Doing My Makeup For The First Time Ft Morphe X Jaclyn Hill Bling Boss Palette *w/ Voice Over*

Hey y’all so in today’s video I’m going to be doing a full face of makeup for the first time yeah so the first thing I did was I went in with my Maybelline fit me foundation in the shade cocoa and I got my little bootleg little sponge thing and you know blended and blended and been knitting I think.

I got this from Walmart and it came in a pack of two I don’t remember how much it was but it was probably like about like a dollar or two this whole video is a drug when I tell you like I’m terrible I make up like the foundation part is easy you know that’s like the basic part.

But when it comes to the eyeshadow and everything else is like and I also didn’t have any concealer so if you’re wondering why didn’t use and concealing all of that bacon and contour and all that all that is because I don’t know how to do it all right so the next thing I went in was with the Maybelline fit me matte and poreless.
Powder and the powder is matte so it makes like you know the foundation.

Know what I’m talking about just ignore what I’m saying and it was in the shade mocha now I’m going to start I shadow this is gonna be a disaster so this is the morphe Jaclyn hill bling boss palette and first I’m going to well first I went in with the shade mystic which is I guess like a let me just not try to.
Act like I know what I’m talking well let me just be quiet and y’all.

While I watch usually when I watch makeup tutorials they start off with the darkest color and they go like you know around like the rim of like the top.

Of their eye whatever that part is called so that’s what I’m doing I bought those brushes from Burlington Coat Factory.

So you have course their bootleg so I don’t know like if they’re doing what they’re supposed to do but all my makeup artist please comment and let me know like if I’m doing a good job I was souped on that part.
All right so the next shade I went in was with Rockstar.

Which is like a little bit lighter than that it was more of like a pinky shade and the other one as you can see was like a dark purple color so I just started putting.

That on my eyelid and then I started using my eyeshadow primer from NYX I really don’t like know what I’m doing I hope it looks like I know what.

I’m doing but like in all actual reality I really don’t know what I’m doing but I just.

Started puttin the primer like around like then though you know the part that I’m doing it on so then I’m gonna put the shade Jim which is like a really sparkly pretty violent purpley color and when you know when you when I first watched it it wasn’t as pigmented as it actually.

Looks but after like about four applications you know it was pop like this looks terrible like like I promise it look way better in person.

Like I was recording with my iPhone and like I’m sorry I don’t have like a like a mega HD 8023 camera but it’s like yeah so hopefully one day I’ll be able to get a camera and the quality will like.

Make this look a lot better.

Than what it is comment down below if you think I’m doing a good job because it just looked like like I don’t even know what it looked like oh I got a little bit of eye shadow under my eye like I didn’t mean to put that there so I’m just going back in with my foundation team no cleaning it and then I’m trying to.

Make like a crease that’s what I.

Was trying to like a cut crease but I think that like I don’t know and the amount of eye shadow that I put on each side isn’t even even I.

Really thought I was doing something so then I was attempting to do my eyebrows as you can see but every time I try to do my eyebrows they look like trash and I kind of like the way my eyebrows already were are but they’re just.

Not like as thick as they’d like me.

To be so I was trying to fill it in but as you can see I wasn’t feeling it like they just looked like bad so then I wiped some.

Off I don’t think I was able to get all of it off so just ignore the eyebrows for the rest of this video so then I went in with my color pop rolls gold eyeshadow is in the shade sequin and I’m just gonna put that on.

The corner of my the inner corner of my eyes to add a little bling bling I really thought I was doing something it’s really like I was really proud of myself but like.

This like it’s better than what I’ve done before like I’ve never done like a full.

Face of makeup this videos not even actually considered a full Mason makeup because I don’t I didn’t have any concealer or like the powder and whatever all that other stuff is called anyways I.

Went back in with the gym eyeshadow and then I put it on on the lower part of my eye now I’m going in with a colourpop lip gloss as you can see like it.

Looks terrible so I just started like taking it off we like some paper towel and then I went in.

With my favorite lip gloss from Bath & Body Works is called vanilla mint supreme I was trying to put like a white pen so unlike.

The line of the bottom of my eye but yeah you see that field so yes honey getting to them detail slay slay my life honey slay it yeah I was just and then I attempted to use the eye shadow as a highlight as you can see like that was like a whole joke like I look like this is just sad and then I really thought.

That I was doing something and I went in with my brush and was trying to like you know spread it out I was really crying but anyway see y’all later hope you guys are the middle.