Eric Freedom Vs Melanie Cruise & Justin James (uwe)

A lot of hardships hitting their freedom right now you know you know what they say it’s not how many times you get knocked down it’s how many times you get picked back up so let’s do it arrogance freedom and do this I have seen Eric freedom get up from any obstacles so to speak Johnny collar-and-elbow tie-up into a.

Hip black hip toss to take over from justjust dude a little warm-up his name’s Eric freedom the ring veteran as all of our UWE fans know he appeared in.

The World Wrestling Federation years ago nice takedown there Eric freedom he’s just taken back by this it appears maybe Eric’s a little bit off his game plan he’s frustrated you thought I see Eric two happy-go-lucky kind of guy but not right now he’s definitely upset nice knock down quite a few times now well like I said earlier it’s not how many time when.

You’re knocked down it’s how many times you pick yourself back up Eric to pick himself back up with the help of the crowds.

Eric freedom uses the bumps and bruises everything and this match will be no exception side headlock by justin james Eric freedom takes them back to the ropes a push off James with a shoulder black freedom down James up and over great show expertise here great dropkick.

By Eric freedom James asking for a timeout money tax herself in here she is ready to go look at her see I did not expect that out of Melanie Cruz even I mean we all have seen her colors but to.
Turn on Erik and Tracy like that I never expected it in Eric now.

Very hesitant to even touch you I mean I can’t blame me yeah yeah you really can’t blame him in this situation I mean what’s he gonna do oh man she chops like a guy Oh gunshot she definitely don’t chop like a girl Erik getting frustrated Eric did chop Melanie Cruz great logistical Irish whip and she bells out Eric freedom having to show some of his darker side here just to deal with the situation you know Eric.

Is he’s a great guy inside doing it outside of the Ring like I said I can’t believe all that he’s been going through in this company or what’s going on right.

Now outside the ring he’s taking a beating being double-teamed pounded on the ground now he’s up and taking a pounding Gabey.

Is getting more the double-team.

He’s getting triple team lose I mean the game boy was on the apron just riding the referee allowing them to do whatever they wanted to it Spratt it’s almost better than three on one it was a bad enough – on one it’s there’s a third man out there game boy is getting involved and Eric showing his heart still kicking out trying to show its fans that he still cares that even though.

What’s going on he’s here for them Russian leg sweep going for the cover and only a one or two calm her freedom kicks out she’s choking him and the referee was a very very slow disqualification Count de veau had to get outside it but that is.

Yes my friend muscle air at the freedom of this miss Cruz is a tough woman freedom eats the bottom of Justin James’s boat Game Boy on the outside of the.

Way just yelling at fans and going nuts he’s going hungry already you’ve seen our announcer fired like I said I wonder if I’m next peewee stalls go.