I’m not too sure what but yeah we’ll see what happens I’ll stick with it for a minute but even though it’s got a 5400 rpm drive in it modern Mac modern OS it should kind of zip through it a.

Lot quicker than this but yeah just wait and see I may be being impatient and.

Accustomed to SSDs and stuff so I’m just.

Think but man nice machine I just want to get in and start using it come on you know what they say watch the paint never dries and I just went down just filled my tummy with.

Salad and I’m feeling prepared much more fueled and ready to go and as you can see the Mac Mini is also feeling the.

And I did a very productive thing are you dug around in the front room for or the Apple remote and I found it so after I record this video and we play around with the Mac Mini I’m going to sort of on my own in a very nerdy way in.

This darkroom play around with the Mac Mini and try and do some configuration to set it up as a little home theater machine I’m gonna at least attempt and see how far we get with that this is new to me all your files in the cloud store files from your Documents and desktop in iCloud Drive my word you know I haven’t kept up to date really with what Apple have been doing really much you know in.

The last like three four years all the little changes and stuff they’ve made to iCloud or not I’m just not in touch with them and I’m turning into I’m rapidly turning into a very old school Mac user now where I just sort of ignore half of the.

Features of all this modern stuff even though I’ve got a lot of Mac’s and I’ve got an iPhone and stuff you know I still don’t.

Take advantage of half of the the.

Fancy things that they can do anyway let’s err oh gosh yeah okay no problem Siri in all that jazz okay so let’s let’s just set you guys on the tripod and see where we go from there so it’s the following day and yesterday ended quite interestingly after the last.

Clip that I recorded for you guys I began fiddling around with this Mac Mini as if I was going to try and integrate it into the living room setup I even dug out an apple remote replaced the battery in it and I tried out all sorts of different applications I tried out Kodi it’s been.