Mac Mini 2011 I7 2.7ghz – Let's Take A Look

What is up everyone it is an extremely dangerous thing to have fellow Apple geeks that you talk to the thing is about eBay is it’s really easy to stay away from it you simply don’t type in the URL you don’t click on the bookmark and then you can’t be tempted by anything but when somebody contacts you and offers.

On a really nice bit of Apple kit it is extremely difficult to say no so today we are unboxing yet another parcel from Dave I’ll leave the link to his YouTube channel once again in the video description just.

In case any of you guys may be watching this video haven’t seen my previous videos this is a wonderful product something that I’ve never checked out on the channel and it’s gonna be a massive massive tweet so let’s dig.

Into this after packaging and we’ll go from there okay folks today huh my word every single time.

The packaging is just absolutely extraordinary everything is mint it’s like receiving a brand-new Mac shipped from Apple so you guys can probably tell unless you have this window minimized but this is indeed a Mac Mini and a relatively new Mac Mini out of.

That so here we have a Mac minion as you guys can tell it’s a pretty damn new one at least by the standards of the usual machines that I.

Unbox on this channel this is a 2011 Mac Mini it’s a lovely high-end model it’s a core i7 model I can’t remember the exact specs but we’re obviously going to boot it up and take.
A look at the specs this particular Mac Mini has got Thunderbolt.

Which makes it feel very new says Core i5 on the box but I expect this was a BTO option and again usual fantastic packaging from Dave right down to the plastic rap on the box I’ll keep all of this packaging in really good condition hopefully and also keep the shipping carton just.

In case you never know but when he offered me this deal I just couldn’t say no I don’t really have a particular use in mind apart from making videos but I’m sure something will crop up now the rarity or well the.

Rarity of the scenario in terms of this unboxing is this could actually be my main machine it’s so powerful and modern that it could easily be my main machine the only thing that really makes this model feel old in comparison to the current Mac minis.

Mean they’re a little old they really do an update but the thing that makes this one feel a little old is the fact that it doesn’t have USB 3 this was pre USB 3 integration into Mac’s but as I said it has Thunderbolt so if you wanted to use this as a main machine you could easily go out and get a dock or something like that so here’s the Mac Mini itself will wrap it up we’ll unwrap.

It in a second we’ll just have a quick sneak peek into the box this time round I am gonna take the power cable out we also have another bonus cable in here we have got what looks to be a I didn’t recognize it because it was so Apple II for a second.

This is a HDMI to DVI adapter a proper ample one so that’s nice here we have the Apple care booklet of course it’s.

Out of warranty but still nice to have it included and it looks like we’ve got all of the documentation in here never really touched never really opened as well as the Apple stickers there we go check it out we will put that straight back.

Where it came from I’ll leave the adapter out because that will definitely come in handy that can go into my drawer at home what we’ll do is we’ll unwrap the Mac Mini itself this feels just like getting a brand-new Mac it’s crazy.

So put that down there pop this in here and then we can put the box to one side and take a look at the machine itself there we go and I’ll slot that into the shipping cart and a little bit later on so let’s take a look at the Mac Mini itself I did unbox one of these last year I believe in 2016 for work we bought a brand new 2014 Mac Mini.

For a very specific task in work it was the extremely underpowered low-end model the 1.4 gigahertz 4 gigs of ram 500 gigabyte hard drive model which is absolutely awful fine for what we wanted to use it for and work it doesn’t actually get any direct use it just runs a keynote presentation but this this is even.

Though it’s a much older model it’s a much nicer model so this.

Was I believe the first Mac Mini that ditched the optical drive they switched to this design from the previous design let me just go and grab one actually so this is.

A rather yellowed and tired looking Mac Mini g4 that really needs some attention but this was of course the original Mac Mini design and then in 2010 they shifted to this design but they still had an optical drive slot this was the first one.

In 2011 that ditched the optical drive and you can actually fit two two and a half inch hard drives in here which is really nice and something that we will be doing in the future now if we flip it around something that makes this very different to modern current Mac minis just got a little bit of grime and whatnot that’s probably come from my desk to be honest uh-hum it was something that makes this different from modern Mac minis is you can see how you do this.

Which way do you do it I’ve got it focus I’ve figured it out you can flip it around and you can just pull the.

Plate off the bottom and you’ve got instant access to your RAM right there for RAM upgrades which is fantastic you’ve got pretty much instant access to the drive which.

I believe is underneath this panel but to get to the location for the second drive you have to quite substantially take the Machine apart so that’s definitely going to make a.

Really cool video in the future let’s take a little spin round to the back and have a look at the ports one big change that they made to the Mac minis.

They integrated the power supply so obviously time moved on technology got better and they were able to ditch it the power brick if you look at.

The old Mac minis they’ve all got this little connection here and you have an external brick which is quite you know substantial in size it’s pretty much a third of the size of the Mac Mini itself.

The really cool things about the really cool things re about these ones is even though they’re flatter they’re a little bit wider footprint they’re sort of you put this one on top you can see they take up a little bit more space in terms of the footprint on the desk but they’re shorter and they’ve built.