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From a different perspective and like you said it is from an elevated more mature but still talking that shit still is elevated and mature and then you know he’s dotted through but styles of styles and and and we don’t want that we don’t we’ve we don’t want.

That part of him to change we do want people to mature we do want people to grow and elevate but you.

Should still keep some a part of yourself in essence of yourself and that wasn’t lost.

With this album for styles p and on the flip side for royce the five nine this was a very personal album very introspective like i said i can’t see for a lot of people why it will be hard for you to listen repeatedly over and over.

Again in that manner because of some of the content especially if it if it’s something that you’ve gone through or you know people that have gone through it might be hard to kind of relive those moments over and over and over again by listening into it like that so i can definitely understand that quality of it but he’s still saying it’s.

Still saying things that are important and can help other people kind of self I don’t.

Want say self therapy but self heal kind of analyzed their selves because that’s what he’s.

In essence doing here he’s analyzing himself as well as his brothers and his family and seeing how all that played a role in it and I think it’s important for people to.

Do that at times because you don’t know the effect that you have on other people or the effect that other.

People have on you if you don’t sit down and reflect on it and and see how they’re affecting you and why they’re affecting you as well as if they should be affecting you so these are all things that are pouring.

That he kind of touches on in the in this album well again like I said both of them you should get four very very different reasons and let us know what you think about them let us know do you resonate with or style more than book Ryan and vice versa and why let.

Us know if you agree would travel you agree with me you disagree with us either way just you know feedback man yes we love doing these episodes we love but we love to hit the people let us know if you broke it down right and we are shocked that we didn’t touch her on a weekend a lot of.

Touch on the future with these projects or just wait you know the track selection that resonated with us before the day we you just you know had a spat maybe it was your feedback and.

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