Is A $25 Mac Mini Usable In 2018?

This Mac Mini costs just $25 is it worth it can you even use it in 2018 so before we get started I want to thank 0 and 9 for sponsoring this video there are a global digital game store that offers a wide variety of software’s popular online games Xbox and Playstation gift cards and more today they’re promoting their.

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Also have a discount code that you can use on their website also in the description so behind me is a 2005 Mac Mini and these old fellas are dirt cheap nowadays the Mac Mini is Apple’s cheapest new computer and has been for many years as such.

You can find some great deals on older.

Devices such as my model the original which can be had on sites such as eBay for just 25 bucks however don’t let this low price tag fool.

Machine is severely limited as you might expect to start let’s talk specs my machine is running a 1.2 5 gigahertz single core PowerPC g4 processor with 256 megabytes of RAM for storage we have a 40 gigabyte mechanical.

Hard drive with the original OS X 10.

10 Thur installed and our graphics are handled by an ATI Radeon 9200 chip with 32 megabytes of VRAM obviously these specs aren’t too special by today’s standards in fact this is by far the lowest power Mac I’ve ever reviewed.

On this channel and I’ve looked at a lot of older Mac’s this was even one of the lowest end Mac’s when it was brand spanking new when this model was.

Introduced it was revolutionarily inexpensive never before was it possible to get into a.

New Macintosh for just $500 in fact the Mac Mini is still the cheapest way to get into the Mac ecosystem 13 years later unlike many of the Mac’s that I’ve shown on this channel before I’m actually the original owner of this Mac Mini my family bought this thing new in 2005 and we used it all the way up.

Pretty much saw me through most of elementary school this computer is completely stock it has its original hard drive with all its original data on it such as the games I would play on it though sadly my free trial for mystery mahjong has long expired these older Mac minis use single core PowerPC processors which immediately dates them.

And prevents them from running newer operating systems and programs however this little fella still has a few tricks up its sleeve because we’re still running 10.3 panther this Mac has classic on it which essentially runs an emulator for Mac OS 9 so we can run some retro programs on this machine additionally this fella can still run older versions of Microsoft.

Word so word processing is definitely possible this machine is certainly capable of running older versions of the Adobe Creative Suite though I don’t have any on hand and it even has iMovie HD which is one of the best versions of iMovie ever really I have to pause here because my movie HD was just such a great version of iMovie that’s the first video editing program that I ever used and really it was not.

Matched by succeeding versions of iMovie in fact I’m not sure if this is true or not but I have heard that iMovie HD was so good and so ahead of its time that Apple actually made it worse with iLife o 8 is that what came next because they wanted people to step up and buy Final Cut Pro if they wanted some real professional video tools but this.

Machine means a lot more to me than the 25 dollars that it’s worth this was my first experience with a Mac and it’s amazing to think how.

Much of my family’s early lives were contained on this tiny 40 gigabyte hard drive on this wimpy single core machine with 256 megabytes of RAM now of.
Course there are a few drawbacks to.

This machine the first of which is.

That they tend to run hot because of the small form factor the ATI Radeon graphics run really really hot.

There just isn’t enough room for cooling so a machine like this really doesn’t do much if you push it beyond web browsing or simple basic programs additionally I did.

Have a little bit of trouble with video out there is only one way to output video and.

It’s through the DVI or in my case an adapter from DVI to VGA because I could not get DVI to work with my normal.

Monitor I don’t know why that happened but the problems didn’t end there because once I connected to this crappy old monitor with VGA I found that I could only run at 1600 by 900 even though this monitor is 1080p for some reason when I selected 1080p the entire screen was shifted off to the right and it was pretty much unusable but aside from those problems which I personally attribute to this being a 13 year old budget Macintosh let’s talk about the design it’s.

A classic design and in my opinion it still looks decently good to this day granted there’s not too much going on here the design is mainly a square aluminum frame with a plastic top of course bearing the coveted Apple logo the bottom of this computer is a rubber.

Substance which will keep it mounted on the desk and it is vented along all sides of the bottom case interestingly enough this machine is asleep interestingly.

Enough this machine doesn’t have any screws on the.

Exterior in order to get inside this device you have to pry off that bottom case along the back we find our.

Meagre selection of ports including just one single video output and that’s pretty much it for the exterior of this device one thing to.

Note is this Mac Mini still has a CD drive even though it’s very very small this is something that the current generation Mac minis do not have but this device is.

Still rocking its CD drive so we could use it if nothing else as a very inexpensive DVD player if you still watch DVDs then that committee along with the iMac is one of the few PowerPC Macs whose names lived on past the great Intel switchover of oh six albeit with completely different.

Internals so as amazingly cheap as my machine is it’s really not worth it for shoppers who want to gain access to the modern Mac ecosystem on a budget I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again for users trying to buy a solid semi.

Long-term Mac on a budget it’s best to stay away from anything that doesn’t have a Core 2 Duo or later these older core duo and.

PowerPC machines are long outdated and rather useless under Mac OS while more tech savvy viewers will be quick to point out that with a few clever upgrades and crafty installations of certain Linux flavours or older Mac operating systems this machine can be resurrected and used for semi modern tasks this is something that can be out of reach for standard users personally I.

Would recommend going with a 2009 or.

Later Mac Mini if you’re looking for a budget Mac 2009’s can be had for very little money probably around $100 if you do your hunting and they can still run as recently as.

El Capitan or even later if you have patchers so these devices are still usable in 2018 which is more than can be said for my.

Old 2005 little fella the Mac Mini is also a subject of contention in 2018 it hasn’t been refreshed in four years now which leaves a lot of fans of.

This budget device wondering if Apple has abandoned them don’t despair however the Mac Mini much like.

The MacBook Air still sells decently well despite its lack of updates because it appeals to budget-conscious buyers so I personally believe that at some point probably.

This year we’ll see at the very least upgraded processors if not a completely new design although I do have to say I don’t think it will be.

A brand new design because really.

The Mac Mini is just a little square puck that sits on your desk so there’s really no need to redesign it although personally now that I think about it a space cream a committee would be pretty sick so should you buy my original Mac Mini in 2018 no no no if you’re an average consumer who’s looking for a device that they can use every day a machine.

Like this is pretty much useless to you for most people I would definitely recommend going for a 2009 or later after all these.

Machines are cheap to begin with so going for something that’s nine years old is gonna.

Be worth the extra like $75 that you have to spend I mean heck this thing.

Doesn’t even have Wi-Fi you gotta use either Ethernet or remote him that says a lot well thank you guys for watching.

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