Mac Mini 2011 I7 2.7ghz – Let's Take A Look

In the power supply so these Mac minis take just a figure.

Of eight standard power cable which we have here of course which is definitely very nice and there’s a power button there we’ve got Gigabit Ethernet we have got firewire 800 so this was before they removed firewire very very cool HDMI.

Thunderbolt which is obviously great for expansion here you know firewire 800 and Thunderball this is a sweet.

Machine I’m actually in love with it already four USB ports as I mentioned USB 2.

Could easily easily be my main machine definitely but of course I’ve got my hackintosh but I’m just sort of saying that as an example but anyway as I said you could probably get a doc with USB 3.

Is a nice addition but I’ve always found this very weird about the Mac’s I find this weird about your high Mac’s as well it’s on the back you know and if you’ve got one of these it’s gonna.

Be the back of the desk with all the cables going down the back you know I know it would be pretty ugly to have an SD card slot on the front of one of these but it’s just kind of kind of weird to put one on the back if I was a Mac Mini user and I had it on my setup I definitely have an external one just for convenience because I.

Wouldn’t want to reach around the back all the time then you’ve got audio in and out and.

I believe one of these the the output is digital as well.

You can adapt it for I believe Toslink so that’s.

Nice similar to the Apple laptops and you got a little sore invent here so very nice design and of course upgradable unlike the previous Mac Mini that we unboxed now funnily enough I am actually halfway through recording a different Mac Mini related.

Video as you guys know I recently unboxed this guy this was.

An extremely generous donation.

From Kyle I’m halfway through making a video about integrating that into my server cabinet here is my old Mac.

Mini was surrounded by Mac minis we’ve got a g4 the new one we got the server and the one that was acting as my server before this is the.8 3 gigahertz as you can see this has been removed and all of the cables are dangling I’m about 3/4 the way through recording a video about configuring a Mac Mini server and you know it’s sort of a little tutorial because I get so many questions about it so the next video that you guys have to look forward to is this one I thought it would be this one coming out first.

Because that was the or drivers recording them in but I’m waiting on a cable and a very frustrating cable as well all it’d be revealed in that video but I just want you guys to know that this is coming up I know that I unboxed a lot of machines and I don’t appear to be doing anything with them that’s true for lots of the machines because I just.

Need time and a lot of them need a lot of attention you know stuff we’ll do in the future however this guy is going to be configured and up and running in the server cabinet very soon that’s the next video that you can look forward to and then we’ll do something else with this guy in the future and also we.