Mac Mini 2011 I7 2.7ghz – Let's Take A Look

Now have this guy to play with so anyway I’m getting distracted this video is about this one so what we’ll do is we’ll move this one out of the way temporarily we’ll hook this one up to the convenient display keyboard and mouse that.

I have here and we’ll fire it up and see what it has got going maybe do a little bit of benchmarking and I’ll show you guys the specifications so let’s pop the display on we’ve got it hooked up to the.

Display via mini display to DVI coming out of the Thunderbolt port we’ve also got networking in there and the keyboard and mouse power connected so.

In three two one go that’s a good sign and straight away bang on the display so what I’m going to do is pop you guys on the tripod I’m going to do some pointing.

The camera at the screen action and in the next video you guys have actually got a screen capture to look forward to I try.

To be a little bit more professional because I was sort of doing a tutorial ish type video so that’s something but for this particular video you’re gonna have to put up with the the old point in the camera at the screen thing so get ready I.

Have warned you check that out Warren angle alright let’s get to it so this has been set back to factory default by Dave I’d expect nothing less because he is pretty much a pro when it comes to shipping out this stuff so I’m gonna set this up as like a personal machine for myself as opposed to just generically setting it up and try and get this Mouse cable out of the way see if I can put it around the back of the monitor there we go.

That’s better instead of just setting up a generic account or whatever which I would often do I may actually use this machine for something which sounds you know terrible.

But what I mean is I may use it on a day-to-day.

Basis for something I’m just gonna set it up but what I’m.

Gonna do is use the same password as my Wi-Fi password for my account password because I’ve got a little suspicion that I may use this down in the living room now I’m gonna expand on that in a second so as it stands we don’t currently have the Apple TV connected in our living room when we got the Apple TV and for those of you who don’t know we’re sort.

Of long-term borrowing it from my parents because they currently use a Roku which they get on much better with because Roku is so much better supported in the UK we we had the Apple TV hooked up for a bit and.

We had previously been using Jess’s xbox360 for Netflix and.

She’s got a chat pod keyboard attached to her controller so that still even when the Apple TV was set up that became the go-to device to watch Netflix because it was easier and then the Xbox also had 4od so we would use the Xbox for 4od the.

Apple TV doesn’t have a channel for app at all so when it came down to it the Xbox was just much much easier than the Apple TV so we just.

Weren’t using it at all because it’s just not that great in the UK.

So then I was gonna put my gaming PC on the main setup but I don’t have much space for it down there I was also going to try and put a shelf up and put it down there but you know things just got really complicated and difficult and now I’m considering putting a Mac Mini down there so that’s basically that story you will see how it goes but we do need an alternative to the Xbox 360 because it does crash from time to time and when I say from time to time you know.

Pretty much on a sort of surf daily basis so I would say let’s enable zooming okay so let’s have a look at some specs for this machine we have got Mac OS 10 10 dot 7.7 gigahertz intel core i7 now for the 2011 model they did offer a server.

Edition as well and that’s a quad core i7 I’m not sure the clock speed it maybe 2.5 gigahertz core but this was the highest end non server Edition as far as I’m aware this also has 8 gigabytes of 1333 megahertz ddr3 so that was a bump up from the 1066 megahertz.

Machines that we were seeing around the 2009 2010 area era sorry stumbling over my words so yeah little boost.

In ram speed there let’s have a look at a little bit more about this machine ah one really interesting.

Thing about this machine is I believe it was the final Mac Mini to ship with dedicated graphics I’m just gonna check into that so I’ve just had a quick look on Mac tracker and this is indeed the final Mac Mini that shipped with a dedicated graphics chip now it’s only a little Radeon.

HD 66 30m but that’s got quite a bit more grunt than the HD graphics 3000 which is also on this system if we look at the display here you can see that it’s running the video chip at the moment I’m assuming it doesn’t do any graphics switching because it’s a desktop.

Had a 2011 17-inch MacBook Pro that did switch between.

The Radeon 6000 series chip whatever that.

Had had in it and also the HD graphics 3000 but I don’t think this will switch between them it’ll just constantly be on those graphics I think which is you know very cool and very convenient so little graphics chip and the late the mid 2012 had the HD Graphics 4000 because obviously we had a bump in CPU generation so you know quite a bit more capable than the HD graphics 3000 but yes.

Still the last Mac Mini with a Radeon chip in it which is cool moving on let’s have a little look at displays storage we have got a 500 gigabyte hard drive in this machine I believe it’s just a.

Simple hard drive at least it feels like it is I don’t think it’s anything.

Fancy like a fusion drive or whatever and of course we have the memory – 4 gigabyte sticks this will take up to 16 gigs of RAM with – 8 gigabyte sticks which is nice let’s delve a little deeper and have a look so this is the Mac.2 the mid 2011 model as you can see total number of cores -.

This was a dual-core anything else to look at as you guys can see it does indeed have Thunderbolt normally when I press this on any of the machines I own it nothing comes up apart.

From my macbook pro so that’s really cool serial ata it’s got the drive on it of course it’s a Toshiba Drive 500 gig oh yeah look Baine aim lower so yeah interesting there will be space for another disc in here which is super cool I’m excited to do that and make a video about that I believe that’s pretty much it of course it still got firewire which is great firewire 800 it’s got.