New Music Breakdown Book Of Ryan/g-host

It wasn’t I didn’t expect that when I.

First saw the title and I saw that Jay Cole was going to be that feature I figured it would be a good track.

But I didn’t think they would blend as well as they did which was a surprise I mean what did you think about that that track yeah yeah like the classic Jose Velasco.

Just gonna be like he was going to.

Like I hope some day go good back oh yeah yeah take old feature dancer attract all he’s doing aa nice you know I’m a good night doesn’t like big aimless MCS like like you know uh horse you know he would do some shit.

Like that like yeah get this if you see general does be doing a hug yeah I’m gonna go see if you go away uh now definitely saw absolutely a journey in or game for liver sysm there was just a little I have to.

Stress that you know I’m a man you know and that’s that’s what not saw the title on that’s where I was hoping he gay but I did.

Keep in mind users Buena Hope but no darling they willingly did they did their thing yeah cool a full verse the the other track that I really enjoyed based on the features was outside with Marshall ambrosia and rubber glasburgh oh yeah yeah I I think I mean Marsha her voice is beautiful already she just.

Hasn’t beautiful and something about Marsha with introspective lyrical rappers go so well together the track that she did with Kendrick for the dr.

Album for the love of money it just.

Has a great just something about her voice really works well with lyrical bird lyrical rappers because they know how to pick nice production jazz center to production usually as well and I think that’s why it works solo and I really.

Enjoy my last words work for those out there that don’t aren’t familiar with Robert Glasper he’s a a classically trained jazz pianist has a black radio one into yes Robert Glasper covers he did a.

Recent project with cata Rhonda that’s really great as well and then he did kind of a play on Miles Davis’s music he’s really talented a guy a really talented artist I definitely say you should check that out and this track really was well done in my opinion and the truck.

That was surprising to me especially the features was the Pusha T Jadakiss fabulous summer oh yeah he does that kind of shit and it it be shocked away it for the speech together you know me.

Like that I thought the big that’s a that would be a big deal radio yeah you know me but already in concentration then the shit that killing over here you know me to bounce it like that like that should be that’s one of the radio choice even though with liver cell super commercial that’s the fact that those guys all over the track.

The government is hardly everybody come with it.

But it should be on a radio joy joint I should have got light on the radio yeah then you get that before I think on his last solo album the air like a brick wall mm-hmm you.

Cats on this one track I’ve got the name of the track but it was there was dope just like this one was and uh but he does that shitty diction like the track I got big that big names.

On it you know or David that’s like yeah that was a Jim right there that was a shock he does that take a shit that’s really shit right there yeah the reason for me that I wasn’t expecting that it’s just because of when you’re listening.

To the album from beginning to end outside of Caterpillar you you get this personal vibe and then when you get to summer unlock it still fits because when you when you hear what they’re talking about that concept of.

You know somewhere on like it fits into what comes what what follows it of you know later on protecting Ryan strong friends and in that scene.

Of them at the basketball court because what a well I know what I did when I was younger on the summers it was you got to be outside moms like no.

You you you be outside until the street lights come on when the street lights come on that’s when you bring your ass inside that’s it that’s how that’s how my mom would’ve told us like you’re not gonna stay inside.

Watching TV all day no you’re gonna be outside you know saying and that’s kind of the feel that I got from that summer one lock is that feeling of when I was young like when you outside a plane in the park it actually reminded me of the summers that I had that I spent in when I lived in Boston you know playing basketball somewhere outside you walking outside even though what some are you still walking outside in your Tim’s down the street you know it’s warm outside.

You feel that that the humidity so everybody’s wearing either tank.

Tops or t-shirts on whatever and you just feel that that vibe that just that energy that summer energy so that’s somewhere a lot kind of encapsulated that feeling and then which kind of gave it a high kind of a high note kind of feeling and then you get to you know the protecting – Ryan’s gait which kind of brings you back down to earth like oh yeah this is a darker kind of album.

In themes so I thought that was interesting as well the other thing I do want to to mention is what did you think about the caterpillar remix with logic and king green yeah me too and I like and I like logic and I just I was like I was I was just weighing and the way that they did they’d be you kind of feel like you feel like you’re gonna get something you’re waiting for for.

This this bar to come like this line and you’re waiting you’re waiting you’re waiting and then it never comes so especially to me when you went from the caterpillar like if you’re gonna go caterpillar with Eminem and Royce the remix has the top the initial one and this one didn’t yeah yeah.

So kind of to kind of wrap things up here for me like I said I really enjoyed was the five-nines project book of Ryan I thought it was very personal and it just felt so well crafted and and.

Single line every single word was very scrutinized it seemed like just also going back real quick I feel like I have to touch on the track strong friends because on the same old podcast we always about mental health and and how important that.

Is I just thought that was key and as well as the fact that he.

Tied in and personally and then he tied it in for all of us to feel it of different artists Mike Bennington from Linkin Park you know those fans that are.

Of dealing with that loss they can kind of tie it in and and realize and take some positive out of it yeah it is a tragedy that that they committed suicide.

But at the same time let’s let’s figure out some.

Positives about it and let’s not let this happen to one of our friends people that we think are strong and even if they do that that doesn’t mean that they’re not strong as well I think what was a strong message as well so yeah I like I like the whole.

Idea that so then awareness not dealt with a lot of that going on up to well with my family.

Definitely was feeling we were going to go and break with the dance right definitely ever I realize I’m a strong friend and think they’re gonna.

Be strong 24/7 relying on them what about them what about me they can’t be strong in that about peace you know be what about.

They have no are they okay are they going through some issues whose will be strong for it exactly true that was very powerful everybody doesn’t want to display their issues out on Front Street so but everybody does need somebody we all need help we all need somebody to talk to somebody to vent somebody to bounce things off of.

So just you know I think it’s important that we all listen to each other a little bit more and try to help each other a little bit more especially mental health for me like I said for before we in the beginning of this episode this project really resonated with me because of on all those facets that we just mentioned but I think both of these projects should be listen to our really good projects yeah exactly that’s yeah that we can’t you know we had to mention that you know stable podcast and that is a great.

Track and the message that is trying to portray of being aware of your surroundings being aware of what’s going on and not just taking the surface level stuff of this is what they say it is know do your own research find out more find out is this the truth is this truth for me because everybody has their own truth now now understand is that your truth or is that everybody sooth or other shoe and try to be understanding of others.

Truths as well yeah we all have different experiences and yeah you have to stay woke.

But you also should check out stylist peih-gee host or.

Ghost album as well it’s a really nice project as well is there anything else you.

Want to add about either these two projects before we get out of here yeah I mean literally I.

Table styles with the hunger he’s giving you the old style he also gives you the pusher elevated Scouse told we can restore initely.

Stone in the spiritual the spiritual realm conscious conscious or aspects of his lyricism he’s give you that hunk of horseshit we also give you some deep chin at the same time we combine the both and aero project.

This is one of my favorite styles p albums not sure and and and that’s as that’s the most interesting thing about it both of them were saying so much styles p is saying it in a different person.